Best Bumper Plates For Home Gym

By | August 6, 2022

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Olympic bumper plates are an essential piece of home gym equipment due to their depression bounciness, prophylactic features, and lower dissonance produced compared to iron-weight plates. However, choosing a ready of bumper plates can be difficult due to the corporeality of multifariousness that’southward available on the market.

In this guide, we strive to give our best bumper plate recommendations based upon years of use with a large diverseness of brands and makes.

The Best Bumper Plates

  • Best Bumper Plates Overall: Fringe Sport Black Bumper Plates
  • Best Urethane Bumper Plates: Titan Urethane KG Bumper
  • Best Competition Bumper Plates: Rogue KG Blackness Preparation
  • Best Standard Bumper Plates: Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates
  • Best Budget Bumper Plates: Titan Black Elite KG Bumper Plate
  • Best Rogue Bumper Plates: Rogue KG Competition Bumper Plates
  • Best Rubber Bumper: Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Plates
  • Best Bumper Plates for CrossFit: Rogue Echo Bumper Plates
  • Best Bumper Plates on Amazon: REP Blackness Bumper Plates

70 Plates Researched, 32 Tested

After researching over 70 bumper plates and using 32 of them, we’ve determined that the best bumper plates for most people are the Fringe Sport Bumper Plates. The all-time contest bumper plates for most people are the Rogue Black Training Bumper Plates. Taking into consideration safe used, immovability, noise, appearance, price, warranty, and availability, these bumper plates will work well for any home gym, commercial gym, or CrossFit Affiliate.

All-time Bumper Plates Overall: Fringe Sport Bumper Plates


Bumpers Meridian Selection

Fringe Sport Black Bumper Plates

Fringe Sport Black Bumper Plates

You lot’ll love our bumper plates considering they’re going to make y’all suffer like you never have before. Fringe Sport bumper plates brand Sisyphus blush. Like eternally rolling a boulder uphill, our bumper plates will outlast you, laboring for a lifetime. They’re durable, so they’ll absorb all the punishment you dish out, thin and so you tin can add bigger loads to the bar and super weight accurate. Ameliorate yet, unlearn everything you’ve ever learned about ten lb bumpers, and driblet these at volition. Yep, yous read that right. Drop the 10s. They won’t crumble. After the boulder rolled downhill, did Sisyphus always find it cleaved? Think about epic heroes like Luke Skywalker or the Karate Kid. You too are called to training that will involve pain and suffering. We’re here to be your Yoda. Nosotros invite yous to commence your hero’s journey. Take the claiming, and our bumper plates will exist the burden that makes you a champion. Pace Up to the Plate Hither’s why Fringe Sport bumpers will lift you up:Steel Insert- Outperforms most bumpers with a higher threshold for corruption without malformation, while machined to exact tolerances to fit all loftier-quality Olympic bars.Low Bounce with High Durability- Conscientious rubber formulation softens bounce making for safety use in tight spaces and prevents chipping and falling apart due to brittleness. Boasts years of use in a garage or chapter.Stability- x and 15 lb bumpers feature expertly designed “hooked” steel insert, that remains firmly seated. Offers high durability, making them more stable than almost that suffer from fragility and thinness.Thinner- Virgin rubber and higher density slims the plate then you can load more weight on your bar!Standard diameter- Universal matching diameter so you can mix and match to load your bar.

The Fringe Sport Bumper Plates are our top pick for the best standard bumper plates for almost people. We’ve reviewed these in-depth in the past and our initial findings all the same stand: for most people, these are the bumper plates we recommend.

From the virgin rubber used to maximize durability and limit rebound to the great price, the Fringe Sport bumper plates should be the superlative pick when looking at rounding out any dwelling house or commercial gym. Side note: These are sometimes known under their other name on Amazon as OneFitWonder Plates.

Fringe Sport has comprised their bumper plates out of 100% loftier-density virgin rubber that has a matte cease feel (a sign of better, more than durable rubber. Most of the time y’all tin tell a cheaper-made bumper plate with how shiny information technology looks, the virgin rubber used by Fringe Sport is a bold black stop that shouldn’t fade away as a result of the wear and tear that takes place in the course of a bumper plates life. Nosotros’ve had a set up in my personal training studio for over a year and they still look as practiced as new despite their abiding use.

best bumper plates

The reason Fringe Sport has used virgin rubber to make their bumper plates is that virgin rubber is overall more than malleable and can exist combined smoother than recycled rubber. Not but that, but virgin rubber is slightly more uniform in its structure. Virgin rubber is likewise more durable and will non damage your flooring when dropped from overhead which is peachy news for any home gym owner.

