What Are Good Colors For Kitchen Cabinets

By | July 11, 2022

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Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors (That Aren’t White)

Painting your dated kitchen cabinets is a keen way to completely transform the wait of your kitchen, without spending a fortune on remodeling. I love the clean, brilliant look of a white kitchen, and white kitchens are still very popular today. Even so, there are many of yous out there with little ones, who tin can’t stand the idea of muddy easily leaving marks all over white kitchen cabinets. And so, what are some other options for kitchen cabinet paint colors that aren’t white?

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Grey is a great choice for a kitchen cabinets paint color because of its neutral nature. Light gray cabinets go along things bright and airy, while a darker gray tin add beautiful dissimilarity and drama. There are literally hundreds of shades of gray out there, only my recommendation is to go with a slightly warmer gray to avoid looking too blue or purple. Warm grays also work perfectly with forest flooring and brass hardware. Hither are some examples of gorgeous grey kitchens.

Favorite Gray Kitchen Chiffonier Pigment Colors

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey | Sherwin-Williams Dorian Grayness | Benjamin Moore Fieldstone | Benjamin Moore Amherst Grayness | Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal | Sherwin-Williams Serenity Gray | Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray

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Need some help choosing the best paint colors for your dwelling?

  • I can help yous choose the all-time paint colors for one room, or choose a color scheme for the entire firm!
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If greyness feels also common cold, merely you’re non fix for a bolder color on your cabinets, and so this might be the perfect color family unit for you lot. Greige is a pigment color that sits somewhere between a greyness and a biscuit, while taupe tin can hateful different things to unlike people, but for this section, I’m including paint colors in the greige, taupe, and mushroom families. While these colors have slightly different characteristics, they are all warm neutrals that will requite your kitchen a soft, elegant, refined vibe.

Favorite Greige/Taupe/Mushroom Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

 Sherwin-Williams Counterbalanced Biscuit


Blueish is a archetype color that is both serene and relaxing, which is why yous come across bluish used frequently in bedrooms. Simply, have yous thought about using blue for a kitchen cabinet paint colour? Cheque out these beautiful kitchens, that feature shades of blue from pale to navy.

dark blue painted kitchen cabinets

Source: Home Bunch – painted with Benjamin Moore Blue Note

Favorite Blueish Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Unhurt Navy | Farrow & Ball Hague Blueish | Benjamin Moore Smokestack Greyness | Benjamin Moore Wedgwood Greyness | Benjamin Moore Polaris Blue | Benjamin Moore Wolf Gray | Benjamin Moore Smoke | Sherwin-Williams Cyberspace

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Light-green has become a pop paint color for kitchens in recent years. When paired with brass accents and natural wood, light-green makes a sophisticated statement with a fresh pop of color. From dark forest green to silvery sage, in that location is a unique green hue out there for everyone.

dark green kitchen cabinets forest green

Source: Studio McGee – painted with Benjamin Moore Forest Green

green kitchen cabinets dunn edwards forest green

Source: Studio McGee – painted with Dunn Edwards Wood Green

light green kitchen cabinets clary sage

Source: Sarah Stacey – painted with Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage

Favorite Dark-green Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore Backwoods | Benjamin Moore Salamander | Sherwin-Williams Hunt Guild | Sherwin-Williams Pewter Dark-green | Sherwin-Williams Halcyon Greenish | Sherwin-Williams Retreat | Sherwin-Williams Rosemary


Blackness makes a bold, strong statement in a kitchen, and looks stunning with contumely accents. To keep your kitchen from looking likewise dark and heavy overall, opt for a low-cal color (like white) for the upper cabinets, walls and backsplash, and incorporate wood accents to soften the look (like white oak floating shelves).

black kitchen cabinets benjamin moore cheating heart

Source: Dwelling house Bunch – painted with Benjamin Moore Cheating Eye

Favorite Black Kitchen Cabinet Pigment Colors

Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black | Benjamin Moore Cheating Center | Benjamin Moore Onyx | Sherwin-Williams Caviar | Farrow & Brawl Off Black | Benjamin Moore Black Dazzler | Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore | Sherwin-Williams Urbane Bronze

So many gorgeous kitchen cabinet paint colors out there to cull from! Painted cabinets go on to be a hot trend, and are the easiest and about inexpensive mode to transform your kitchen. If white isn’t the “color” for you, whatsoever of these other colors are a not bad choice to help y’all create an updated kitchen that will await fresh and fabulous for years to come. Plus, it’s but paint, so take fun with it, and know that it tin can always exist changed down the route.

How to Choose the Correct Chiffonier Color for Your Kitchen

At present that you have some great options for cabinet pigment colors, it’southward time to sample them in your kitchen. This is a step you just can’t skip, and is the only way to exist certain you’re choosing the right color for your unique lighting conditions. When it comes time to sample, I recommend Samplize to all of my clients. They offering convenient, affordable peel-and-stick paint samples that are much easier to use than traditional methods.  Hither are just a few reasons why I love Samplize…

  • Samples get in quickly (1-3 business organization days, depending on location)
  • They’re more affordable than buying the samples paint/rollers/cream boards that are needing for traditional paint sampling
  • You can move them effectually the room, and test them in a variety of lighting weather condition


  1. Bearding
    August 11, 2021 at 7:29 am – Respond

    What is the best warm ivory?

    • mwelsh
      August 12, 2021 at 11:17 am – Reply

      Some neat ivory paint colors for cabinets include SW Dover White, BM Navajo White and SW Antique White

  2. Helpful information! Give thanks you!

  3. I used to be a painter and worked with clients when choosing a color for their cabinets. A lot of people wanted white or some kind of fair for their kitchen cabinets. There are and then many other cracking colors to choose from to make your kitchen stand out merely they are difficult to sell. If any of my clients ask about color choices for their kitchen, I will recommend them to your post. Thank you lot!

  4. Cuts
    October 31, 2021 at vii:08 am – Reply

    Cheers for the article! The kitchen in bluish and light-green looks pretty interesting. But as far every bit my opinion is concerned, I prefer lite colors. I also love various bamboo kitchen accessories. For example, cutting boards, serving boards, and more. It looks prissy and very practical.

  5. Rachel
    December 3, 2021 at 12:46 pm – Reply

    This is BY FAR the best article I accept found while trying to decide what color to choose for my cabinets. I take an appointment to get my cabinets refinished and my biggest fear is choosing the wrong color. I love how you linked your suggestions of paint colors for each. I’ll know exactly what colour to tell to our chiffonier guy. Greetings from Virgina Beach!

  6. Awesome web log!! Honey the gray cabinets!!

  7. I love your suggestions Right Cabinet Color for Your Kitchen I accept establish while trying to decide what color to choose for my cabinets. Am already use grayness color for cabinets. Thank you to your advice, my work has been very practiced.Helpful data!

  8. Painting kitchen cabinets is a bang-up mode to fully transform the await of your kitchen. Cheers for sharing!!

  9. jackie
    July two, 2022 at x:16 am – Reply

    When painting.cabinents do you lot have to sand first

    • mwelsh
      July 5, 2022 at 2:46 pm – Reply

      It’southward non always necessary to sand first, depending on the finish you lot already have on the cabinets. In some cases, a good primer tin be enough. In almost cases, withal, I recommend using a deglosser, doing a light sand, and then using a expert quality primer for best results.

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