More income support needed for young people experiencing homelessness, study finds

By | July 11, 2022

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Life improved for young people experiencing homelessness once they were housed through the Government’due south Housing Get-go program, with fewer admissions to infirmary and visits to emergency departments, although their incomes remained stubbornly low, inquiry published in the
Periodical of the Regal Society of New Zealand
has found.

The researchers investigated the outcomes of 69 young people ranging in age from 18 to 25 years quondam, who received housing and support from The People’s Projection, a Kirikiriroa-based Housing First provider.

Information technology is the get-go quantitative written report of authorities service interactions for youth housed by Housing First, a holistic programme which focuses on housing people and providing wraparound support without requiring them to start meet additional criteria, such as sobriety.

Lead researcher Dr. Brodie Fraser, from the University of Otago, Wellington, says the inquiry found a significant reduction in the rate of hospitalizations and emergency department admissions one time the young people had been housed. Specialist outpatient visits to infirmary increased, indicating they were more able to manage ongoing health weather condition.

Their incomes remained low, even so. Income from wages and salaries doubled in the two years afterwards existence housed compared to the ii years before. Despite this, the young people remained below the poverty line with a hateful annual income level of $xv,900 2 years after being supported into housing.

Dr. Fraser says poverty is ane of the main factors that leads to young people experiencing homelessness.

“Those supported past Housing First were still living in poverty, despite the lift in their incomes later on they were housed. This is probable the outcome of many factors, including depression social welfare rates, low incomes relative to the high toll of living, and pay inequities.”

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Immature people in Aotearoa experience disproportionately loftier rates of homelessness. Of the 41,644 people who were experiencing homelessness at the time of the 2018 Census, one-half were 25 years quondam or younger. Sixty pct of Māori experiencing homelessness were under 25.

Dr. Fraser says the immature people who were housed by The People’southward Project were more than probable to exist female and Māori. Many were likewise parents themselves.

“While Housing First is providing unparalleled back up, information technology is clear benefit rates need to be lifted.”

Dr. Fraser says the Government’south Welfare Skillful Advisory Grouping review of the social welfare system found welfare rates to be far too low, benefits increasingly difficult to access, and young Māori women with children oftentimes facing benefit sanctions or being penalized, rather than supported by welfare providers.

“The Regime needs to urgently implement their recommendations to ensure our welfare system is providing enough support for young people to forbid homelessness.

“Housing First has been hugely beneficial for these young people, giving them the stability and support they need to thrive. We must make sure that fewer young people need these services in the outset identify, and that when they do, they are also given adequate financial back up.”

More information:
Brodie Fraser et al, Post-housing first outcomes amongst a accomplice of formerly homeless youth in Aotearoa New Zealand,
Periodical of the Imperial Guild of New Zealand
(2022). DOI: 10.1080/03036758.2022.2088572

Citation: More income support needed for young people experiencing homelessness, written report finds (2022, June thirty) retrieved 11 July 2022 from

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