Where Can I Get My Car Seats Reupholstered

By | July 21, 2022

To increase the value of your vehicle and improve the appearance of your ride, consider tapping Artistic Colors International Inc. to handle your motorcar seat restoration needs.

Pets, children and consequent wear and tear tin can wreak havoc on the interior of your vehicle over time. Car dealers are frequently tasked with re-selling used vehicles sporting stained upholstery, remnants of cigarette aroma, and tears from regular utilise. Fading due to extended exposure to sunlight also takes its price on a car’s seats.  The mobile service technicians at CCI can come up to your abode or dealership to restore/refurbish the interior of your vehicle. Restoring auto seats can add years of life to a vehicle and increase its resale value vs. complete reupholstering.

How Much Does Seat Reupholstering Cost?

The cost of reupholstering the interior of a vehicle will vary depending on the auto’s size and seat material. The average toll to reupholster the interior of a sedan with material seats is around $2,500. Replacing leather will kick the cost upwardly a notch.  So its best if you can have them restored/repaired so you can extend the life of your vehicle at a fraction of the price. Dealers tin be sure they are getting top dollar for their used vehicles past taking care of small-scale repairs when they happen earlier vs. doing replacement.

CCI’s mobile technicians can come to your dealership or home to make repairs. CCI technicians tin can besides repair speaker covers, convertible tops, steering wheels and dashboards, visors, and carpets. The company besides added a sanitizing and disinfecting service to its lineup that kills harmful bacteria and neutralizes olfactory property.

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Benefits of Revamping Car Seats

As with any investment, information technology’s important to sympathize the benefits of restoring the interior of the cars in your fleet or your personal vehicle earlier dismissing the repair. If you are considering ownership a new vehicle because your car looks old and dated, restoring your car’south interior will brand your older vehicle similar new and eliminate unpleasant odors. No i wants to pay acme dollar for a car with fading, stains or tears. Car dealers who make repairs to used vehicles on their lot will see an uptick in the price they tin charge for the auto.

Proceed Upholstered Seats Looking Fresh

It is inevitable that your car’s interior will suffer wear and tear over fourth dimension. Still, there are steps yous can take to keep your car seats fresh after they are restored by one of CCI’s certified technicians.

  • Block sunlight.
    The sun tin fade your car’due south interior. CCI recommends using a sunshade on the windshield during the hot summer months or groovy the windows to go along the machine cooler.
  • Prevent spills.
    Do your best to finish spills before they have a gamble to happen past fugitive messy snacks. Make certain to but use cups with lids, and don’t pick drinks that will stain your upholstery.
  • Go on your motorcar clean.
    Tracking clay into the car will happen. Make sure to vacuum the upholstery and footwells and wipe downwards surfaces on a regular basis to prevent clay from edifice upward. Shaking out the floor mats can forbid dirt from getting transferred to your shiny, new upholstery. As an added bonus, regularly cleaning your machine will help it scent fresh.
  • Treat upholstery.
    Leather car seats require treatment with a conditioner to preclude them from drying or cracking. Cloth seats may benefit from the application of a fabric protector to provide an extra layer of stain prevention.
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To discover out more virtually how CCI tin increase the value of your vehicles with automotive upholstery repair, visit us to request a quote.

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