Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus review

By | July 8, 2022

Tom’s Guide Verdict

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus lets you see more of the action exterior your front door, just it’s withal not as good as the Nest How-do-you-do.


  • +

    Tin be wired or battery-powered

  • +

    Pre-roll shows all move

  • +

    Works with a good number of other smart home devices


  • No package detection

  • No preview notification

  • Subscription required for many features

The Ring Video Doorbell iii Plus addresses one of the biggest problems with video doorbells head-on. The challenge:  capturing all of when a person—visitor or otherwise—enters the picture. Past the time the move sensor detects motility and tells the camera to start recording, the person might already exist halfway through the frame, so all yous see is the dorsum of their head.

The solution is called Pre-ringlet, which enables the Band Video Doorbell 3 Plus to evidence you the iv seconds before someone enters the frame. This characteristic isn’t new—some of the all-time video doorbells already practice this—but information technology’s good to encounter Band communicable upward. And, of the video doorbells with this feature, Ring’s is the but one that can do it on battery power lone.

But, as you lot’ll notice in our Band Video Doorbell iii review, there are notwithstanding some areas where Ring needs to catch up with the competition.

Editor’due south notation:
Ring has phased out the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus in favor of the Ring Video Doorbell 4, which has an improved color Pre-coil feature. We suggest checking out that model instead.

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Band Video Doorbell 3 Plus: Toll and release date

The Ring Video Doorbell iii ($199) and the Ring Video Doorbell three Plus ($229) were released in 2020, and are virtually the same. The major difference between the ii is that the Plus has a feature chosen Pre-Roll technology, which adds a low-resolution, blackness and white 6-second video preview of each motion issue.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus: Pattern

Ring Video Doorbell three Plus specs

Video resolution:
1080p HDR
Field of View:
160 degrees
Person detection:
Package detection:
Works with:
5.1 x 2.4 x 1.one inches

No major changes here. The Band Video Doorbell iii Plus (and the Ring Video Doorbell three) expect pretty much the same as their predecessors, the Ring Video Doorbell ii and the Band Video Doorbell. It’southward a rectangle measuring 5 inches tall, 2.4 inches wide, and about one inch deep; the top third houses the camera, and is glossy black. The bottom two-thirds, where the doorbell’s button resides, has a plastic silver encompass (Ring sells a bronze-colored embrace).

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus

(Image credit: Tom’south Guide)

Considering Ring’s doorbell cam includes a battery, so it can be installed where there are no wires. Nevertheless, because of the battery the Video Doorbell 3 is thicker than wired doorbell cams such as the Nest Hello and the Arlo Video Doorbell.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus: Installation

One of the things I liked about the original Band Video Doorbell was that, to install the device, you starting time had to install a lightweight base plate, to which you fastened the power wires. Then, yous slid the video doorbell and secured it to the base plate. I liked this arroyo because it was easier to do by yourself, and yous didn’t have the full weight of the video doorbell tugging on the wires before you screwed everything in.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus: installation

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Unfortunately, like other video doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus doesn’t accept a base plate, so you lot have to attach the wires straight to the back of the doorbell itself. At that place’s besides less room in the dorsum, then I had to work to cram my doorbell’s wires into place. I did like that the Ring Video Doorbell 3 has a beefier security spiral than before, though.

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Included with the doorbell are ii plastic wedges, one of which angles the camera more towards the middle of your door, and the other of which angles the camera downward.

