Steps For Painting Exterior Of House

By | July 24, 2022

Sometimes, your home exterior paint may begin to cleft or tarnish. When this happens, painting stucco exterior is a great option to revive your home. Read on.

Like all exterior finishes though, stucco does require some TLC from fourth dimension to time. Painting stucco homes at regular intervals keeps them looking fresh, and can actually update the look of your domicile. Here’s how you can paint yours and get the best finish possible.

vii Steps for Painting Stucco Homes

Painting your stucco dwelling house exterior is an essential office of home maintenance. If you’re into DIY, and so you tin can follow these simple seven steps to painting stucco. If you are not very familiar with exterior home painting, you may want to call in a professional. They volition be knowledgeable in all areas of painting, and may even offer protective services such as waterproofing.

To create a beautiful new home exterior, follow these vii steps for painting your stucco domicile.

1. Inspect Your Home For Potential Problems

Before you lot showtime painting stucco, you’ll need to inspect it. If it’south been on your dwelling house for a while, you may demand to do some small repairs. If pocket-sized patches take come away, or have become damaged, it’southward unproblematic to practice this yourself.

You lot can buy stucco repair kits that let yous fill in these gaps and create a like cease. If you do this, remember that you should only exist doing this with a small area. If in that location are larger areas that demand refinishing, y’all may need to call in a professional person.

Once y’all’ve applied the repairs, leave them for 7 to 10 days in order to let information technology cure fully. This way, it’ll be fully ready for painting and won’t come away as y’all update the color.

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2. Pressure Wash Your Walls

The exterior walls can option up a lot of dirt and grime, even if you lot are regularly cleaning them. All sorts of things tin contribute to information technology, such equally stormy conditions and traffic near your home. Because of this, y’all’re going to need to clean the walls before you lot can paint them. This will ensure that the paint sticks properly and looks as good every bit possible.

The all-time way to launder your walls is to pressure wash them. It’due south a quick way to clean the walls, and thanks to the powerful spray, you’ll go all the dirt off before washing. You lot tin can get a good pressure washer from a hardware store or online, and they’re helpful around the house. Information technology’s well worth investing in 1 now.

To pressure level wash your walls, use a depression pressure level setting and a broad tip. Work from top to bottom to ensure all dirt is directed away from the walls, and information technology should be washed in no fourth dimension.

iii. Remove Mold

Mold can appear on walls
inside weeks
of them existence painted. Earlier you begin painting stucco walls, you’re going to take to ensure there’s no mold left. If you detect any, y’all tin treat it with a mold removal solution.

Sponge the solution in to ensure information technology covers the entire area affected, and exit it on for as long equally the directions land. One time information technology’due south been removed and the area has dried, you’re set to paint.

four. Use a Primer First

The best manner to get paint to stick to your stucco is to use a skillful primer. This readies the walls for the finished coat of paint. The paint will stay looking good for longer, meaning you’ll accept to spend less time painting it again.

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Pick a primer that’s designed for your walls. For case, if your stucco is stained, you can buy a stain blocking primer. This will terminate the stains from bleeding through into the concluding layer of paint.

An outside waterproof primer is also a great idea, as information technology will end damp from coming through your walls. It’s a adept first defense, so cull your primer carefully. Ensure you paint the entire area with a primer, and give it aplenty fourth dimension to dry out before you become on to the next layer. This will ensure it’s totally dry and fix to human activity as an undercoat.

5. Pick A Painting Method

There are ii main techniques for successfully painting stucco; with a roller or a sprayer. The one y’all selection volition depend on your preferences and the condition of the stucco wall.

If the stucco isn’t too rough, then you can use a roller to apply pigment. You’ll have to ensure that you lot’re using a thick nap roller, in club to become into all the crevices in the finish. The rougher the surface is, the thicker nap y’all’ll need. If you have to use a very thick nap roller, be aware that you may be using more than pigment in doing then.

If the surface is very rough, then a pigment sprayer is the way to become. These are bachelor to rent or buy, so you can pick one upwards quite easily. Sprayers actually offer an easier mode to paint equally they’re faster and spray evenly, giving you a professional looking finish.

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When painting stucco, the method you pick will depend on how big the area is that you have to paint, and the time you accept to do it. For larger areas, spraying is ameliorate. If yous’re only roofing a small expanse, yous tin hands tackle information technology with a roller.

vi. Bank check the Weather Before You Pigment

Before you lot start painting stucco walls and homes, bank check the weather forecast. You want, optimally, a few sunny days for your paint to be applied and dried. This is because water in paint tin can cause bug later on that you desire to avoid.

For instance, water tin crusade paint to skin off not long after being applied. If yous’re conscientious, you can avert these issues and have paint that cures properly.

vii. Think Well-nigh Reaching Higher Areas

If you have a multi-level home, you’ll need to achieve college areas in order to paint them properly. Think about how you lot’re going to practice this earlier yous start painting.

The best choice is a stable ladder that will assist yous gain access to these areas. If your dwelling is taller, then a ladder won’t do the job. You’ll need to rent scaffolding that volition help you safely paint the highest areas of your walls.

Remember, safety offset.


These tips will help you go the virtually out of painting stucco walls. Keep in mind, you lot can always tackle one or 2 of these steps and then call in the professionals. When you’re done, you’ll have a domicile that looks brand new and cared for.