4 Paint Color Trends We’re Loving for Kitchen Cabinets in 2022

By | July 7, 2022

From body of water-inspired blues to but-the-correct whites, we see a joyful home in your future.

As 1 of (if not
the) virtually important room in the home, the kitchen can be an overwhelming space to decorate. With multiple purposes—from cooking and hosting to even eating within—kitchens must be simultaneously soothing, stylish, clean, and comforting, which leads many homeowners, by default, to the ubiquitous all-white kitchen. But next twelvemonth, some designers are predicting a sea alter, with more homeowners opting to spice things up with everything from bold, dramatic shades to new takes on neutrals. And where’s the easiest place to bring a game-changing dose of color to the kitchen? The cabinets. Here are four on-the-ascent trends we’re currently obsessed with for kitchen cabinets.

Ashley Whittaker Florida Kitchen with Blue Subway Tile

Galley kitchen with blue cabinetry and white walls

Credit: Julia Lynn; Styling: Dakota Willimon

Ocean Blues

Sea-inspired shades are sure to make a splash in 2022. Behr recently crowned soothing Breezeway as its 2022 color of the yr, touting the silvery dark-green color (which mimics sea glass found on sandy shores) as equal parts peaceful and invigorating. Absurd blues on kitchen cabinets assist footing the space in calmness, while also bringing beachy energy to the room. We love the lively hue (shown above) designer Allison Elebash used to perk up this petite kitchen in Sullivan’southward Island, a nod to the dwelling’due south coastal locale.

Earthy Greens

Back in 2018, earthy hues started making their meteoric rise in the pattern world, with Pinterest saves, specifically, skyrocketing for sage. Evergreen shades just increased in popularity during the pandemic, when homeowners sought to bring nature-inspired hues within to help the states exhale. No less than two pigment brands have already announced bawdy greens as their colors of the yr for 2022 (PPG’s Olive Sprig and Glidden’s Guacamole). It’s articulate that subdued greens take solidified themselves equally get-to neutrals for homeowners. In this kitchen (above), the sage cabinets assistance to ground the lofty infinite while surrounding walls painted a soft gray-blue (Sherwin-Williams’s Oyster Bay) go on the darker shade from feeling too dramatic.

Soft Coastal Colour Kitchen

Credit: Brie Williams; Styling: Page Mullins

Citrus Shades

Information technology might seem like a assuming choice, but we’re here for playful palettes entering the kitchen. Cheery citrus colors like xanthous or green spark joy and can bring positive free energy into ane of the hardest-working rooms in the firm. Pick a bright shade that’s grounded in nature, and pair information technology with neutral white or gray accents—like interior designer Cortney Bishop did with Farrow & Ball’s Churlish Light-green in this Kiawah Island, Due south Carolina, kitchen (shown above). Nosotros besides similar Babouche by Farrow & Ball, a rich golden xanthous.

2021 Idea Business firm Kitchen with Painted Floors

Credit: Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Just-the Correct-Whites

Traditionalists, this 1’due south for you. Some may say all-white kitchens have seen their twenty-four hour period, but 2022 is all well-nigh filling your home with colors y’all love. White paint with cooler undertones can sometimes come off as stark and sterile, especially when paired with marble or quartz countertops for a monochromatic expect. Instead, opt for a warm, flossy white that keeps the kitchen feeling like a welcoming gathering spot for all. Designer Sarah Bartholomew refreshed classic white cabinetry by choosing a flossy shade (Sherwin-Williams’ Snowbound, shown to a higher place), pairing it with warm accents similar a butcher block countertop, and painting the floors a blue-and-white geometric design.

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