The Fringe Sport Bumper Plates come in four different varieties depending on your color preference. They have the post-obit:

Fringe Sport BlackBumper Plates (frequently the cheapest.)

Fringe Sport Dissimilarity Bumper Plates (what nosotros nearly often recommend.)

Fringe Sport ColorBumper Plates (same every bit the others but in full color.)

Fringe Sport Savage Bumper Plates (some of the most unique-looking bumpers on the market.)

best bumper plates for home gym

The Fringe Sport Bumper Plates, likewise known under the OneFitWonder name on Amazon, include a x and 15 that measure at a 90sHA while the 25 pounds to 55 pounds are 85sHA. To put this in perspective, RogueFitness HG bumper plates all weigh in at 88sHA.

The colors are every bit follows: x’due south-gray, fifteen’s-white, 25’s-dark-green, 35’s-yellow, 45’due south-blueish, 55’s-red. I love the different coloring on the plates to make it easier to differentiate the weight. Although minor in both cost and application, it’southward an of import characteristic.

Fringe Sport Bumper Plates

The colored lettering and numbering on the Fringe Sport bumper plates are slightly raised and are not embedded into the plate which I similar.

The cost on the Fringe Sport bumpers is keen, although depending on where you alive and the time of the twelvemonth, the Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates tin be had at a improve shipped-to-your-door price.

The Fringe Sport Bumper Plates are some of the best bumper plates for the money on the marketplace. They come in a variety of styles, kilograms or pounds, accept a high Shore A Durometer Rating (which means a expressionless bounce), comes with a 3-twelvemonth warranty, and are priced when aircraft is considered, also or better than just about everyone else.

Universally, Fringe Sport is i of the companies least complained about by our readers for customer service and production expectations beingness met. If you lot desire the bumper plates that we experience are the best for most people, these are what we suggest.

Read my full Fringe Sport Bumper Plates review to learn more.

Best Urethane Bumper Plates: Titan Urethane Bumper Plates

Titan Urethane Bumper Plates review


Urethane Bumpers Height Pick

Titan Urethane KG Bumper Plates

Titan Urethane KG Bumper Plates

The Titan Fitness Urethane Bumper Plates are top quality plates at the correct price. Designed from high quality, vibrantly colored, urethane molded around a difficult chrome hub for a durable and long lasting performance.Features: – Color-coded in 5 vibrant colors for easy identification. – Raised plate lip making picking up the plates easier. – Durometer rating of 90 for a minimal bounce on drop and a durable pattern. – Hard Chrome Insert. – (5 KG, x KG, xv KG, 20 KG, 25 KG).

If y’all’re in the market for quality bumpers made of urethane, the Titan Urethane Bumper Plates are the best value currently available. We’ve used and reviewed both the American Barbell Urethane Pro Serial Bumper Plates (which we remember are the all-time when the price isn’t considered) and the Rogue Urethane Plates (which based upon country of origin and the pattern of the hub, nosotros would assume are the exact same as Titan’s.)

The Titan Urethane Bumpers characteristic the extremely vibrant colors that urethane allows are and are available in both pound and kilogram increments. The messages on the face of the plates are raised and the weight increments are displayed in a contrasting grayness color that makes identifying the weight extremely easy.

Urethane is extremely durable, so long as it’s high-quality urethane that’s used, notwithstanding tends to be rather slick. Titan added a textured finish to combat this that does add some grip, although they’re however a bit slippery. All of the plates do accept a lip on their edge that makes them easy for conveying and come with a weight tolerance guarantee of +/- 1% which all of the plates we tested met, even the 5 KG plates.

The eye hub on these plates is hard chrome, but thanks to the plate existence largely made of urethane, they have an extremely low bounciness, even lower than high-end safe plates.

Urethane, in full general, will lead to a more durable, quality bumper and they are thinner than well-nigh rubber plates, all the same, they’re also more than expensive in many cases. These are by far the best priced, peculiarly when you gene in that Titan offers costless shipping.

