Today’s MLB DFS Picks: Advice, strategy for Thursday’s DraftKings, FanDuel daily fantasy baseball contests

By | January 31, 2022

Today’s MLB DFS Picks: Advice, strategy for Thursday’s DraftKings, FanDuel daily fantasy baseball contests

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Today’s MLB DFS Picks: DraftKings, FanDuel advice for Thursday, May 16

SP: Eric Lauer, Padres vs. Pirates.I actually actually like Lauer here despite how bad he was in his terminal outing. Let’southward also point out the fact that it was in Coors, so requite him a pause. He gave up 8 earned in his last start, just the four starts prior he immune three earned or less. The reason I like Lauer so much is how horrible the Pirates are against southpaws. They are tied with the Marlins for the worst OPS in the league against them and take the fourth-highest K-rate at 28.2 pct. He’south extremely cheap across the industry and makes for an excellent play.

C: Jason Castro, Twins @ Mariners.What’s in the h2o in Minnesota? Primarily, what water are its catchers drinking? Mitch Garver and Jason Castro already have 15 combined abode runs. Castro has six and has five over his by nine games. All six home runs that Castro has belted this year have come against righthanded pitching, and he has a .453 wOBA confronting them, to boot. I can’t believe how cheap he is considering how well he’due south swinging the bat.

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1B: Eric Hosmer, Padres vs. Pirates.The reason I could get behind some Hosmer tonight is the fact that Trevor Williams is able to continue the ball in the yard well just gives up a decent corporeality of hits and baserunners. Hosmer isn’t someone who hits many dwelling house runs and just sprays the ball around the field and goes gap-to-gap. Information technology’s a nice, safe cash game type of play more than anything.

2B: Kolten Wong, Cardinals @ Braves.It’south kind of been a trend of Julio Teheran’s since SunTrust park opened: He struggles against efties. These are his wOBA’south against LHH at abode over the past three seasons; ‘17 – .391, ‘18 – .330, ‘19 – .393. The significance of those numbers are that they’re his worst marks of each season against both sides of the plate whether he’s pitching on the road or at habitation. That brings us to Wong, who has hit righthanded pitching well and keeps us on theme using LHH vs. Teheran at home.

SS: Freddy Galvis, Blue Jays @ White Sox.Galvis continues on with the Bluish Jays theme. They accept a bang-up matchup. Galvis has hit RHP very well this yr at .280 with a .339 wOBA and five home runs, to kick.

3B: Austin Riley, Braves vs. Cardinals.We saw Riley go k in his major league debut on Wednesday, and he’s withal extremely cheap for Thursday’s slate, as well. I mentioned how I similar the lefties on Atlanta, but if Riley is going to be sitting in the two-pigsty at this price tag with his team’s implied total up at five runs, I’m not passing up this opportunity.

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OF: Nick Senzel, Reds vs. Cubs.The Reds feel very sneaky on this slate, and I can really get backside a stack. I actually like Senzel and like Yasiel Puig in a Reds stack too. Senzel is thriving in the leadoff role and is hitting .357 vs. LHP thus far.

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Pos  Player Matchup Opp. SP DK FD Y!
SP L. Castillo (R) [electronic mail protected]CIN

Thu six:40
J. Quintana (L) $10600 $10300 $fifty
SP T. Williams (R) PIT@SD
Thu 10:10
E. Lauer (L) $8300 $7900 $xl
SP Yard. Stroman (R) TOR@CWS
Thu 8:10
D. Covey (R) $7700 $7400 $38
SP One thousand. Pineda (R) MIN@SEA
Thu 10:10
Due east. Swanson (R) $7300 $6500 $29
SP East. Lauer (L) [electronic mail protected]SD

Thu 10:10
T. Williams (R) $6800 $6700 $29
C B. McCann (Fifty) [e-mail protected]ATL

Thu seven:20
A. Wainwright (R) $3600 $2900 $15
C J. Castro (L) MIN@SEA
Thu x:10
Due east. Swanson (R) $3700 $3100 $20
C W. Contreras (R) CHI@CIN
Thu six:twoscore
L. Castillo (R) $4800 $3700 $xvi
1B P. Goldschmidt (R) STL@ATL
Thu seven:twenty
J. Teheran (R) $4600 $3700 $sixteen
1B F. Freeman (Fifty) [e-mail protected]ATL

Thu vii:20
A. Wainwright (R) $4500 $4000 $xviii
1B R. Tellez (50) TOR@CWS
Thu 8:x
D. Covey (R) $3600 $3100 $12
1B East. Hosmer (50) [email protected]SD

Thu x:10
T. Williams (R) $3800 $3000 $fifteen
2B O. Albies (B) [e-mail protected]ATL

Thu 7:20
A. Wainwright (R) $4100 $3600 $16
2B Thou. Wong (L) STL@ATL
Thu vii:20
J. Teheran (R) $4000 $3100 $xiv
2B J. Schoop (R) MIN@SEA
Thu 10:ten
E. Swanson (R) $3900 $3000 $17
2B D. Gordon (L) [email protected]SEA

Thu ten:10
M. Pineda (R) $4100 $2800 $16
2B G. Garcia (L) [email protected]SD

Thu ten:10
T. Williams (R) $3700 $2500 $11
3B E. Suárez (R) [e-mail protected]CIN

Thu half-dozen:xl
J. Quintana (L) $4900 $3900 $19
3B A. Riley (R) [e-mail protected]ATL

Thu 7:20
A. Wainwright (R) $3400 $2100 $thirteen
3B V. Guerrero Jr. (R) TOR@CWS
Thu 8:10
D. Covey (R) $4100 $3000 $12
3B West. Astudillo (R) MIN@Ocean
Thu 10:x
East. Swanson (R) $3900 $2700 $13
3B M. Machado (R) [electronic mail protected]SD

Thu 10:10
T. Williams (R) $4300 $3700 $17
SS J. Iglesias (R) [email protected]CIN

Thu vi:forty
J. Quintana (L) $3300 $2400 $xiii
SS J. Polanco (B) MIN@SEA
Thu 10:10
E. Swanson (R) $5000 $4300 $24
SS F. Galvis (B) TOR@CWS
Thu eight:10
D. Covey (R) $3900 $3200 $13
OF North. Senzel (R) [email protected]CIN

Thu half-dozen:40
J. Quintana (50) $4400 $3600 $xix
OF D. Fowler (B) STL@ATL
Thu 7:20
J. Teheran (R) $3900 $2900 $14
OF R. Grichuk (R) TOR@CWS
Thu 8:10
D. Covey (R) $4200 $3400 $xviii
OF Due north. Cruz (R) MIN@SEA
Thu ten:ten
East. Swanson (R) $4200 $3800 $17
OF F. Reyes (R) [email protected]SD

Thu 10:x
T. Williams (R) $4200 $3200 $17
OF D. Santana (R) [email protected]Body of water

Thu 10:10
1000. Pineda (R) $4700 $3900 $xviii
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