Samsung – Galaxy Tab S7+

By | August 4, 2022

Designed for work. Perfect for Play.

Introducing the first ever 5G-enabled tablet in the The states, the Galaxy S7+ and S71. The razor-abrupt display, long-lasting batterytwo
and expandable memory3
are just the beginning. Add the redesigned S pen, which comes included, and the optional keyboard4
and yous’ve got a tablet that lets y’all play harder and work smarter.

Compare models

Continue apps on other devices

Team up your tablet

with your phone

Seamlessly work across devices. You can copy text or an image from your phone and paste information technology on your tablet, and vice versa. Or write a annotation to self in Samsung Notation or browse on Samsung Internet from your tablet, and open those apps in your phone to option up where you left off.

Copy the contents to the plant site on the phone and paste them into samsung note on Galaxy Tab S7+

*All functions are supported from Ane UI Availability of One UI

may vary depending on device, state, region and carrier.
*Both devices need to have One UI, have Bluetooth turned on, be connected to the

same Samsung account and be connected to the aforementioned Wi-Fi network.


Then smooth, yous accept


see it to

believe it

At 120Hz, this tablet’s responsive brandish instantly reacts to what’s on your screen. It intelligently adjusts the refresh rate based on your content and helps you lot save battery power equally you sentinel or scroll.

Side-past-side comparing of two screens scrolling through a webpage, the left screen at 60Hz and the right at 120Hz, with the 120Hz screen showing a smoother scroll and less lag



  • 2 months free
  • Uninterrupted

*Availability of YouTube Premium may vary past country or region. Users must subscribe to a YouTube

Premium business relationship to enjoy all its benefits.


The fastest processor

in a

Galaxy Tab always

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus Mobile Platform is a breakthrough in processing power. Extremely fast and powerful, this intelligent chipset tin can run intense games or easily multitask—all with minimal lag. Harness its power as you need.6

Illustration of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset

Up to

faster operation core

Upwardly to

faster graphic operation

Upward to

faster neural processor

*Compared to Galaxy Tab S6


Play similar never before

It’south a new globe of gaming. Bold colors on

the massive display

to immerse yous in the

activity as you identify friend and foe.


with Quad speaker audio every bit it puts you lot


in the

middle of it all.

The tablet comes closer, giving you a front row seat to the action. Spaceships and robots announced on and off-screen to show how yous become immersed in the game.

halo logo


Play like never earlier

Information technology’s a new globe of gaming. Bold colors on the massive display

to immerse you in the

action as you identify friend and foe.

Together with Quad speaker sound as it puts you

right in the

centre of it all.

*Controller may exist needed to play some games from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, including Halo

Master Main Drove. Controller sold separately.

Deject Gaming

Alter the way you game

Play at the top of your game anywhere, anytime with 5G¹, an immersive screen and Bluetooth-enabled controller.16 17


Access to






Access over 100 Xbox games when you’re downwardly to play. Discover favorites like Minecraft Dungeons, Gears v, Sea of Thieves, Halo and more all in the cloud.eighteen


Room for everything

With up to 512GB of congenital-in retentivity8, at that place’s space for all your photos, videos, games and go-to apps. Expand your storage upward to 1TB with a microSD carte du jour.4


Charge fast. Power for hours.

Outlast your longest to-do list with a power-efficient battery. Work, stream and video call for hours on a single charge, and get back to full capacity with the fast-charging USB-C port.2
Get hours of power packed into a device you can take anywhere.

Galaxy Tab S7+

14 hours
of video playback

Galaxy Tab S7

15 hours
of video playback

super fast charging back up6

Hyperfast 5G

The futurity is fast. Really fast.

The start 5G-enabled tablet in the U.Southward. is here.ane
5G connectivity gives you the ability to connect to what matters with more speed and better network reliability than ever before. Video call with colleagues, friends and family with virtually no lag. Stream smoothen-equally-silk video and download faster, with less friction.

*5G is simply available on the Galaxy Tab S7 5G or Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G.

A flash of light goes through Galaxy Tab S7+ as it sits at an angle between 5 and G typography, demonstrating the speed of 5G

Compare models


Run across the world’due south most

powerful pen


Redesigned S Pen included.

Heave your productivity with the redesigned South Pen, now with lower 9ms latency. Utilise information technology as a remote control to skip slides, play videos or accept pictures with the press of a push. It attaches magnetically to the back of the tablet for convenient storage and charging.

Ultra-low latency
Magnetic attachment
Air deportment for quick commandx

Close-up of S Pen from the side

A shadow highlights the S pen

The line becomes an illustration of a girl skateboarding, showing how you can use S Pen just like a real pen

S Pen smoothly draws a line

Prune STUDIO Pigment

The pen that creates effortlessly

Bring your vision to life with the S Pen and Clip Studio Paint. The S Pen’southward grip is designed to enhance condolement for extended utilize while Clip Studio Paint lets you create everything from fine art and illustrations to comics like a pro.