We retrieve that these are overkill for most of our readers, but for those that desire a high-end plate at a depression toll, these are an awesome selection. They’re probably the plates that get the most use at my gym due to their vivid colors.

For nearly people, we don’t recommend urethane bumper plates due to their cost. However, if you like the vibrant colors, immovability, and low bounce of urethane, then the Titan Urethane Bumper Plates are what nosotros suggest. Out of the bumpers we’ve tested and reviewed, these from Titan offering the all-time value.

Practically all urethane bumpers are the same and made in similar factories (you tin tell by the center hub.) The only visitor that makes urethane bumpers that look different is American Barbell, which nosotros prefer, just they’re more than expensive and we don’t recall it’due south worth information technology for almost.

Superlative Selection for Competition Bumpers: Rogue Blackness Training Bumper Plates

Rogue Black Training Bumper plates review


Contest Bumpers Top Pick

Rogue KG Black Training Bumper Plates

Rogue KG Black Grooming Bumper Plates

Manufactured to the same high standard as our Rogue Competition Plates, these KG bumpers feature an all-black, gloss-matte-gloss finish and a unique, colour-coded rubber stripe that wraps around the full perimeter of each plate. That stripe, along with raised, color-coded lettering on the face of the plate, allows for quick visual weight identification from any direction or altitude. Rogue Black Training KG Bumper Plates are available to order in pairs or equally full sets up to 140KG. They’re an IWF standard 450MM in diameter, with chrome-plated steel disc inserts and a l.40MM collar opening for a firm, stable hold. Raised rubber flanges are included to help foreclose friction and scuffing, and lipped edges make the bumpers easier to pick upward off the floor or off a rack. Tested on a Shore A Durometer calibration, the Black Grooming KG Bumpers score an boilerplate measurement of 94. That ways yous become a consistent dead accident on the drop, on par with some of the top high-end Olympic bumper plates in the industry. Specifications:Plate Diameter: 450MMPlate Widths: (run across chart below)Collar Opening: 50.40MMInsert Type: Steel Disc, Chrome PlatedShore A Durometer: 94Weight tolerance: +/- 15 grams of claimed weightFinish: Gloss-Matte-Gloss in All BlackRaised lettering (Rogue logo and weight measurement) in IWF standard color coding – Greenish/Yellowish/Bluish/RedPlate Thickness Chart:10KG (Green Lettering): 29MM (1.15″)15KG (Yellow Lettering): 42MM (i.65″)20KG (Blue Lettering): 55MM (2.15″)25KG (Red Lettering): 66MM (2.50″)

The Rogue Black Training Plates are the best competition bumper plates for most people. Although contest bumpers typically are all different colors, for most people, their plates will never be used for competition and therefore do non need to be to IWF color-coding specs. Therefore, colors are used by near for looks and ease of identifying the different weight increments.

The Rogue Black Grooming Plates accomplish both of these by looking absolutely dapper (this is obviously a personal stance, merely their aesthetics are generally very well-liked) and take colored on both the edges and sides to brand identification extremely like shooting fish in a barrel.

We’ve tested and reviewed these plates, and honestly similar them better than Rogue’southward top-of-the-line and most expensive plates, the Rogue Competition Plates.

First off, the Blackness Training Bumper Plates come up in both pounds and kilograms, depending on which suits your tastes. Despite beingness in America, land of the Majestic System, I use kilos in my garage (in one case you become kilo, you don’t go dorsum…or something like that.) These are of virgin safety plates, meaning the prophylactic hasn’t been recycled and therefore is more than durable.

Rogue Black Training Bumper plates

The Shore A Durometer Rating is 94, which provides niggling bounce for lifters that plan to drop confined from overhead or who use them for powerlifting (although we’d suggest the Rogue Calibrated Plates) and are deadlifting while dropping weight from hip tiptop.

The center hub is a 2-piece steel disk that is chrome plated and secured using stainless steel bolts. We have had a few users report in reviews that the hub does corrode over time, though we haven’t experienced information technology personally.

Rogue Black Training Bumper plates

The colors of the plates are all accurate and extremely vibrant with raised lettering and a stripe of colour on the edge of the plates. The color strip actually makes the plates popular and makes it extremely easy to know which ones are which. All of the plates have a consistent 450MM plate diameter with a 50.iv MM collar opening making them fit well on an Olympic bar sleeve.

