Driver Education And Driver Training Program

By | August 5, 2022

Driver Educational activity

Learning to drive can be a fun and exciting time in life! Driving is a complex skill that is developed over time with practice and requires the bones knowledge of operating a motor vehicle. Below you volition notice data for parents and teens regarding driver education, obtaining a learner’due south allow, and Indiana’due south Driver’s License System.

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles certifies driver preparation schools and instructors who demonstrate knowledge of the laws and regulations about driving in Indiana. In the sections below, y’all will detect a list of licensed commuter training schools, as well as information on the requirements and instructions to go a licensed commuter training school or instructor.

Teen Drivers and Parents

A driver preparation program consists of 30 hours of classroom preparation and vi hours of behind-the-wheel training with a BMV-licensed driver grooming school.

Online training is bachelor every bit an alternative to classroom training, but students volition still be responsible for the half-dozen behind-the-wheel hours. Yous may complete online training earlier enrolling at a licensed commuter training school for behind-the-cycle grooming, but you should first confirm that your preferred driver training school will accept the online training program you have selected. See the below for a list of licensed driver training schools and information on grade offerings.

The BMV provides the following resource for teen drivers and their parents to help set up for how to obtain an Indiana driver’s license:

  • Indiana’s Driver’southward License System Data
  • Commuter’due south Manual
  • Commuter’s Manual in Castilian (Manual de Conductor)
  • Supervised Driving Do Log – State Course 54706
  • Lawmaking of Responsibilities for Driver Teaching Students

Ofttimes Asked Questions

For Parents…

  • If my child completes an online driver education class, and and then completes the 50 hours of driving required to be documented on the driving log, can he/she and then get a license at 16 years and 90 days?

    No. To exist eligible for a license at 16 years and xc days, your child must complete both aspects of an approved driver education course: xxx classroom or online hours and half dozen behind-the-wheel hours. The 50 60 minutes driving log is required of all new drivers whether they accept driver educational activity or non.

  • Where can I find information on driver pedagogy schools in my area?

    A list of driver education schools is available here. All driver didactics providers licensed to conduct courses in the state are listed, and are searchable by county.

  • Is commuter education required to get a license?

    No. Without completing a driver instruction class, your child must exist 16 years of age to be eligible for a allow. Once completing fifty hours of logged drive time, your child tin apply for a commuter’southward license if they are at least 16 years and 270 days.

  • What is the primeval age that my child can take driver education?

    Your kid must be at least 15 years of age before he or she can participate in either the classroom or backside-the-cycle stage of driver teaching.

  • When can I commencement driving in the automobile with my parents?

    If you are at least fifteen years of age, are enrolled in a behind-the-bike training grade, and pass a noesis examination to obtain your learner’s permit, y’all tin legally drive with your parent or guardian. If you lot have non enrolled or completed a driver education course, you lot must be at least 16 years of age to legally obtain a learner’s allow to drive with your parent or guardian.

  • If I take an online commuter education classroom course, tin can I drive with my parents in one case I start that course?

    Only behind-the-bike training course providers may issue a Document of Commuter Education enrollment (CDE) grade. This means if you are nether 16 years of age you must be enrolled in a backside-the-bicycle grooming class to receive a CDE form and utilize for your learner’southward permit. Once you receive your permit, y’all volition exist able to start driving with your parent or guardian.

  • If I get-go a driver education course with one schoolhouse, then determine to switch to another schoolhouse, tin I transfer the piece of work I accept completed or do I take to start over?

    Current rules allow for the transfer of classroom teaching from 1 schoolhouse to another where the behind-the-wheel phase will be completed. All the same, this is contingent upon the second schoolhouse accepting the course piece of work and records from the start school. The 2nd school then becomes the school of record.

Licensed Driver Grooming Schools

Student driver learning to park

The post-obit driver preparation schools are licensed past the BMV to provide driver education:

Licensed Driver Preparation Schools

If yous have concerns well-nigh a driver training school or 1 of their instructors, please report it to the bureau by email.

E-mail the BMV

Driver Training Teacher Resources and Classes

All aspects of driver didactics instruction are outlined in the Indiana Administrative Lawmaking (IAC) 140 IAC four. IAC sets the standards and requirements for all driver education training schools and instructors.

Indiana Authoritative Code 140 IAC 4

Licensing and Forms

  • Driver Training Instructor and Schoolhouse Licensing
  • Commuter Training School Instructor Physical Examination – Land Grade 53312
  • Driver Training Schoolhouse Vehicle Inspection – Country Form 55746

Driver Training School Instructor Classes

One didactics option to run into the requirements to be licensed every bit a driver grooming school instructor in Indiana is to complete 51 college credit hours and ix (9) college credit hours of approved driver education courses. Contact the following university to consummate this teacher training requirement:

Indiana State Academy

Dr. Matt Hutchins
Associate Professor
Section of Practical Health Sciences
812-237-3108 or 812-237-3079

Bureau Approved Instructor Training Plan

The 2nd education pick available to meet the requirements to be licensed as a driver grooming school teacher in Indiana is to complete 10 hours of classroom training and complete twenty hours of behind-the-wheel preparation education.

The post-obit programs are canonical by the BMV to provide instructor preparation:

Bureau Approved Instructor Training Programs

Requests to become an approved instructor training programme must submit the following:

  1. Application for Teacher Training Programme – State Form 56758
  2. Detailed clarification of program and courses
  3. Copy of all course materials that provide at least minimum standards for classroom training under 140 IAC 4-4-1.1
  4. Sample copy of completion document that will exist provided upon training completion containing the following data:
    • Name of Instructor Training Program
    • Argument of training completion:
      “The trainee has completed at least 10 hours of preparation that meets the standards set forth in 140 IAC 4-4-1.1.”
    • Full name of trainee
    • Driver’s license number of trainee
    • Date training completed
    • Signature of Instructor Grooming Program representative
  5. Whatsoever other information requested by the bureau that is necessary to decide whether the bidder meets the requirements for approval.

The awarding for the plan will be processed within lx days of the Bureau receiving the completed awarding. Approvals for Instructor Preparation Programs shall remain valid for a menstruum of four years.

Upon completion of teacher grooming…

The xx hours of behind-the-wheel preparation will be provided past an Indiana licensed Commuter Training Schoolhouse and must provide training pertaining to 140 IAC 4-iv-i.2. In one case the trainee has completed the program, the Driver Training School must provide the trainee with proof of completion on school’southward letterhead containing the following information:

  1. Name of Indiana licensed Driver Training School; and
  2. Statement of training completion:
    “The trainee has completed the 20 hours of behind-the-cycle grooming instruction that meets the standards sets forth in 140 IAC 4-4-1.2.”
  3. Full name of trainee
  4. Driver’s license number of trainee
  5. Date training completed
  6. Name of each Driver Training Instructor that participated in grooming
  7. Signature of schoolhouse owner or instructor

Information may be submitted to the Bureau at

All the same Take Questions?

Send us an e-mail about driver education programs.

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