What Are The Lightest Electric Bikes

By | August 6, 2022

Since the 1980s, with the introduction of the Brompton and the Dahon, folding bikes have go increasingly popular, and a revelation for commuters.

Being a lover of hybrids, gravel and mountain bikes, I was always a little dubious about the folding variety. But a ride on my mum’s classic Brompton a few years ago blew my scepticism out of the water. I had to admit it was a lovely ride. I could totally encounter the appeal.

For urban commuters, the benefits of folding bikes are unmatched by any other. They’re easy to acquit and ship, and can be stored unobtrusively indoors. The comfortable riding position is perfect for any work outfit that can be worn all mean solar day.

If you have a folding bike, you’ll no doubt be fastened to the unique riding lifestyle and the convenience it offers. Y’all may not desire to give this upwardly. And if you’re thinking near moving over to an electrical bike? Balance assured that with so many fantastic folding e-bikes to choose from, your bail volition not exist broken.

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Folding Electric Bikes [PROS + CONS]

Easy to acquit and send when folded Some models (though not all) can exist heavier than standard bikes
Better security – can be stored indoors, at habitation or at piece of work Smaller wheels can mean a bumpier, less stable ride at speed
Assisted pedalling enables riding for longer distances and hands uphill More than expensive than (same brand) non-electric bikes
Upright riding style and low frame more suitable for office or casual clothing

Are Folding Due east-Bikes Worth It?

In short, yeah they are worth information technology. Folding e-bikes offer the all-time of both worlds – all the practicality of a folding cycle in terms of transportation and storage, with the greater range of journey options that comes with electrical assistance.

Whether you have further to travel, excruciating hills to confront, or are simply starting commuting by bicycle and want to be able to cover the whole altitude hands, you may be joining the millions of people who have opted for an electric bike.

Electric bikes are booming. I in xx people in the UK now own an electric bike and it’s predicted that by the finish of the decade, in excess of 130 one thousand thousand due east-bikes will exist sold. Studies testify that people who use electric bikes ride for longer, farther and more than ofttimes than those on standard bikes.

The myth that electric bikes are “lazy” and “won’t get y’all fit” was dispelled long ago. Riding an electric bike even so burns the calories – around 75% as many as riding a standard cycle. And they can brand journeys possible for commuters that wouldn’t be otherwise.

And so, information technology was inevitable that the e-cycle and the folding wheel would come together. From the starting time folding e-bike introduced (the Honda Footstep Compo in 2000), in that location is now a huge range to choose from, varying in price from under £ane,000 to £5,000 or more than.

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The weight of a folding bike is important, specially for commuters who may be using multi-modal transport or conveying the bike upward and downwards stairs. E-bikes are generally heavier than non-electric bikes, sometimes past every bit much as fifty%.

But for many folding e-bikes, this is no longer the case. Calculation a ton of weight to a folding bike (that is designed to be carried with ease) is counter-intuitive. The lightest Brompton electric is only 3.three kg heavier than the non-electric, and others are even lighter all the same. It’s more than than possible to go a folding bike that volition give you all the benefits of assisted cycling, and is light plenty to be practical.

Lightest Folding Electric Bikes [Meridian 7]

i Hummingbird Folding E-Bike ten.3 kg / 22.7 lbs
ii CARBO Model X thirteen.3 kg / 29.3 lbs
3 Brompton Electric C-Line xv.53 kg / 34.two lbs
4 EELO 1885 Disc Explorer sixteen.v kg / 36.3 lbs
five MiRiDER One 17.3 kg / 38.1 lbs
six Gocycle G4
17.6 kg / 38.viii lbs
7 BTWIN Tilt 500E xviii.6 kg / 41 lbs

Lightest Folding E-Bicycle in the World.

Hummingbird Folding Electrical Bike Gen 2.0

With its unique, simple and fashionable design, the Hummingbird Electric is a commuter’southward dream. Easy to fold, powerful and durable, you’ll go far at your destination smart and equanimous, whatever the altitude.

Merely the star attraction of this cycle is its weight. At 10.3 kg, it really is the lightest folding electric bike in the world. And with a premium carbon fibre frame, it doesn’t compromise on strength.

Information technology’s available in four colours, including the glorious Hummingbird Xanthous. Simply if you lot’re looking for something more bespoke, you tin can choose a custom color for an added cost.

Powered past an all-in-1 motor system with a 250W motor and 158Wh bombardment, and with a top speed of 25 km/h, this bike is suitable for short and long commutes. With everything built in, there are no wires, motor or battery on display, which adds to the aesthetic appeal.

The companion Smartphone App enables you to turn the motor on remotely and monitor your progress on the move. And that’due south not all – information technology as well features the very useful Agile Electronic locking system.

The aptly-named Hummingbird sings of quality. You won’t, however, get one for a song. It isn’t cheap, merely information technology does tick all the boxes if you’re looking for an exceptional, ultra user-friendly wheel that makes curt work of distances and hills, and is easily carried and stored.