Ring Video Doorbell three Plus: Bombardment

(Image credit: Tom’southward Guide)

Another helpful optional feature that Ring offers is the Chime ($29) and the Chime Pro ($49). These are wireless doorbell chimes that y’all can link to the video doorbell, so that when someone presses the doorbell button, the Chime will audio. That way, even if you don’t have your phone handy, you’ll know if someone’south at the door. You can also configure the Chime to sound if the doorbell detects move. The Chime Pro also has an added benefit of acting as a Wi-Fi extender for the video doorbell, helpful for when your habitation wireless network can’t quite attain your front door.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus: Pre-roll

Ring’southward new Pre-whorl feature is like to that found on the Nest Hello, the Arlo Video Doorbell, and the August Doorbell Cam. Basically, all of these cameras are continually buffering a few seconds of video; when the doorbell detects motion (and records it), information technology then adds that buffered video to the commencement of the recording. That way, there’s a greater chance of seeing someone every bit they arroyo your door.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

Unlike its competitors, though, Ring’s Pre-roll works even when the doorbell is running on battery power. (For what information technology’s worth, the Nest Hullo, Arlo, and August are all wired-only video doorbells). Withal, to conserve battery life, Pre-roll footage is recorded at a lower resolution and in blackness-and-white. And, but the middle horizontal section is in focus, then if you’re trying to identify someone above or below that area, yous’ll take trouble. Too, Pre-curlicue doesn’t work when the camera is in nighttime vision manner.

When looking at the Pre-roll video, I felt like I was watching the scene in The Sorcerer of Oz when Dorothy leaves her house and steps into Oz for the starting time time, only not quite as magical. It’south moderately constructive, but if you don’t need a wireless doorbell, this similar feature on the Nest and Arlo are much better.

The Ring Video Doorbell iii Pro ($249), which is a hardwired-only model, also has a Pre-roll feature, but information technology records everything in colour and at full resolution.

Band Video Doorbell 3 Plus: Video Functioning

Similar the Band Video Doorbell 2, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus has a 1080p camera with a 160-degree field of view. Information technology offered a nice, expansive view of my forepart stoop, simply did not evidence the part of the porch closest to my door—the place where a package would near probable be dropped. The bottom edge of the Band video was about four anxiety from my door, about two feet further out than the Arlo. Installing the included wedge helped somewhat, but if you really want to come across what’s at the very base of your door, yous’ll need a camera like the Maximus Answer DualCam.

Otherwise, I was generally pleased with the quality of Ring’due south video, both day and night. While not the sharpest—tree leaves and darker areas looked a bit mottled, especially when they were swaying in the breeze—I could easily make out faces and features of people. The Ring Video Doorbell iii Plus’ HDR way as well helped to business relationship for the darkness of my shaded porch and the bright sunlit sky beyond.

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Ring Video Doorbell iii Plus: App and features

One characteristic I like about Arlo’s video doorbell is that, when I receive a notification, a still image from the doorbell would appear on my iPhone’south lock screen. It’southward a quick and like shooting fish in a barrel way to see if it’south just someone delivering the mail, a guest, or someone else. With the Ring, you become a notification that a person is at your door, but no paradigm, so y’all have to actually open the app to see who’due south in that location.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The Ring app has a Movement Wizard, which asks y’all a few questions, such every bit how close you are to a street, and tries to configure the motion settings automatically to best eliminate unwanted alerts. It’s quick, and is pretty effective.

You can also manually select or deselect one of 4 zones for the camera to ignore, conform the sensitivity, and set schedules for when motion alerts are agile. Why information technology doesn’t have the more flexible motion zone settings offered with the Band Video Doorbell Pro is beyond me.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus also includes Person Detection, a welcome new feature. When enabled, you should only receive notifications when a person walks in front end of your door. (It will notwithstanding record all motility events, though). As a test, I enabled Person Detection, but set the camera to sense motion all the mode to the street in front of my house, and set move detection to its most sensitive. Certain enough, while the Ring three Plus dutifully recorded every car that drove by, it just alerted me when a person appeared.

However, the Band Video Doorbell 3 Plus nevertheless lacks package detection, a feature bachelor with the Arlo Video Doorbell and the Nest Hello. And, while Band has been reportedly toying with the feature, at that place’s no facial recognition, equally at that place is with the Nest Hello. While some may find this creepy, it might be helpful to know when family unit members arrive home.

