Weight Lifting Simulator Codes

By | February 28, 2022

March 2d, 2022:
Nosotros added a new Weight Lifting Simulator lawmaking, and checked those in our active and expired sections.

Looking to pump some atomic number 26 with the help of the latest
Weight Lifting Simulator codes? This humorous Roblox game sees you training to lift weights and take on other players while collecting cosmetics and even some cute pets.

It’s an enjoyably calorie-free-hearted experience that’s made amend if yous accept some freebie codes to use, assuasive y’all to speed up your progression and take on bigger challenges in no time. That’due south why we’ve created the listing of Weight Lifting Simulator codes below.

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All Working Weight Lifting Simulator Codes

  • launch50
    – 50 strength and 25 games
  • frostgym
    – 150 strength and 75 gems
  • fitness600
    – Complimentary force and gems
  • lift580
    – 300 force and 140 gems

Expired codes:

The following Weight Lifting Simulator codes were confirmed to have expired on
March second, 2022.

  • 540triceps – 640 strength and 200 gems
  • 520lifting – Free in-game boost
  • 470work – Free in-game boost
  • 460biceps – Free in-game boost
  • 440kbuilder
    – Free in-game boost
  • 430kg – Free in-game boost
  • scorpy998 – Psychic Scorpion pet
  • 360kbuilder – 100 gems and 700 strength
  • strength350 – 140 gems and 300 forcefulness
  • build340 – 100 gems and 700 forcefulness
  • 330kweights – 200 gems and 650 strength
  • 320kbuff
    – 190 gems and 500 force
  • lifting310 – 140 gems and 300 strength
  • build300 – 100 gems and 700 strength
  • 270kweights – 120 gems and l strength
  • 260kbuff – fourscore gems and 300 force
  • 200ktriceps – 80 gems and 300 strength
  • mrbufflifts – Free pet
  • secretpet21 – Free pet

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What Are Weight Lifting Simulator Codes?

Weight Lifting Simulator codes are your run-of-the-mill Roblox freebie codes that the game’south developer easily out whenever it hits a new histrion milestone, like a noteworthy number of favourites or likes.

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Yous can expect to earn force, gems, and even some complimentary pets past redeeming the latest Weight Lifting Simulator codes, then they’re incredibly useful if yous want to progress quickly.

How Do I Apply Weight Lifting Simulator Codes?

Once y’all’ve got your Weight Lifting Simulator code, you lot should follow these unproblematic footstep-by-pace instructions to redeem it and earn your rewards.

  • Outset up Weight Lifting Simulator via the game’due south Roblox page
  • Click or tap on the blueish codes icon over on the right of your screen
  • Re-create and paste a lawmaking from the list to a higher place into the redemption box
  • Redeem your code
  • Find your rewards in your inventory

How Do I Get More Weight Lifting Simulator Codes?

Right now, at that place are plenty of active Weight Lifting Simulator codes, but that might not always be the instance. As such, you lot’ll want to go on an eye on the game’due south store page to see if whatever new codes accept arrived.

Luckily, the programmer unremarkably flags when a new code will state, such as when the game hits a specific number of likes or favourites. That means you’ll typically take a proficient idea of when to check the store page, or this very listing, to observe the latest Weight Lifting Simulator codes.

If yous fancy more freebies, we go on regularly updated lists of Coin Master free spins and Pet Master free spins, and y’all can detect a total list of our lawmaking guides over on our handy Roblox guides hub. Enjoy!

Source: https://www.gfinityesports.com/roblox/weight-lifting-simulator-codes/

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