Electric Car Charging Stations Along I 95

By | August 6, 2022


We are proud to be working with the DOT and DEEP in Connecticut to develop an Electric Vehicle charging roadmap for the state. Nosotros have EV charging for Tesla vehicles and past summertime of 2022, nosotros will have super-charging for other EV brands of cars across half of our service plaza sites to assist in your electric car travels.   Nosotros are committed to providing an EV charging road map that provides the confidence to travel with an Electrical Vehicle beyond the land and in the region.

The Connecticut Service Plazas are a primal part of the transportation infrastructure in the land that provide convenience and conviction to travelers throughout the Northeast.  Nosotros have developed these plazas to the US Green Building Council’s LEED standards as part of our responsibility to be a good steward to the environment, the land, our communities and all our stakeholders.

The iv pillars of the service plaza ESG platform are effectually:

  • Enable a Depression Carbon Future
  • Embrace Cleaner Energy
  • Nurturing our People
  • Investing in customers and communities

In 2022, we are proud to bring Universal Electric Vehicle charging to the highway service plazas in Connecticut. Past July 2022 Applegreen Electric volition evangelize universal high speed charging to six sites (Madision NB/SB, Fairfield NB/SB, Greenwich NB and New Canaan SB) . This will support all Electric Vehicles and supplement the 80 Telsa super charging stations nosotros take beyond our network.  We believe in cleaner energy and making electric vehicle travel more convenient and reliable in Connecticut.

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We have invested in upgrading our interior and exterior lighting to LED fixtures in 2022 to reduce the energy consumption and lower our carbon emissions.

We are applying various energy efficiency initiatives equally part of our continued redevelopment and operations of the 23 Connecticut Service Plazas:

  • Install Cogitating Roofs to reduce heat absorption
  • Use of Rut Pump Systems to reduce heating/cooling impact
  • Water efficient landscaping that requires no irrigation
  • Water efficient fitting and heaters
  • Retain existing building components when possible
  • Procure 25% of goods, services, and products through Minority Business enterprises
  • Apply recyclable construction materials when possible
  • Use Connecticut businesses to reinvest back into our communities
  • Reduce Light Pollution via energy efficient lights

Solar Initiatives:

To run into how much free energy our Solar Arrays are generating, explore the solar section on any of our locations linked at the lesser of this page.

Source: https://www.ctserviceplazas.com/sustainability