The weight tolerance is +/- fifteen grams which is extremely accurate. the plates we weighed were all within this range, with most being exact. Although nosotros dear color bumper plates for the look, these accept most of the benefits but at a lower price. A full 140KG weight fix is much less than a full-colored version and also has free aircraft on Rogue. These would be swell for Olympic Weightlifting Gyms or even CrossFit Boxes in addition to home gyms.

Rogue has the largest selection of bumper plates in the manufacture, but the ones that we like the best for those looking for our Elevation Pick for the Best Competition Bumper Plates are then Rogue Black Training Bumper Plates. Despite their proper noun, these plates are not 100% blackness. The raised lettering is colored according to the IWF color standards besides equally a strip of rubber on the edge of the plates.

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We recommend these over full-color plates due to their ameliorate price, lack of scuffing, and the fact that they’ve colored in all the areas that matter. If you desire competition bumpers for Olympic Weightlifting, as CrossFit equipment, or just general grooming where you need room on the bar, these are what we recommend.

Best Standard Bumper Plates: Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates V2.0

Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates V2.0


Bumper Plates Runner-Upwardly Pick

Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates

Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates

This unique prophylactic compound is not found in any other bumper plate. (Patent Pending). Alpha Bumpers are non made from recycled condom! Blastoff Bumper plates are made for indoor or outdoor use. These weight plates offer a low bounciness on any surface, unlike recycled condom plates that can bounciness dangerously loftier or “skip” away from you. Alpha Bumpers make approximately 30% less dissonance when dropped from a height of 9 ft, based on testing with decibel meter . Hearing damage & loss have become problems to some weightlifting coaches and trainers due to the level of dissonance exposure from multiple athletes dropping bumper plates throughout a training session.If your gym is located in an expanse where the dropping of weights can cause a disturbance to your neighbors, the thirty% reduction of noise can be helpful. The Alpha Bumper plates take a much lower scent than crumb safe bumper plates or recycled condom bumper plates.Bumper Plates Dimensions, Specifications, and Colors:Lower profile compared to crumb rubber plates or recycled rubber plates and many other brands of bumper plates Dimensions 10 lb – i.17 inches, xv.7″ diameter, Grey Bit fifteen lb – 1.38 inches, 17.7″ diameter, Orange Fleck 25 lb – one.81 inches, 17.7″ diameter, Green Scrap 35 lb – two.55 inches, 17.7″ diameter, Yellow Flake 45 lb – 2.95 inches,” diameter, Bluish Scrap 55 lb – 3.34 inches, 17.7″ diameter, Cherry-red Flake Weight tolerance: +/- 1% 10 lb plates are a slightly smaller bore to add together density to the rubber compound to allow for dropping. 10 lb plates can be dropped alone on the ba Color-coded with large Flecks of rubber for piece of cake identification from a altitude and a really unique wait Color coding is standard IWF type coloring Color Flecks are role of the rubber chemical compound Fit tighter together than crumb rubber or recycled prophylactic bumper plates. Less vibration and wobbling. 48-month warranty on 55 lb, 45 lb, 35 lb, 36 months on 25 lb plates, 1 year on 15 lb and 10 lb bumper plates Plates can be used outdoors but should exist stored indoors when non in use.

The Vulcan Forcefulness Alpha Bumper Plates V2.0 are some of the best bumper plates on the marketplace for most people. They’re almost 100% universally well-liked and reviewed, accept a unique color system that uses flecks, and are priced very competitively.

A few things we dear well-nigh the plates are durability, tight tolerances on the neckband openings, dead bounce which leads to a lower amount of dissonance, and the expect. One reason so many people like the Blastoff plates from Vulcan is that their racket level, when dropped, is supposed “25% quieter when dropped from a summit of 9 FT” according to the company. Nosotros haven’t been able to personally test this, but many reviewers attest to how serenity they are.

Ane affair that Vulcan has avoided with these compared to other plates at a similar price range is the nasty condom smell that often is smelled when unboxed. Sure, it almost always eventually dissipates, only it’s a office of the process of importing rubber from China.

Lastly, these plates aren’t overly thick similar Hi-Temps, so they fit quite a few on the bar at once. They practice come with a 4-twelvemonth warranty as well which is much amend than virtually of the competition, including Rogue. If y’all like the colored plates, but don’t desire to pay what they typically toll, these are a great compromise.