Hummingbird Folding Eastward-Wheel Colours:

Lightweight Folding Electrical Cycle

CARBO – Model X

Weight: 13.3 kg
thirty to 55 KM

Wheel Size:


Folded Size:
80 10 60 x 33 cm



  • 🇬🇧 £2,499
  • 🇺🇸 $three,253
  • 🇪🇺 €two,991

This is a swish, single-speed electrical bike with a carbon belt drive for a quiet, shine ride. Offering exceptional quality for the toll, the Carbo Model Ten is as powerful as e-bikes twice its weight. And at 13.3 kg, the weight of this cycle is a huge advantage.

The removable battery is integrated unobtrusively in the seat postal service. The bike as a whole is lovely to look at, with a classic design that is peradventure ane of the most universally appealing. The seat mail and stem are adjustable, so you can ride in optimum condolement for your top. The larger bike size of 20” also makes for a more stable and comfortable ride.

The Carbo Folds in equally little as ten seconds and it’southward compact enough to store easily away in the home, office or on public send.

There are plenty of applied features, such equally the front and rear lights, and a USB port at the rear. The carbon belt also offers a very low-maintenance alternative to a traditional wheel concatenation. No need to spend hours cleaning.

If you prefer gears, you can opt for the 9-speed Model S which gives you lot a lot of flexibility. This one is heavier at 15.3 kg, merely nevertheless i of the lightest folding due east-bikes available.

Iconic Lightweight Folding Electric Cycle

Brompton Electric C-Line

Weight: 15.53 kg
twoscore to 80 KM

Bicycle Size:


Folded Size:
64.5 10 56.5 x 27 cm



  • 🇬🇧 £2,995
  • 🇺🇸 $3,899
  • 🇪🇺 €iii,585

“Nothing folds like a Brompton Electrical folds.” Or and then maintains the slogan for this iconic and e’er-desirable brand. The Brompton is ane of the smallest e-bikes when folded. The ‘folding’ is easy and intuitive, and once folded the wheels make information technology very like shooting fish in a barrel to motion around.

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Nosotros keep using the word “iconic” for Brompton bikes, but that’due south because they are just that. They take a cute, archetype design that has never lost (and most likely never will) lose appeal.

The Electric C-Line retains the pattern past having a separate battery that sits in a pack at the forepart of the bike. It’due south user-friendly to take on and off and ways you lot can conduct information technology around and charge it anywhere. It also means nil else on the bike is unappealing or bulked out which, on a Brompton, might be something of a travesty.

The Smart sensor, pedal-assist technology tin be configured to kick in automatically when you demand it, or adjusted manually. You tin can besides download the Brompton Electric apps for utilize with a smartphone.

Available in four colours, including the middle-catching turquoise, the electric Brompton has all the elegance of the original, with an impressive range of upwardly to lxxx km, and a reinforced steel frame that is congenital to concluding.

Brompton C-Line Colours:

Affordable Lightweight Folding Electric Bike

eelo 1885 Disc Explorer

Weight: 16.5 kg
up to 64 KM

Cycle Size:


Folded Size:
60 x 38 x 58 cm



  • 🇬🇧 £1,299
  • 🇺🇸 $1,953
  • 🇪🇺 €i,795

The popular eelo 1885 has a conveniently compact fold making it very practical to stow away. It’s also light enough to be carried easily over a short distance. Merely all-time of all? It won’t price you a fortune. It’due south an e-bike that offers nifty value for the cost tag.

For an e-bike at the cheaper end of the market place, the eelo has an impressive range of upward to 64 km on a single accuse. The thumb throttle control is easy to employ and lets you lot choose from 3 levels of assistance with a elevation speed of 24 km/h.

There is likewise a waterproof LCD brandish which enables you to track your speed, battery life and outside temperature.

Some added features include front and rear LED lights, mudguards and a pannier rack, all of which are great additions for commuting.

The geometry of the eelo is distinctive, with the wheelbase being a full seven.5 inches shorter than the Brompton. This is worth begetting in listen for those who are peculiarly alpine.

But with an intelligent system designed to be energy efficient, practiced mechanical disc brakes and a tough frame, this is an impressive and durable little bicycle that will serve commuters well.

eloo 1884 Colours:

Award-Winning Folding Electric Bike

MiRiDER Ane Folding Electric Bike

Weight: 17.3 kg
24 to 72 KM

Wheel Size:


Folded Size:
77 10 43 x 68 cm



  • 🇬🇧 £one,595
  • 🇺🇸 $2,076
  • 🇪🇺 €ane,909

The MiRiDER One boasts an innovative and unique blueprint with scope seat mail service and handlebars, allowing for adjustments to suit riders of virtually any size. This laurels-winning wheel is funky to look at and designed for maximum comfort.

