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By | June 29, 2022

The days of the space-hogging fridge may exist numbered. Under-the-counter fridge drawers—most all of which come with a choice of stainless steel or custom panel set fronts—are offering a discreet new style to go on things cool.

The hitch: These designs currently come at a steep cost (that’s an understatement). Most often they’re used as fridge supplements that hold drinks and produce, and let the main fridge to be a bit less monstrous.

Above: Sub-Zero, the brand best known for fridge drawers, offers under-the-counter options (and full-size fridges too) designed to be integrated into the kitchen cabinetry. Panel-Ready Fridge Drawers come in a range of widths, from 24 inches (same as a standard dishwasher) to 30 inches, starting at $4,145. Separate freezer and water ice-making drawers are also available.
summit\2\17;s \24 inch wide triple drawer refrigerator has all 10
Above: Summit’due south 24-Inch-Wide Triple Drawer Refrigerator has all-stainless-steel construction that allows it to be used freestanding or built-in. It’s $i,732.l with recessed handles (shown) and $1,843.20 with towel bar handles from AJ Madison. For more details, become to Summit.
one of the advantages of refrigerator drawers is that they\2\17;re cabin 11
Above: One of the advantages of refrigerator drawers is that they’re cabinet-depth, then they can be tucked in unobtrusively, freeing upward other parts of the kitchen. Double-Drawer Refrigerator Modules from Monogram are $3,000 for a set of two with tubular steel handles.
a look inside a monogram drawer; the compartments and temperatures are adjustab 12
Above: A look inside a Monogram drawer; the compartments and temperatures are adjustable and some Monogram models piece of work every bit both refrigerators and freezers.

Ii fridge drawer challenges to keep in listen: Arranging the contents, tin can, as 1 of our readers put information technology, “crave a Tetris-like approach.” And most necessitate bending downwardly, making them less than ideal for those with knee or back issues.

the viking professional 5 series \24 inch, double drawer refrigerator  13
In a higher place: The Viking Professional 5 Series 24-Inch, Double-Drawer Refrigerator is made of stainless steel inside and out; $3,164 from AJ Madison. Run across more than at Viking.
 under counter refrigerator drawers incorporate well into kitchen islands. 14
Above: Nether-counter refrigerator drawers incorporate well into kitchen islands. The KitchenAid 24-Inch Stainless Steel Double Refrigerator Drawer is $2,949.
commercial refrigerator company true offers a residential set of two \24 inch s 15
Above: Commercial refrigerator company True offers a residential set up of two 24-inch Stainless Steel Nether-Counter Refrigerator Drawers. Go to True for dealers and pricing.
true drawers with overlay panels situated under a coffee station. 16
Above: True drawers with overlay panels situated under a coffee station.
marvel, the north american subsidiary of uk company aga, makes \24 inch bu 17
Above: Marvel, the N American subsidiary of UK company Aga, makes 24-Inch Built-in Refrigerator Drawers with stainless steel interiors; $iii,195. For more details, become to Marvel.
a pair of electrolux \24 inch refrigerator drawers, tall enough to ho 18
Higher up: A pair of Electrolux 24-Inch Refrigerator Drawers, tall enough to concur nine-inch bottles and wide enough for serving trays, is $three,099. Compact refrigerator drawers are too being used in bathrooms to store medications and beauty products.
 u line, longtime makers of beverage refrigerators, offers \24 inch solid  19
To a higher place: U-Line, longtime makers of drink refrigerators, offers 24-Inch Solid Fridge Drawers, $3,079, that agree upwardly to ninety bottles or 142 cans; each drawer can be set to a temperature ranging from 34 degrees Fahrenheit to lxx degrees Fahrenheit.
new zealand company fisher & paykel\2\17;s refrigerators win our pri 20
Above: New Zealand company Fisher & Paykel’s refrigerators win our prize for aesthetics (I own a counter-depth Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart fridge that I dear). The brand’southward CoolDrawer Multi-Temperature Fridge Drawer changes from refrigerator to freezer at the printing of a button; $ii,499 from AJ Madison. Go to Fisher & Paykel for full details.
addendum: a number of under counter fridges are being made for use in outdoor k 21
Annex: A number of under-counter fridges are beingness made for use in outdoor kitchens (picture a well-stocked charcoal-broil). Perlick, like Sub-Zero, articles its products in Wisconsin. A specialist in brewery parts, it offers a drove of fridge drawers, including these 15-Inch-Wide Signature Series Outdoor Refrigerator Drawers; $iii,808 panel fix and $three,939 in stainless steel (shown).

Nonetheless looking? Peruse Refrigerators to notice more options that we recommend, including Compact Refrigerators, Colored Refrigerators, and Skinny Refrigerators.

Finally, get more ideas on how to evaluate and choose your kitchen refrigerator in our Remodeling 101 Guide: Kitchen Refrigerators.

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N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on July 22, 2015.


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