Your neighbors will capeesh a feature called Privacy Zones, which lets you blackness out sections of the Video Doorbell 3 Plus’ vision, so that you don’t record their property.

In July 2021, Ring launched end-to-end encryption for its video doorbells and home security cameras. Unfortunately, this characteristic is not available for bombardment-powered devices, such equally the Ring Video Doorbell 3. Here is a consummate listing of Ring video doorbells with end-to-end encryption likewise as instructions on how to enable the feature.

Band Video Doorbell 3: Subscription costs

As is the trend among smart habitation security devices, you demand to pay for a subscription to go nearly of the Ring Video Doorbell 3’s benefits.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

If you don’t sign upwards, you can get notifications and view a live feed from the photographic camera, merely that’s nearly it. Information technology’due south pretty ineffective, considering by the fourth dimension you receive a notification, the person at your door has probably already left.

Subscriptions start at $3/month or $30 per year for a single photographic camera, and gets you lx days of rolling cloud storage. If y’all bound upwards to the Ring Protect Plus plan ($10/month, $100/yr), it covers an unlimited number of cameras — this tin can include home security cameras, likewise — at whatsoever i location.

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That’s pretty competitive when you compare it with other security cameras. For example, Arlo Premier starts at $3/month for an individual camera, or $10/month for up to five cameras; additional cameras are 50% off. Nest Aware includes 30 days of video storage, costs $6/month (or $60 annually), and includes an unlimited number of cameras.

Ring Video Doorbell iii Plus: Privacy and Security

Any review of a Ring product with a camera would be remiss without at least a brief word of the company’south past privacy and security concerns. In 2019, Ring was beset past a number of claims of individuals hacking into Band cameras, the vast majority of which were the result of weak passwords. Ring now requires 2-gene authentication for all users, and in the app, makes its privacy policies easier to sympathise, and easier for you lot to opt out third-political party data sharing.

Besides of business to some is Neighbors, a characteristic of the Band app that lets you lot share footage from your Band cameras to others in the Neighbors app, as well as view video that others have posted. It’southward used to alarm those in your area to incidents, such as crime, safety, unknown visitors, lost pets, and “neighborly moments”—acts of kindness. A number of local police enforcement agencies in the U.Southward. also participate in the Neighbors program, but individuals are non required to share their video or data with the authorities unless compelled to practise so by a courtroom guild. And, in the Ring app, you can opt out from receiving requests.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus: Smart Dwelling house compatibility

As Ring is part of the Amazon collective, it’south no surprise that the Band Video Doorbell 3 Plus plays nice with Alexa. For instance, you can use two-mode talk with the Echo and Echo Dot, and if you lot take an Echo Show, you lot can see who’s at your door and converse with them.

(Image credit: Tom’southward Guide)

Since the original video doorbell, Band has expanded its offerings to include smart lights and the Ring Alarm dwelling security organisation. If your Ring smart lights sense movement, y’all can ready the doorbell camera to automatically begin recording.

The Ring Video Doorbell iii Plus also works with the Schlage Encode smart lock, as well as ADT Pulse, WeMo, Smartlink, Kevo, and Flash.

Ring Video Doorbell iii Plus: Verdict

The original Ring Video Doorbell set the standard for video doorbells. Nonetheless, the standards have changed, and while the Band Video Doorbell 3 Plus is an excellent device—worthy of inclusion as one of the best video doorbells—there are yet a few things that the competition does ameliorate.

I like that the Ring 3 Plus’ Pre-roll at present lets you come across more of what’due south going on, but it’south not equally effective as what you can discover on other video doorbells. The ane deviation is that Band’s works on battery power, which could exist a big deal for some.

If you’re invested in the Ring ecosystem and replacing a hardwired doorbell, I suggest the Ring Video Doorbell Pro; it’s $xx more expensive, simply you lot get full color, and full-resolution video for Pre-roll. But if you’re looking for a wireless doorbell, the Band Video Doorbell three Plus is pretty great.

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