How Much Is A Hydro Massage Bed

By | July 28, 2022

Breaking From Tradition Is Always A Good Thing!

Massage is a billion dollar industry. The American Massage Therapy Association (AKA AMTA) indicates in their industry fact sheet that massage therapy was an $18 billion dollar industry in the US in 2022 (Source: AMTA).

Massage is massive, and that shouldn’t come every bit a surprise to anyone!

In an industry that’s so big, it only makes sense that investors and businesses will jump at the chance of having a “slice of the pie”. But the more I call up virtually it, that’s not such a bad thing!

50 years ago, the principal grade of massage you would’ve establish is what we today call traditional massage. That is, a therapist who was trained in the fine art of “human impact” would employ his or her skills directly on a patient. It notwithstanding is the main course of massage today, but that’s not to say at that place aren’t other alternatives.

Massage Chairs Are A Not bad Culling To Traditional Therapy!

When it comes to massage, the more alternatives consumers have, the better!

For one, we should always be looking at meliorate ways of doing things instead of settling on what’s before long in place.

Secondly, having more alternatives maintains a more competitive marketplace. This is great for consumers!

If there’s one piece of advice I tin can give you as a reader of this blog, it’due south this:

Always try things for yourself before cartoon conclusions! Concerning massage, endeavour everything!

Because you never know, you might cease upwardly being pleasantly surprised at what you find!

Hydromassage is a relatively old concept in the world of massage. The scientific discipline behind it has been around for ages, it’s merely technology such as the hydromassage bed that’s somewhat new.

It sounds cool, but what is hydromassage anyways? Co-ordinate to Wikipedia, hydromassage is a therapy in which h2o pressure is used to apply massage techniques to the body.

If you wanna read more than about the history, methods, and how it came virtually, I encourage yous to cheque out the Wikipedia link above. I will refrain from discussing well-nigh these things in too much detail as I would like to instead specifically focus on hydromassage beds in this post.

The Jets From A Jacuzzi Is Also A Form Of Hydromassage!
The Jets From A Jacuzzi Is Too A Form Of Hydromassage!

The Crux Of This Article:

What Is A Hydromassage Bed?

Have you seen those cool looking bed like contraptions last time you were at the mall in your urban center? If you have a gym membership at one of the large gym/wellness houses, you for sure would have seen one of these! If not, cheque out the video below! (Video Credit: HydroMassage)

That my friends is what is known as hydrotherapy and the contraption in the video to a higher place is a hydromassage bed. It looks oddly complicated, just in theory it’s not. It’s a device that makes employ of h2o force per unit area to massage an private as they lay flat on their back.

“Merely where can I find one of these hydromassage beds to try out and experience?”

Major gyms and health houses all seem to conduct them these days, and so if you currently have a gym membership, it might exist worth asking side by side fourth dimension yous’re in. Big shopping centers also have them for shoppers to try.

Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive to actually own 1 of these devices, and then it’south not something you can hands option up from a shop and take home. That’s one aspect, the other of course is properly maintaining a hydromassage bed, which I imagine requires some effort!

Why Would One Use A Hydromassage Bed? What Are The Benefits?

For starters, it looks awesome! More than importantly, those who continue to use hydromassage beds do so because of the following reasons:

    • It’due south Affordable!

      —Using a hydromassage bed will typically cost you less $$$ than seeing a trained massage therapist for the same duration.

    • Information technology’s Convenient!

      —Usually in that location’s no demand to book an appointment which isn’t the instance if you’re seeing a specific therapist.

    • It Doesn’t Require You To Undress!

      —Some people similar this, some don’t. You tin can use a hydromassage bed while being fully clothed.

    • It’s Non Awkward!

      —Because you lot’re on your own laying flat on a massage bed, every bit opposed to having someone else massage you lot.

    • Tips Need Not Apply!

      —Call me cheap, but i of my favorite things near using automatic massage technology is that tips usually don’t apply!

    • Information technology’s Customizable!

      —Water force per unit area can be direct controlled by the user thereby allowing one to conform intensity from mild to moderate to deep tissue!

    • Information technology’s Quick!

      —15 minutes, 30 minutes or one hr. With hydromassage beds, y’all don’t need to schedule a full hour of your time to get massaged. 15 minutes works wonders, believe it or non!

Concerning hydromassage benefits, you can expect about the same benefits as you lot would with regular massage, more than or less. These would typically include pain relief from sore muscles, increased states of relaxation etc.

Should Hydromassage Supercede Your Regular Massage Routine?

Should hydromassage replace your bi-weekly (or monthly) visits to your local massage therapist? This is a question near people have after trying a hydromassage bed and seeing only how effective it is. My answer will never alter irrespective of how technologically advanced these beds become.

No, traditional massage therapy is irreplaceable if you ask me!

And that’south because massage is so much more than than just physical. At that place are as well mental and emotional benefits that can exist experienced when a trained therapist applies the healing touch. This is the reason some individuals tear up subsequently an intense session of deep tissue, the emotions trapped in the muscles and tissues accept plant a way to be released from the body.

Nothing Quite Like Traditional Massage!
Nothing Quite Similar Traditional Massage!

Yes it sounds a little over the tiptop, but let me ask you this: have you lot not felt a sense of relief and at-home afterwards completing an hour massage at the therapist?

In a way your mood is uplifted and you feel relaxed and easy. That’due south why for me traditional massage will always exist ahead of whatever automatic massage engineering such as massage chairs, handheld massagers, and even hydromassage beds for that matter.

Instead of completely cutting out your visits to the massage therapist, you’re amend off reducing the frequency. Instead of biweekly (once in 2 weeks), change your visits to monthly. At present y’all can complement this routine by calculation in hydromassage therapy visits (once a week maybe), and even investing and using a massage chair at home.

A massage routine using different technologies/methods is non merely effective, simply it also keeps things fresh and exciting!

And then don’t be agape of mixing things up every so often!

Where Can I Larn More About Hydromassage Beds?

If you want to know more most hydromassage beds, your all-time bet is to visit a supplier site such every bit hydromassage. Since they sell these devices, they would know all-time how they work etc. If you’re interested in buying i for your establishment, y’all can as well asking a costless quote from their website.

I Hope You lot Constitute This Informative!

Information technology’due south an exciting time to be live. Advancements in engineering are at an all time high, and innovative products continue to brand their manner on to the market. I’ll cease this post with how I started information technology: always be willing to endeavour new things out for yourself, considering you never know….it might terminate up being the perfect solution to your specific problem!

With that, I bid y’all cheerio and good luck (until side by side time of grade!). If you enjoyed reading, please consider sharing this postal service on the social platforms to show your back up.


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