Bioguard Silkguard Complete 3 Chlorinating Tabs

By | August 6, 2022

BioGuard SilkGuard Complete 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

BioGuard SilkGuard Complete 3″ Chlorinating Tablets



  • Blueish, compressed, slow-dissolving 3″ tab, ane″ tabs or sticks makes water soft and polish
  • Floater, skimmer and chlorinator use
  • Tin be used with the 3-Step BioGuard Care System
  • TruBlue Promise Product



Contains SunShield®
and SilkGuard®


  • SunShield protects chlorine from sunlight and then you use less production than with unstabilized chlorinating products.
  • SilkGuard softens the h2o and coats metal surfaces to protect confronting rusting and metal staining and binds hard water components to reduce scaling.

What it does:

• Kills bacteria and controls algae

• Prevents metal staining and corrosion

• Reduces scale formation

• Makes h2o soft and smooth

SilkGuard protects your pool equipment for longer life. It coats metal surfaces protecting them from corrosion and rust. It prevents scale germination in your puddle circulation organization and on pool surfaces. SilkGuard makes the h2o soft and smooth.

These tablets also contain SunShield®, which protects chlorine from sunlight, so you lot use less.

This sanitizer volition last longer compared to chlorine products such as liquid bleach or calcium hypochlorite, as it contains SunShield®, which protects chlorine from sunlight, so you utilize less. It’s the perfect solution for articulate, silky smooth, inviting pool water.

When/Why does ALEX recommend this product:

In the Maintenance section of a water assay if iii Inch Silk Tabs are selected as the sanitizer.

Application rate and instructions:


Feeder or Floaters: Add 16 ounces (2 tablets) per 10,000 gallons of puddle water to feeder or floater. Adjust the feeder or floater following manufacturer’s instructions to establish a free available chlorine level between i–4 ppm. Let water to circulate at to the lowest degree 4 hours then test for the gratuitous bachelor chlorine level.

Plastic Skimmer: Add together 16 ounces (two tablets) per x,000 gallons of puddle water. Place tablets in skimmer basket. Let water to broadcast at least 4 hours before testing. Test for the gratis available chlorine level adding more than tablets as necessary to establish a free available chlorine level of i–iv ppm.


Add xvi ounces (two tablets) per 10,000 gallons of pool water per week, or equally oftentimes as needed, to the floater, feeder or skimmer to maintain a constant gratuitous bachelor chlorine level of one-4 ppm. Sunlight, rainfall, temperature, number of swimmers, and frequency of puddle use affect the rate of chlorine residual loss and then cheque the floater or feeder oftentimes and refill as needed

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