46 In 9-Drawer Mobile Storage Cabinet With Solid Wood Top

By | August 6, 2022

Tools are an investment, and having handtools strewn on the floor, shoved in unmarked boxes or shelves all over the garage, makes no sense any.

Y’all forget what you have or where you lot put information technology, tools collect dust, rust, and, eventually, cease upward in the garage sale pile.

I’ve been trying to get my garage organized and decided it was fourth dimension to invest in a expert tool cabinet, and the Yukon 46-inch 9-drawer chiffonier available from Harbor Freight Tools had great reviews on YouTube, so I decided to go check information technology out.

Since I already have a big Kobalt toolbox in black, I was happy to see the Yukon tool-storage cabinet was bachelor in blackness, although I’m not sure if it’s available in other colors. The 46-inch frontal width made it perfect for my needs and the quality of construction was piece of cake to see.

So I bought ane!

The Yukon chiffonier retails for $329.99 which is a bargain, considering the quality of construction, but I was told at checkout that the 20% off coupons you usually come across everywhere, practice non use to these products.

All the same, the cashier told me to bank check online for Yukon-specific coupons and to bring i back to the shop, along with my receipt, and they would credit me back the difference.

I did find a $thirty off coupon online the side by side mean solar day, and they credited back that corporeality to my credit carte du jour.

If you’re shopping for one of these, keep in mind, that HFT toolboxes and cabinets go along auction a couple of times a year, and then if you’re non in a hurry to go 1, yous may save a few additional dollars by waiting for a special sale.

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A guy at the store helped me load my new tool cabinet in my truck’s bed which was a skillful thing since these things are heavy. Approximately 150 lbs.

In one case home, I managed to get it off the truck safely past myself and was glad these cabinets are nicely packed at the factory. The cabinet was in perfect condition.

Assembly is a piece of block and everything you need comes with information technology, including a little wrench which I did not use, but it tin can come up in handy if you cannot find the right size wrench, which would be a good indicator equally to why garage organization is important.

Overall, the quality of this cabinet is top-notch for a toolbox that’south so affordable, and it easily rivals similar cabinets that can cost three or four times as much.

The five” casters too are of very high quality and are secured to the cabinet with the bolts and washers shown in a higher place via Rivnuts®.

Yous get two fixed and two swivel casters, plus a cabinet handle (which I did non utilize) for a truly mobile unit. Mine will serve double duty equally a stationary workbench.

By the mode, if yous decide to install the cart handle, you take the option to mountain it either on the left or right side. Just make certain the swiveling casters are on the aforementioned side as the handle.

I also love that the varnished woods height is bolted to the cabinet at the factory, every bit this prevents warping.

Some other dainty bonus is that the cabinet includes pre-cut safety drawer liners.

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The liners prevent tools and other stuff from sliding all over the drawers. And since they’re pre-cutting, they fit perfectly.

And speaking of drawers… they are super potent and operate smoothly since they ride on ball-bearing slides. The vii top drawers are rated at 100 lbs. each. They are non soft-closing, but they do provide skilful retentivity when they’re fully closed, which is a must for a mobile chiffonier.

As an added bonus, the 2 deeper bottom drawers (rated at 200 lbs. each), come up with double slides, so yous tin can load them to your heart’s content without worries.

I am super happy with my new Yukon 46″ 9-Drawer Tool Storage Cabinet. For only $300 (afterwards the coupon discount), information technology is a must-have for the garage. I was planning to build a workbench/storage unit of measurement and I probably would’ve spent every bit much coin doing so. And it would’ve never looked as good as this i does.

And I am seriously thinking virtually getting another one!

HFT besides offers an almost identical tool cabinet that has a deeper top drawer and two doors with shelves for storage.

That ane is even cheaper at $269.99 just I prefer drawers for storage and ease of admission to tools.

However, information technology’due south a very affordable alternative and it may suit your needs meliorate.

One thing worth noting is that these cabinets, at 46″ wide, 37″ tall, and only 18¼” deep, may not be ideal as stationary workbenches. So keep that in heed.

Having said that, if you desire a well-built steel tool storage cabinet that will look great in your garage or workshop for a super affordable price, without a doubt, this is the one yous desire!

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