Past and large, the Vulcan Alpha Bumper Plates V2.0 are some of the most well-liked standard bumper plates on the market place. They use a unique rubber formula with colored flecks that allows the amount of weight to be easily identified and, in our stance, looks pretty cool.

In improver, these are some of the only plates warrantied for outdoor apply (a 4-yr warranty, past the way) and are said to make 25% less noise than competitors’ bumpers (we haven’t tested this or seen verifiable results however, withal). For these reasons and more than detailed below, these are our Runner-Up Option.

Read my total Vulcan Alpha bumper plates review to learn more.

Competition Bumpers Budget Pick: Titan Elite Olympic Black Bumper Plates Review

cheap bumper plates


Competition Bumpers Budget Selection

Titan Black Elite KG Bumper Plates

Titan Black Elite KG Bumper Plates

The Titan Elite Bumper Plates are the reply for contest bumper plates at the right cost.A ninety Durometer rating hits the sugariness spot for minimal bounciness and maximum durability. The plates stand up up to high reps and intense workouts.The 450 mm width matches IWF standard and the narrow plate thickness allows you to load multiple plates on the bar. Reinforced steel collar makes for a secure fit to your bar for decreased wear on your equipment.A must accept for loftier intensity excursion preparation and Olympic lifting at home or for your gym.Features: – x KG, fifteen KG, 20 KG, 25 KG – Color-coded lettering with 4 vibrant colors for easy identification. – Steel collar reinforces the plates for loftier rep utilise. – Raised plate lip makes picking up the plate easier.

We were pretty surprised merely how much nosotros liked the Titan Elite Olympic Bumper Plates in the black variety. For the price, they are past far the cheapest contest plate available and are fifty-fifty cheaper than many standard bumper plates like Howdy-Temp’southward.

There are sure things we don’t like about the plates, but they’re non things most lifters volition really intendance near. For instance, rather than having raised lettering, these plates have both the weight increment and branding printed on the side of the plates. This is unfortunate considering they could eventually wear off and you wouldn’t be able to tell the weight from the side of the plate, but only the thickness. This outcome is mitigated, withal, past Titan insetting the portion of the plates that have writing with lips on the plate.

Also, the center steel hub is three pieces which could lead to issues in separation from the rubber, however, subsequently using them for a couple of years, nosotros oasis’t noticed any spinning or separating, so it may be a non-issue.

Lastly, wait a prophylactic smell when you unbox them forth with a light-green oil on the plastic film that covers the plates. It does misemploy over fourth dimension, simply it’s par for the course with cheaper training bumpers.

Titan Elite Olympic Black Bumper Plates Review

Despite these flaws, for the toll, these are a rather high-quality competition weight plate that is bachelor both in pounds and kilograms and if you don’t mind spending a petty fleck more, you tin can go them in total color.

We’ve used these for nearly ii years doing both Olympic Weightlifting and powerlifting and they still work great.

If yous’re on a upkeep, but still want bumper plates, then the Rogue Repeat Bumper Plates are what nosotros recommend. They accept pretty much the verbal same specs every bit Rogue’s higher-end HG 2.0 Blackness Bumper Plates, but are significantly cheaper, thinner, and have dissimilarity painted lettering. These are some of the most reviewed products on Rogue’s website and have an extremely high rating. Regardless of if you’re on a budget or not, these volition be smashing for a majority of lifters.

The Titan Elite Olympic Black Bumper Plates were some of the near surprisingly good plates we tested. They’re authentic in regards to weight, thin, accept a depression bounce, and look pretty good all at ane of the lowest competition bumper prices available. We’ve had them for nearly two years, and they withal await and perform similarly to the mean solar day we unboxed them, except for some fading of the lettering.