An illustration of a woman created with S Pen using Clip Studio Paint's brush GUI on Galaxy Tab S7+.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ screen is off.
Front view of Galaxy Tab S7+ with a marked-up PDF onscreen


Mark up PDFs

Yous can import PDF files and jot memos,

sign documents, and

make comments right

on the


Front view of Galaxy Tab S7+ with a marked-up PDF onscreen

A pop-up shows the options you have when you're done with a PDF


Consign to



Share notes in various formats or export them to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to share with others.

  • PowerPoint

  • Word

Samsung Notes auto syncs to your laptop so you can continue working on another device
Galaxy Tab S7+ seen from the front with Samsung Notes GUI onscreen
Samsung Notes auto syncs to your smartphone so you can work on the go





Stay on the same page as you switch between your tablet, telephone and tablet via your Samsung business relationship.

Canva Pro

Design like a

professional person

Start designing for gratis with thousands of pre-made templates or create your own using the intuitive editor. Design from marketing materials to social media posts all in the i place. Desire to take your designs to the next level? Effort Canva Pro and unlock beautiful content and time-saving tools.

*App availability may vary by country and region.

**Feature supports 96 languages.

***Additional cost will be charged after the gratuitous trial period of Canva Pro.

Multiple pro-quality design templates from Canva stretch across the background to show all the options you have in the app. The Canva GUI is seen on Galaxy Tab S7+ with tools that make it easy to create your own designs

  • Canva logo
  • Canva
  • Canva Pro
    thirty days free


Let your

thoughts flow

with Noteshelf

Noteshelf gives you more choices in how you lot have notes. Whether yous prefer using S Pen or typing, it’southward fluid notation-taking that feels natural as you learn or create. With the Noteshelf Club Exclusive, y’all can access hundreds of notebook covers and paper templates free, without a membership.

*App availability may vary by state and region.

**Feature supports 5

languages:English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Noteshelf is provided in English language by default for language settings other than those listed above.

A hand uses S Pen to easily note and mark up a document on Galaxy Tab S7+ through the Noteshelf app

  • Complimentary


Versatility in a snap

With the Gratuitous Angle Stand, Galaxy Tab S7+ is seen from the side at a 165-degree angle, perfect for writing or drawing. Information technology and so adjusts the angle to view fashion for an optimal viewing angle. Once the BookCover Keyboard is attached, it adjusts again to an optimal piece of work angle

This is ane keyboard example that doesn’t become likewise attached. Information technology’south there when you need information technology, and when you don’t, it hands pops right off. Plus, the kickstand tin can be angled up to 165˚, and then you tin can find the right bending for your desk, in bed or exterior.7

*Book Cover Keyboard sold separately during checkout.





a single tap

With the Book Cover Keyboard, getting things done is that much easier. Coming with a larger touchpad and intuitive role keys, the keyboard gives y’all a seamless feel, and when used together with DeX yous get a PC-like experience with a unmarried tap.

*Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ Volume Comprehend Keyboards sold separately.

**Function Keys supported on Galaxy Tab S7+ Book Cover Keyboard.

When  the  magnetic  BookCover  Keyboard  is  attached  to
                                                                                                                                                                Galaxy  Tab  S7+,  you  can  simply  press  the  DeX  hotkey  to
                                                                                                                                                                complete  your  PC-like  experience

Wireless Keyboard Sharing

Connect the Book Cover Keyboard

to your other devices, then switch the

connectedness betwixt them with a unproblematic


Wireless  Keyboard  Sharing  Connect  the  Book  Cover  Keyboard  to  your  other  devices,  then  switch  the  connection  between  them  with  a  simple  shortcut.  There  is  an  icon  that  Book  Cover  Keyboard  switches  from  Galaxy  Tab  S7+    to  other  device  by  bluetooth

16 intuitive

function keys

Align with Samsung Windows PC
Android specific keys
Samsung Dex key

A  function  key  is  highlighted  on  the  BookCover  Keyboard
                                                                                                                                                                to  show  its  placement

A larger touchpad




With  the  larger  touchpad  on  Galaxy  Tab  S7/S7+'s  Book
                                                                                                                                                                                Cover  Keyboard  there  are  more  ways  to  control  your  tablet.
                                                                                                                                                                                Galaxy  Tab  S7  supports  43%  larger  touch  pad  and  Galaxy  Tab
                                                                                                                                                                                S7+  supports  64%  larger  touchpad  compared  to  Galaxy  Tab

*Compare to Galaxy Tab S6 Volume Comprehend Keyboard

The  touchpad  is  highlighted  on  the  BookCover  Keyboard
                                                                                                                                                                to  show  its  larger  size


