Klay Thompson free agency rumors: Are Lakers back in contention to have meeting with star?

By | January 31, 2022

Klay Thompson free agency rumors: Are Lakers back in contention to have meeting with star?

The Lakers appear like they may accept a chance to at least speak with Klay Thompson this summer.

The 29-yr-old star is reportedly planning to re-sign with the Warriors. But, Thompson would exist open up to meeting with the Lakers, now that they’ll have $32 meg in cap space, if Gold State does not offer him a max contract when gratuitous agency begins June 30, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

Thompson would besides be willing to visit with the Clippers in that scenario, according to multiple reports.

Thompson suffered a torn ACL in Game half dozen of the NBA Finals confronting the Raptors and is expected to miss most, if not all, of next flavour.

“I don’t know nevertheless what we’re going to do,” Gilded State owner Joe Lacob told Yahoo Sports earlier this month. “I’ve said for a long fourth dimension I want Klay to exist a Warrior for life, and then (the injury) doesn’t alter anything every bit far every bit I’m concerned.

“Y’all know I have the utmost regard for Klay’s talent and for him as a person. I’k pretty certain we’ll talk this summer, and he’ll hopefully be a Warrior for life.”

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Thompson averaged 21.five points and 3.8 rebounds in 78 games this season. The five-fourth dimension All-Star has knocked downward 41.9% of his 3-point attempts over his eight-twelvemonth career.

The Lakers, meanwhile, completed i of the biggest trades in NBA history earlier this month when they caused Anthony Davis from the Pelicans in substitution for Lonzo Brawl, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and iii first-round picks.

Los Angeles then cleared cap space for a third max player — LeBron James has at least two more seasons left on his contract with the team — after information technology reportedly agreed to send Mo Wagner, Jemerrio Jones and Isaac Bonga, along with a second-round pick, to the Wizards on Thursday.

The Lakers are also reportedly considering pursuing Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, D’Angelo Russell, Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard.

Los Angeles may elect to add multiple part players, instead, and accept been linked to Patrick Beverley, Enes Kanter, Danny Dark-green, Terrence Ross equally well as Seth Curry, among others.

The Lakers are “the near likely” landing spot for Carmelo Anthony, as well.

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