All-time Rogue Bumper Plates: Rogue KG Competition Bumper Plates

Rogue Competition Bumper Plates


Competition Bumpers Top Selection

Rogue KG Competition Bumper Plates

Rogue KG Competition Bumper Plates

The KG version of Rogue’south Competition Plates are an IWF standard 450MM in bore, with chrome-plated steel disc inserts and a 50.4MM collar opening for a firm, stable hold. We’ve added several new features to this line-up of color-coded bumpers: Minimal Bounce: Tested on a Shore A Durometer scale, the Competition Plates’ average measurement was a 94, which delivers a consistent dead blow with minimal bounciness found in high-end Olympic weightlifting bumpers. Less bounce means less time chasing your bar around the gym. New Finish and Lettering: The plates have been given a gloss-matte-gloss finish and raised lettering for a clean, bold look. Raised Flanges: A raised rubber surface is now included to preclude direct metal-on-metal contact betwixt the center discs. Whether stacked on the bar or on a rack, the bumpers simply come into contact with each other on the inner and outer flanges–reducing scuffing and helping to preserve the plates’ finish and lettering. A convenient lip on the edge of the plate also makes it easier to pick up from the rack or off the ground. Rogue KG Competition Plates come up in four colors (Cherry/25KG, Blue/20KG, Yellow/15KG, Light-green/10KG) and can exist ordered in a wide variety of sets depending on your gym’s needs. See the order options on the right to cull the best fix for y’all, or contact us with a custom social club request. Rogue KG Competition Plate Specifications:Diameter: 450MM (17.72″)Neckband Opening: 50.4MM (1.98″)Insert Type: Steel Disc, Chrome PlatedGloss-Matte-Gloss Cease with Raised LetteringProtective Condom FlangesWeight Tolerance: +/- fifteen grams of claimed weightPlate Thickness Nautical chart:Green-10KG: 29MM (ane.xv”)Yellow-15KG: 42MM (1.65″)Blue-20KG: 55MM (ii.15″)Crimson-25KG: 66MM (ii.5″)

If yous’re an Olympic Weightlifter and want to practice how you play or are putting on weightlifting meets, the Rogue Competition Bumper Plates are some of the best bachelor at any toll.

Granted, a bumper plate prepare from Rogue is less than that from Eleiko, Uesaka (arguably the best plates in the world, merely as well the near expensive and difficult to order,) DHS, and others at this level, they are yet a pretty penny. However, we’ve been told past various sources that the Rogue Competition Bumpers are fabricated in the same factories as Eleiko’s.

I wouldn’t suggest basing your purchase on this data, however, we’ve been told enough times by knowledgeable people that this is the instance to make usa at least curious.

Seeing equally these are Rogue’southward premier plates, you’d expect them to accept all of the trappings of a high-end set of bumper plates. This means authentic colors that are consistent throughout and honestly wait extremely clean. A chrome-plated steel disc hub that shines extremely well and prevents rust from forming in a garage gym.

IWF Standard measurements including a 450MM outside diameter and l.4MM collar opening and although they’re not IWF-certified yet, we’d assume they eventually will be due to Rogue existence a “second-tier supplier” for the IWF.

Rogue Competition Bumper Plates

The finish of the plates has a gloss-matte-gloss finish with raised lettering that makes them stand out in any gym. The actual weight in comparing to the stated weight is extremely authentic with a weight tolerance of +/- fifteen grams. The durometer of the plates is a 94, which will provide a low bounciness due to the hardness of the rubber. If they were much harder, they would be more prone to bang-up, so this is a keen medium.

Lastly, reviews on these are extremely positive. There are only two 4/v star ratings on and simply a couple on our site as well. We’ve talked to many that take owned both these and expensive competitors and see no reason to go with someone else.

If yous desire an extremely high-terminate set of bumper plates for Olympic Lifts and other movements, want to employ what’due south used in the CrossFit Games, and don’t desire to pay the price of Eleiko, then these are what we recommend.

The Rogue Competition Bumper Plates are our Upgrade Pick for those that do a lot of Olympic Weightlifting or like the look and feel of a high-end plate. These take extremely loftier weight accuracy, are congenital to IWF specs, have raised lettering, and have been used at the superlative of various events including the CrossFit Games and the USA Weightlifting National Championships. If you don’t mind spending a significant amount of money on weight plates, these are a great choice.

All-time Rubber Bumper Plates: Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Preparation Discs

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Discs


Money Is No Object Bumpers Option

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Discs

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Preparation Discs

Our IWF certified Weightlifting Preparation Discs are beautifully synthetic and built to stand up upwardly to and perform well with years of hard preparation. The Eleiko Olympic WL Training Discs are identical to our competition line, but do not undergo the additional scale necessary for official apply. If your sights are prepare on performance, but don’t require the precise competition calibration, then these discs are for you. Available in both kilos and pounds.DISCS SOLD INDIVIDUALLY (i UNIT) *RC = Rubber CoatedWarranty terms and weather condition To be dropped on 30 mm-thick condom flooring (training platform recommended by Eleiko). Indoor utilize only. Normal clothing and tear does not fall under warranty.Eleiko IWF Training Disc Warranty: 5 years

Eleiko is synonymous with high quality and Olympic Weightlifting. They’ve been around for about every bit long equally anyone in the industry and are still making extremely well-received Olympic plates, barbells, and other strength grooming equipment.

