Worst food at football grounds after Man Utd’s lunch goes viral

By | February 28, 2022

Jake Humphrey is not impressed by the lunch offer at
Manchester United.

The BT Sport presenter shared a photo of the food provided as he hosted coverage of United’due south game confronting Southampton on Sunday.

Humphrey’s scrambled egg and mashed potato was compared to prison house food, it looked that bad.

“Are you…are you, in prison house?!,” read ane response.

Another fan wrote: “That’south a crime against humanity, eggs and potatoes.”

It got us thinking near what else is on offering around football grounds and using the delightful Twitter account Footy Scran, we’ve dug up some more culinary disasters.

Hot dog at Chelsea

Nearly £six for a hot domestic dog where the sausage doesn’t fifty-fifty fill the entire bun?

Cheesy chips at Weymouth

Less cheesy chips, more but cheese on fries.

Hot dog at Lancaster Urban center

How much for a cooked one?

Cheese and ham panini at Man United

‘Ole’s at the grill’

Balti pie at Sheffield United

Sheffield United melt their pies using a flamethrower, apparently.

Cheeseburger at Luton Boondocks

Just a little scrap overcooked.

Hot dog at West Ham

Yous’ll exist sold a dream if yous get a hot canis familiaris at the London Stadium.

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Double cheeseburger and chips at Arsenal

The food actually looks practiced. But £18?!

Hot dog at Bradford City

That’southward one deplorable looking sausage.

Cheesy fries at Birmingham

At least Weymouth bothered to grate the cheese.

Sausage roll at Airdrieonians FC

The worst matter is that he took a bite out of it.

Tom Sibley is responsible for tracking ‘Footy Scran’ on Twitter and Instagram, with the Twitter account boasting more than 200,000 followers.

There’s clearly an interest in the type of football on offer at football grounds – good or bad – and the success of the business relationship has shocked Sibley.

“Seeing how well this account has done and how quickly it has grown has been a complete shock to me, especially with how badly information technology went the first fourth dimension,” he told GOAL.

“My initial thoughts would be that eventually the content will die down, but we’re nevertheless receiving so many letters per day that it’s flying.

“At times, it tin can get quite overwhelming, especially when I open the app on my phone to see messages and tweets from people like AJ Tracey and Roman Kemp.”

Let’s start easy: who’s this iconic character?

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