The wide screen

that deserves an

ultra-wide camera

  • 5MP / F2.2

    Ultra Wide Camera

  • 13MP / F2.0

    Wide-angle Camera

  • 4K / 30fps

    Video Recording

Close-up of Galaxy Tab S7+ in Mystic Black's rear view shows the rear camera placement


Lite, durable and sparse

are in

The Milky way Tab S7+ and S7 is what happens when you choose both style and substance. Whether information technology’due south the 3 attractive colour options, the aluminum textures created with polycrystalline diamonds or the accelerate dual-color anodizing technique, the Galaxy S7+ and S7 accept an indelible look that’s sure to turn heads.xiv



Rear view of Galaxy Tab S7+ in Mystic Black

Rear view of Galaxy Tab S7+ in Mystic Silver

Rear view of Galaxy Tab S7+ in Mystic Bronze

Rear view of Galaxy Tab S7+ in Mystic Bronze


Calorie-free, durable and thin

are in

The Galaxy Tab S7+ and S7 is what happens when you choose both way and substance. Whether it’due south the iii bonny color options, the aluminum textures created with polycrystalline diamonds or the accelerate dual-color anodizing technique, the Galaxy S7+ and S7 have an enduring await that’south sure to turn heads.xiv

Get your Galaxy Tab S7 and then some

From sweet savings to large bundles, at that place’s a Milky way Tab S7 offer waiting for you.

Meet all offers

  • RAM

    6GB/8GB RAM to binge-watch and

    multitask with little lag.

  • Storage


    The storage of a laptop

    on your tablet and so yous can salvage all

    your photos and video.

  • External


    Compatible with a microSD card that’s upwards

    to 1TB if you lot need to shop more than.

  • Daily Lath

    Your smart home dashboard lets

    you manage continued

    appliances, or


    equally a scheduler and memo lath.

  • Phone call & Text On other devices

    A way to control

    your smartphone

    and answer calls

    or texts right

    from your tablet.

  • Auto Hotspot


    tethering that turns

    your tablet into a

    Wi-Fi hub.

  • Quick Share

    The power to easily share files to

    nearby devices, simultaneously.

  • Double tap

    to wake

    Your screen turns

    on when you
    double tap it.

  • Second screen

    Activate Second Screen on the

    Quick panel to use your tablet every bit an

    boosted brandish for your Windows



Make the new

tablet feel
exclusively your ain

*Accessories except for S Pen sold separately.

Model and

color availability may vary past land or carrier.

Flat lay of Galaxy Tab S7+ and its accessories. A Galaxy Tab S7+ attached to the BookCover Keyboard, a Galaxy Tab S7+ inside the BookCover, S Pen, game controller, and Galaxy Buds Live


Here’s what you become

with the


powerful tablet all the same19

Flat lay of items included in box with Galaxy Tab S7+. The packaging, the device, S Pen, travel adapter, USB Type-C earphones, data link cable, and SIM ejection pin



Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G

  • Mystic Black

Galaxy Tab S7+

  • Mystic Blackness
  • Mystic Silver
  • Mystic Statuary
  • Mystic Navy

Galaxy Tab S7 5G

  • Mystic Black

Milky way Tab S7

  • Mystic Black
  • Mystic Argent
  • Mystic Bronze
  • Mystic Navy


Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G

  • 5G (mmWave, Sub-6)
  • Bluetooth v5.0

Galaxy Tab S7+

  • Wi-Fi half dozen (802.eleven a/b/thou/n/ac/ax)
  • Bluetooth v5.0

Galaxy Tab S7 5G

  • 5G (mmWave, Sub-6)
  • Bluetooth v5.0

Galaxy Tab S7

  • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 a/b/g/n/air-conditioning/ax)
  • Bluetooth v5.0

Battery Capacity

Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G

Galaxy Tab S7+

Galaxy Tab S7 5G

Galaxy Tab S7


Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G

  • 6GB+128GB
  • 8GB+256GB
  • 8GB+512GB

Galaxy Tab S7+

  • 6GB+128GB
  • 8GB+256GB
  • 8GB+512GB

Galaxy Tab S7 5G

  • 6GB+128GB
  • 8GB+256GB
  • 8GB+512GB

Galaxy Tab S7

  • 6GB+128GB
  • 8GB+256GB
  • 8GB+512GB

Micro SD bill of fare

Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G
Up to 1TB

Galaxy Tab S7+
Upwardly to 1TB

Milky way Tab S7 5G
Up to 1TB

Milky way Tab S7
Up to 1TB


Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G

  • Qualcomm SDM865+
  • Octa Cadre (3.09GHz + 2.4GHz + 1.8GHz)