The removable and lockable battery is concealed inside the main frame which, combined with the rear intermission setup, achieves peachy weight distribution and rest for a smoothen and comfortable ride.

For the price (which compared to many of its competitors, is very affordable), this wheel offers a wealth of quality features.

With 5 levels of pedal assist and thumb throttle sine-moving ridge controller, in that location’s no shortage of riding options for your journey.

The simple 4-step folding process results in a folded bike that is small-scale plenty to be stored or moved easily. Admittedly, it’south non the smallest or the lightest folding e-wheel, but the urethane skate bicycle is a great addition. When folded, you tin roll it wherever you demand to go.

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Optional accessories include an extra battery, pannier rack and pocketbook, storage bag and phone holder.

Overall, this is a high-spec, original and middle-communicable bike that will see you to work in style and comfort, and turn heads every bit you lot go.

MiRider One Colours:

Best Folding Electric Bike for Commuters

Gocycle G4

Weight: 17.vi kg
up to 65 KM

Wheel Size:


Folded Size:
88 x 39 x 61.five cm



  • 🇬🇧 £three,799
  • 🇺🇸 $iv,946
  • 🇪🇺 €4,547

The Gocycle G4 really seems to have it all. The premium quality, beautiful minimalist blueprint, enclosed low-maintenance drivechain and exceptional performance makes information technology quite possibly the perfect folding eastward-bike for commuters.

Information technology is not the cheapest folding eastward-bike on the market, only with Gocycle you go what you pay for. And y’all exercise become a lot with this bike.

With its low middle of gravity and optimum weight distribution, the G4 offers a ride quality that can very realistically compete with not-folding e-bikes. It’due south agile, responsive and piece of cake to manoeuvre, with a (auto-inspired) adjustable riding position. In other words, it’s suitable for all shapes and sizes.

This, combined with its torque sensor to ensure a smooth ride and 3-speed gearing arrangement too every bit the motor, makes it a perfect companion for zipping through urban streets.

The futuristic-looking dash, displaying information across the handlebars, is but beautiful. Downloading the smartphone app volition give you all the information you need on the go, and also the option to power the motor remotely.

The G4 is designed to be piece of cake to elevator with comfortable smoothen frame curves and a centralised weight. A smart travel case with wheels is also available as an accessory for easy transportation when folded.

GoCycle G4 Colours:

Budget Folding Electric Bike

BTWIN Tilt 500E Folding Electric Bike

Weight: 18.half-dozen kg
20 to 35 KM

Wheel Size:


Folded Size:
83 x 67 ten 45 cm

half dozen-Speed


  • 🇬🇧 £899.99
  • 🇺🇸 $one,172
  • 🇪🇺 €i,077

Y’all can trust Decathlon to offer consistent value for money, and the Tilt 500E is no exception. Relatively no-frills, but with a host of features, information technology’s a well-designed bike with practicality and functionality in listen.

It’southward no wonder this e-bike’s popularity is increasing. With 3 different electric help modes and a range of upwards to 35 km, information technology can cover a further-than-average daily commute.

With an acceptably lightweight design, the folding speed of the Tilt 500 is an impressive 15 seconds. Once folded, information technology’due south pocket-size enough to be practical and to be carried for curt distances.

This bike offers a lot of riding versatility with a 6-speed gearing organisation in addition to the motor. The display and control console are user friendly and the motor starts when you begin to pedal, using a uncomplicated cadency pedal sensor.

Other features include ergonomic grips and saddle, adjustable stem and xx” wheels (which many will see as a bonus). At that place is also a powerful aluminium 5-restriction system, which automatically cuts the electric assistance when used.

Let’due south be honest. The price tag on a folding electrical wheel tin can exist a real hurdle for many people. Decathlon offering a far more affordable pick for a comfortable, safe and reliable assisted commute.

BTWIN Tilt 500E Colours:

FAQ – Lightweight Electrical Fold Up Bikes

Are Electric Folding Bikes Whatsoever Skilful?

Yes. Folding e-bikes offering all the pros of a folding bike in terms of accessibility and ease of storage, with the added benefit of beingness able to ride faster and further. They’re a revelation for commuters. There are some outstanding folding e-bikes available, including decent ones that aren’t also expensive.

How Much Do Folding E-Bikes Cost?

Folding e-bikes range greatly in cost depending on the brand, quality and features. At the low terminate you lot tin can look to pay around £900. A premium quality, high-terminate model volition toll between £iv,000 and £5,000. But y’all can buy a very practiced bike for around £2,500.

What’s the Lightest Electric Brompton Bike?

The lightest electric Brompton bike is the Brompton Electric C-Line. It weighs 15.53 kg including the bombardment, which is removable.

What is the Lightest Folding East-Cycle?

The lightest folding eastward-cycle is the Hummingbird Electric Gen 2.0, weighing simply 10.3 kg and with a congenital-in motor and battery.

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