App To Turn Photo Negative To Positive

By | July 17, 2022

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How to Convert Quondam Motion-picture show Negatives to Digital Photos

These apps make it easy to turn negatives into a positive.

Film Negatives

April 29, 2021

Wanna play a game? Effort this: Tell your kids that when y’all were younger you took


with cameras that required flick, and every fourth dimension you lot wanted to see your pictures you had to drop off your negatives at a store to exist developed. And so ask them if they call back you are older or younger than Abe Lincoln. We’ll expect!

While we all love the instant gratification of scrolling through the pictures on our phones (and taking ane less trip to the store), at that place’s something about the love and care that went into each and every canister of motion picture—not to mention the babyhood nostalgia when you rifle through a box filled with one-time photos and undeveloped rolls of film. If y’all want to

add erstwhile family photos to your Chatbooks

, in that location’due south a way to


those negatives—without leaving home (or spending any money)! Here’s how to add together your family’s onetime moving picture negatives to your camera coil…

For iPhone Users

Apple users take a few complimentary app options to choose from, including the


app, which scans your film negatives using your phone. With the aid of a backlight (like a bright white laptop screen) in a dark room, the AI-powered app converts negatives into digital photos by inverting negative colors.

For Android Users

Bring the darkroom to your firm! Using the

Photo Negative Scanner

app on Google Play, you lot but need a backlight to create digital images from your negatives (this can exist created by turning up the effulgence on your computer’south screen). The scanner converts film in real-time, meaning yous’ll run across the original photos as you concord your camera over the strips.

How to Upload Photos to the Chatbooks App

Once the photos are in your camera roll, tap on the

Chatbooks app

on your home screen. After you’ve logged in, cull a product (like Monthbooks for 30 pages of memories every month or a Standard photograph volume to keep all your onetime photos) and brainstorm adding photos from your camera curl. It’southward that easy!


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