Eleiko has quite a few dissimilar sets of bumper plates available, but the ones we’d suggest to those that want Eleiko and plan to apply them for training and non an IWF competition are the IWF Weightlifting Preparation Discs.

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Discs review

These plates are IWF certified for training and have the aforementioned feel and operation as their contest plates but with looser tolerances for weight scale than competition plates require. Ane thing that is unique nearly these plates is that they use “Swedish rubber.” I honestly have no idea what the benefit of Swedish safe could be; Eleiko also claims their Olympic confined that employ Swedish steel are superior to steel plant elsewhere. This could certainly be marketing speak, yet, regardless of whether it is or non, Eleiko Bars and Plates are some of the most well-liked in the earth.

If you lot desire the all-time and don’t mind paying for information technology, then you tin’t go wrong with a set of Eleiko’s.

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Simply put, if you lot want some of the most legendary and heralded bumper plates ever created, the Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Training Discs are the pinnacle. However, they’re also extremely
costly for what many consider not much better quality than Rogue’southward top set of bumper plates.

Best Bumper Plates for CrossFit: Rogue Echo Bumper Plates Review

Rogue Echo Bumper Plates review


Best Bumper Plates for CrossFit

Rogue Echo Bumper Plates

Rogue Echo Bumper Plates

Rogue Echo Bumper Plates are the workhorse of your at dwelling gym. They are budget-friendly with an International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) standard 450-millimeter bore (the 10-pound plate is 446 millimeters). They meet their target weight within 1% and have minimal surface imperfections.Due to their quality stainless steel inserts and virgin rubber, these plates offering an 88 out of 100 durometer rating, meaning they absorb affect for less impairment to your barbells and floors. The Echo Bumpers are sold in pairs or sets at a reasonable price.

The Rogue Echo Bumper Plates are, based upon the number of reviews on Rogue’s site, the best-selling bumper plate they have. They’re also the cheapest.

These are a unique set of plates in that they have the exact aforementioned specs as the more than expensive Rogue HG 2.0 Bumper Plates. Despite this, the Repeat Bumpers have a more rounded edge making them easier to pick up, raised lettering that is painted white for contrast, and a thinner width allowing you to fit more weight on the bar than the HG ii.0’s at a significantly lower toll.

Seriously, the similarities are uncanny. Hither are a few:

  • Imported (Country of origin is unknown. Assume Mainland china.)
  • 100% Virgin Rubber
  • StainlessSteel Inserts
  • 450MM Bore
  • l.4MM Collar Opening
  • 88 Shore A Durometer Rating
  • 10-xv LB Variant Plates have a 90 Day Warranty
  • 25-45 LB Variant Plates take a 3 Twelvemonth Warranty
  • Standard BlackBumper Plates

With all of this said, I reached out to multiple people at Rogue and received various responses. Hither’s i from their chat (I used a pseudonym so they would give me a normal respond):

I went up the concatenation to come across if I could get farther info on the differences and was told at that place are differences between the 2 outside of the profile and colored lettering, simply that the difference was proprietary and they could not exist divulged.

So, with all this said, based upon the cost, reviews, and listed specs, the Rogue Echo Bumper Plates are a better value than the HG 2.0 Plates. I have a set of HG Plates and have had them for a few years. They still get quite a bit of use and despite some minor scars and scuffs (we utilize them outside on the driveway mostly) they look and perform as adept as the day I got them.

For the toll, honestly, the Rogue Echo Bumper Plates are some of the cheapest bumpers with a warranty bachelor. Peculiarly when you cistron in Rogue’s excellent aircraft rates. These are the cheapest bumper plates we recommend. Titan has some that may be a bit cheaper depending on the sale and time of twelvemonth, only they have no warranty which is important for rubber weight plates.

