White Sapphire Ring In Sterling Silver

By | August 5, 2022

White Sapphire Rings


White Sapphire Panchdhatu Ring

White Sapphire Panchdhatu Band

White Sapphire Silver Ring

White Sapphire Silver Ring

White Sapphire Gold Ring

White Sapphire Gold Band


White Sapphire is 1 of the most exquisite varieties of Sapphire and a perfect substitute for diamonds. This precious gemstone is astrologically associated with planet Venus and is worn to ameliorate the financial and personal life of the native. A White Sapphire ring can concenter greater cosmic free energy as it is said to possess heavenly powers. The wearer is said to enjoy a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle and tin can also attract a lot of beauty, charm and wealth. Venus is said to exist an epitome of luck, wisdom and celestial grace and one who wears a White Sapphire band indirectly possesses all these qualities. Beneath mentioned are the benefits i can attain from this auspicious gemstone:

  • Fiscal Benefits

    : A White Sapphire ring can shower tremendous fiscal growth in the life of the wearer. As discussed, this precious gemstone represents the planet Venus which is associated with a lot of wealth and luck. Thus, the wearer can enjoy a lot of richness and good fortune. However, information technology also helps maintain a lifestyle and social status.

  • Intellectual and Psychological Benefits

    : Planet Venus rules over the native’due south creative qualities and imagination power. Astrologers believe that wearing a proficient quality White Pukhraj benefits people engaged in creative ventures. It helps the wearers to create, visualize and invent new ideas and thoughts.

  • Wellness Benefits

    : A White Sapphire gemstone is said to accept curative abilities. Its healing energies heave the immune organisation and protect the wearer from various diseases. Couples struggling to acquit progeny can also wear White Pukhraj Ratna to revitalize their reproductive health and restore fertility.

Did you know?

White Sapphire band should exist worn on the ring finger or the middle finger of the working hand later on soaking it in a bowl for 5-10 minutes.

White Sapphire Price

White Sapphire bestows these fantabulous healing and astrological benefits when worn as recommended by astrologers and looks scintillating in whatever form of jewelry piece. White Sapphire rings truly signifies the intensity of emotions and award because of the bright luster and color. Being so exclusively famous this gemstone deserves a good amount of toll. Although, in that location are additional factors like origin, cut, colour, and clarity that help to determine the price of White Sapphire rings. Any departure in color, origin, clarity and size leaves a deep bear upon on its overall pricing.

White Sapphire is one of the near cute precious gemstones prized for its impeccable beauty and grace. White Sapphire stone toll starts from v,000 INR ($ 70) per carat and goes up to 80,000 INR ($ 1,100) per carat. Such a wide price difference is due to certain quality factors like origin, colour, clarity, cut, size, certification, etc. that influence White Sapphire’s value in the marketplace. For crafting rings the price automatically differs equally other charges get included in the toll. For example, a white gold sapphire ring would be different from a rose gold White Sapphire ring.

One can purchase authentic White Sapphire rings only from trusted sources. GemPundit provides 100% natural, authentic, unheated, and untreated White Sapphire gemstones for both astrological and jewelry purposes. Shop original and loose White Sapphire for sale with an authentic Precious stone Certificate at the best price.

Buyer Beware Guidelines

Determining the price and quality of a gemstone comes after considering a lot of factors as already mentioned above, notwithstanding, one likewise has to consider that they should not purchase such precious gemstones from anywhere and everywhere. A thorough report has to exist washed before making whatsoever kind of purchase. However, one has to understand that the Clarity of White Sapphire ring or White Sapphire wedding ceremony rings is judged by the number, size, location and angle of natural imperfections or inclusions plant in the gemstone. The majority of White Sapphires are lightly or heavily included with visible inclusions. A White Sapphire with see-through clarity or inclusions not visible to the naked eye is extremely rare and undoubtedly expensive.

We at GemPundit standby our products and have already created a benchmark that we want to sustain. Nosotros not but provide authentic products but also accept authentic gem lab certificates that stand by what we say.

Read our client-friendly Buying Guide to know more about the weight of gemstones and what things should exist kept in mind while buying a White Sapphire ring.


White Sapphire rings accept a brilliance or wow factor that any Diamond can provide. This transparent gemstone can be worth the cost to go a ring that offers both brilliance and beauty. The gemstone is often heated to raise its color. This July birthstone band is recognized worldwide for its perfect pop of color. Its alluring hue, tone, saturation, excellent luster, and transparency make White Sapphire a highly desirable gemstone among jewelry designers.

Get your White Sapphire engagement rings customized from our engagement rings department. Nosotros excel in customizing all kinds of engagement rings, white gold sapphire appointment rings, White Sapphire engagement rings white gold, etc.

At GemPundit, yous will find an sectional collection of the most stunning White Sapphire jewelry. GemPundit provides customization service to our valuable customers where our squad of CAD experts designs the White Sapphire jewelry including the White Sapphire Ring for men and women, White Sapphire Necklace, White Sapphire Bracelet for men and women, White Sapphire Pendant for men and women, White Sapphire earrings, White Sapphire engagement rings, emerald cut White Sapphire ring, white gilded and sapphire band, as per the needs of the customer.

Customization of White Sapphire jewelry for both men and women is available at our Custom Jewelry Department. Cheque out our White Sapphire Ring designs below:

Gold White Sapphire Engagement Ring

Gold White Sapphire Engagement Ring

White Sapphire Sterling Silver Ring

White Sapphire Sterling Silver Band

White Sapphire Panchdhatu Engagement Ring

White Sapphire Panchdhatu Appointment Ring

Cleaning and Care

Having a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, a White Sapphire ring has the immovability to withstand most damage. However, it is advised to keep it away from sharp objects and hard chemicals to avoid whatsoever damage to the gemstone jewelry. The striking and ever beautiful color of White stone is admired past every gem lover. Standing next to Diamonds in terms of value, hardness, and durability, information technology is an ideal pick for daily wear jewelry. One tin can easily clean their very own White Sapphire rings at habitation using warm water and mild lather. Once done, wipe it dry out with a soft cloth and wear.

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