Milky way Tab S7+

  • Qualcomm SDM865+
  • Octa Core (iii.09GHz + 2.4GHz + 1.8GHz)

Milky way Tab S7 5G

  • Qualcomm SDM865+
  • Octa Cadre (3.09GHz + 2.4GHz + one.8GHz)

Milky way Tab S7

  • Qualcomm SDM865+
  • Octa Core (iii.09GHz + 2.4GHz + 1.8GHz)


Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G
12.iv” Super AMOLED, 120Hz

Galaxy Tab S7+
12.4″ Super AMOLED, 120Hz

Galaxy Tab S7 5G
11.0″ LTPS TFT, 120Hz

Galaxy Tab S7
11.0″ LTPS TFT, 120Hz


Milky way Tab S7+

  • eleven.22 x 7.28 ten 0.22″

Galaxy Tab S7+

  • 11.22 ten 7.28 10 0.22″

Milky way Tab S7

  • 9.99 x six.51 x 0.25″

Galaxy Tab S7

  • 9.99 x half-dozen.51 x 0.25″


Milky way Tab S7+ 5G lb

Galaxy Tab S7+
ane.30 lb

Milky way Tab S7 5G
1.10 lb

Milky way Tab S7
1.10 lb

SGS logo

*SGS, the world’s leading certification company, awarded Galaxy Tab S7+’southward brandish the Eye Care Certification Certification (Galaxy Tab S7’s display the Low blue low-cal Certification) based on its ability to drastically reduce the harmful furnishings of blueish light. This certification can exist found on
– Galaxy Tab S7+ display SGS certification Number : FFU/20/GEN/00025
– Milky way Tab S7 display SGS certification Number : FFU/20/GEN/00018

Even more reasons to switch

Swoop in and explore all the means Milky way helps yous practice more.

Galaxy Tab S7 for business

Galaxy Tab S7 for business

Supervene upon your PC with the ultimate 5G tablet for what matters almost in your piece of work.

Enjoy exclusive volume discounts with a Samsung Business Account, bulk trade-in credit and 0% Samsung Business Financing. Plus, eligible organizations can store taxation-complimentary with a Samsung Taxation Exempt Account.

  1. 5G speeds vary and require optimal network and connection (factors include frequency, bandwidth, congestion). Encounter carrier for availability.
  2. Battery time is based on our own laboratory measurements, and may vary depending on factors such as device settings, usage patterns and operating conditions. Battery Capacity: Typical value tested under third-party laboratory condition. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery chapters among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is ix,800mAh for Galaxy Tab S7+ and 7,760mAh for Milky way Tab S7. Bodily battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns and other factors.
  3. MicroSD bill of fare sold separately.
  4. Keyboard sold separately. Function keys merely available on S7+.
  5. Galaxy Tab S7 has a 11” TFT LCD screen while S7+ has a 12.4” sAMOLED screen. Measured diagonally equally a total rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners. Actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners.
  6. Qualcomm Snapdragon is a production of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. Qualcomm and Snapdragon are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the Usa and other countries. Values calculated based on internal laboratory test results.
  7. Values calculated based on internal laboratory test results.
  8. User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating arrangement and software used to operate the phones features. Actual user memory will vary depending on the mobile phone operator and may change after software upgrades are performed.
  9. Galaxy Tab S7+ has an in-brandish fingerprint scanner. Galaxy Tab S7 has a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.
  10. South Pen’south operable altitude extends approximately ten meters from the device in open space. Command range may vary depending on surround and other factors
  11. *App availability may vary by state and region. Feature supports five languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Noteshelf is provided in English by default for language settings other than those listed in a higher place.
  12. Each device should be registered with a unmarried Samsung Account.
  13. Netflix streaming membership required. The Netflix app and content availability may vary by country.
  14. Product color availability may vary depending on country, region, and carrier.
  15. Galaxy Tab S7+ measures at a thickness of 5.7mm and weight of 575g. Galaxy Tab S7 measures at a thickness of 6.3mm and weight of 498g, 500g and 502g for data, Wi-Fi and 5G models, respectively.
  16. Controller sold separately.
  17. Requires Xbox subscription.
  18. YouTube Premium:
    New users but (no past trial of YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Red or Google Play Music). Click here to acquire more. Open and log in to the YouTube app on your new device and go to My Account > Get YouTube Premium to redeem your offer. With eligible buy. Redeem in the YouTube awarding on eligible devices between February xiv, 2020 and April v, 2021 at 11:59pm PST. Form of payment required. $11.99/month subsequently trial billed on a recurring monthly basis. Cancel anytime. No refunds for partial billing periods. Total terms.
  19. Some of the listed components, including embrace and protective film, may not be available depending on the model yous purchase or the country or region you alive in. Excluding cover, white components just available with white devices and all other device colors volition receive black components in box.


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