Best Silk Pillowcase For Curly Hair

By | August 6, 2022

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The half-dozen Very All-time Silk Pillowcases

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Sleeping on silk is said to reduce irritation, wrinkles, and pilus frizz — and even though it sounds luxurious, information technology doesn’t have to price an arm and a leg to make the switch. The practice has become pop in contempo years cheers to beauty enthusiasts who note the considerable effects on skin and hair. Just all silk is not created equal. The highest-quality silk is mulberry silk, which is made from silkworms who eat from the leaves of the mulberry tree. It’s the most durable silk and also the softest, which makes it ideal for a high-traffic item like a pillowcase. There are grades inside silk — A, B, and C scale, with A being the best quality. Class-A silk has long strands that are naturally white and have a noticeable sheen. From at that place, there’southward dissimilar numbers — starting with 2A and going upwards to 6A, with 6A existence the almost expensive to produce. All of the pillowcases on this listing are fabricated with 6A silk, the highest-quality silk available.

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Best silk pillowcase for curly hair


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All-time monogrammable silk pillowcase

When you’re shopping for a silk pillowcase, one of the most important metrics is momme count, which reflects the weight of the silk. The higher the number, the softer the silk will likely be. For reference, the average momme count is 19, and the popular Skid silk pillowcase — a favorite of Kourtney Kardashian that was developed past a dermatologist — is 22 momme. On this listing, we’ve included silk pillowcases from 19 momme all the way up to 25.

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Color Range:
Silk pillowcases come up in a wide variety of colors, then we’ve noted the corporeality of colors available. The wider variety of color, the more likely it is to find one that works for yous.

ZimaSilk 100-Percent Mulberry-Silk Pillowcase

Very Good Deal

Photo: retailer

nineteen momme | 42 colors

The Zimasilk pillowcase is our top pick for a few reasons. Beginning, the material. It’s made from high-quality 6A mulberry silk and has a standard momme of 19, which, while lower than some of the other picks on the list, withal has a thick, soft feel. Additionally, it comes in a wide range of colors — from white to soft pinkish to cobalt blue. There are even patterned options, in case you’d like something with a picayune more flair. And they’re incredibly affordable. While a single Slip pillowcase will run you well-nigh $90, a single Zimasilk pillowcase costs you lot only $25. We’ve written about this pillowcase before. Information technology’s a favorite of our beauty columnist Rio Viera-Newton, who says it’due south a dupe for the pricier Parachute pillowcase. “If the tags were removed, I truly exercise not think I’d be able to tell the difference between the $25 Zimasilk pillowcases and my fancy $109 pillowcase,” she says. They’ve survived multiple turns in the launder, and have cut her bed caput down to a minimum.

Slip Silk Queen Pillowcase

22 momme | 15 colors

Though all of these silk pillowcases can help with peel and hair, this dermatologist-developed Slip pillowcase has been recommended by celebrities like
Kourtney Kardashian and glory
similar Dennis Gross. It’south also a favorite of aestheticians like Candida Lawson, who shared her honey for Slip’due south silk pillowcases in 2022. “I’thousand a true believer that they help my blowouts last longer.” It’s an OG in the silk-pillowcase space and has been around for more than xv years. It has a college momme than our best pick, which is reflected in the price. A single queen pillowcase is $89. There’s a range of core colors available, only the make oftentimes does limited-edition collaborations (their most recent i was with Alice + Olivia), expanding the color range.

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LilySilk 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

19 momme | 3 colors

For an even more affordable xix-momme pillowcase, in that location’s LilySilk, which comes recommended by Strategist UK contributor Natalya Lobanova, who calls them “a dream to sleep on.” They last through multiple washes and because they’re only silk on one side, they tin can be flipped to look similar cotton wool pillows if y’all prefer that look. The brand also sells affordable 22- and 25-momme pillowcases, which makes them overall a very adept bargain.

Tafts 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, 22 Momme

22 momme | 24 colors

When scouring Amazon, nosotros came across the Tafts silk pillowcase, which nosotros dubbed the best option for curly pilus. It has a high momme (22) at its price point and is beloved for its power to cut down on frizz. This is key for curly hair, which is especially sensitive to friction. Information technology also remains smooth and shiny after washing, which is cardinal to ensuring information technology holds upward over fourth dimension. Depending on the look you lot prefer, there are both zippered and envelope pillowcases available.

Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

22 momme | vii colors

All of the silk pillowcases on this list come in basic colors like white, black, and biscuit. Brooklinen has all of those along with funky, limited-edition graphics that will liven up your bedscape. Asides from the fun colorways, it has all of the markers of a genuinely good pillowcase: sturdy, soft, and fabricated from 100 percent Mulberry silk.

ShhhSilk Off White Silk Pillowcase

• Candida Lawson, aesthetician and pare therapist
• Natalya Lobanova, Strategist U.k. contributor
• Rio Viera-Newton, beauty columnist and aesthetician

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The 6 Very Best Silk Pillowcases