All-time Bumper Plates on Amazon: REP Black Bumper Plates

Rep Black Bumper Plates Review


Best Bumper Plates on Amazon

REP Black Bumper Plates

REP Blackness Bumper Plates

Our Rep black bumper plates are extremely durable and attractive, dsigned to be perfect for cross preparation/HIIT workouts and Olympic weightlifting. Our 10 lb plates are extra thick (1″) to increase immovability and reduce the chance of “tacoing,” while our 45 lb plates are thinner than most at 2.83″ thick to let more weight to fit on the bar. Bumper plates are excellent for training the Olympic lifts, which end with the bar overhead or at shoulder summit. This allows the lifter to drop the bar afterwards completing a lift, or if a lift is missed, you tin can drop the weights without harming the bar, surrounding equipment, flooring, etc…Plate Sets:160 lb – (2)Each 45-25-10 190 lb – (2)Each 45-25-15-ten 210 lb – (2)Each 45-35-25 230 lb – (2)Each 45-35-25-ten 250 lb – (4) 45 (2) Each 25-10 260 lb – (2)Each 45-35-25-15-10 370 lb – (six) 45 lb & (2)Each 25-15-10What makes our bumper plates ameliorate?Superior adroitness and design. Steel inserts with hooks molded into the bumper plates increase durability versus older designs with brass inserts. Extra thick ten lb plates are the best on the market, and highly resistant to bending Low bounce. Some recycled safety bumper plates will bounce very high and make you chase the bar around. Not ours. Thin profile. With a proficient Olympic bar, you can fit 515lbs of our bumper plates on the bar. Manufactory tested to withstand over 12,000 drops from a peak of 8 ft. Used in both commercial and home gyms all over the world

I get it, shopping on Amazon is super convenient, things get shipped to you apace, and you know the site you’re dealing with. Regardless of whether you tin can get equipment for cheaper on the companies own site or not (like these bumpers and well-nigh others.) Although, if y’all want a lower price, we’d recommend going to, the Rep BlackBumper Plates on Amazon are a great plate at a keen price.

We’ve used many of the diverse bumpers and other weight sets on Amazon including rubber bumper plates from Training Equipment, XMark, Cap Barbell, and have washed quite a bit of enquiry and talked with users who take used some of the smaller known brands like Day 1 Fitness, Papababe, and HulkFit. Of all of these options, the ones we would recommend the near, due to the value are the Rep Black Bumper Plates by Rep Fitness.

Based upon the specs (the durometer rating isn’t listed by the way) we would assume these are very like, if not the aforementioned as the Rogue Repeat Bumper Plates. They’re priced well, ship via Prime number Aircraft, take a sparse profile, and are relatively accurate on weight.

One of the biggest reasons we chose Rep Fitness bumper plates over the others on Amazon is due to the company behind them Rep offers a 3-year warranty that is much amend than what others recommend, even established players like CAP Barbell.

If y’all desire a budget-friendly set of plates that are available on Amazon, these are what nosotros recommend.

If you’re stuck on ordering from Amazon, so we recommend the Rep Black Bumper Plates These tin be had for less on, only are also available on Amazon. These are great budget-friendly plates that are very similar to the Rogue Echo Bumpers and are durable bumper for the cost.

Benefits of Bumper Plates

bumper plate benefits

Bumper plates are some of the most expensive pieces of equipment that will go in whatever habitation gym or commercial gym. They are expensive to make, ship, and store. There is literally goose egg about them that is cheap, nevertheless y’all’ll notice them in whatever gym worth its common salt across the globe. Then, why would someone purchase bumpers, and look for the best bumper plates despite their cost? Here are three reasons why:

Bumper plates are quieter than fe plates

Without a doubt, bumper plates when compared to cast fe plates are vastly quieter. Recollect about information technology, rather than uncoated atomic number 26 beingness dropped on the basis which makes a loud, shrill sound that continues to reverberate, virgin rubber or urethane compresses leaving a much quieter thud. This is a very significant difference as any domicile gym owner with neighbors will attest equally well every bit any commercial gym possessor with a landlord that likes to “pop in” to the gym at random times.

The decibel level of bumper plates being dropped can also be mitigated further by the use of rubber matting such equally equus caballus stall mats which we oftentimes recommend.

rubber or iron bumper plates

Bumper plates are safer for you and your equipment than atomic number 26 plates.

Have you lot ever dropped a 45 LB iron plate on your foot? I accept, and a majority of the time it leads to broken bones. Just, more mutual than broken bones are croaky concrete, a disturbed foundation, and damaged barbells. Bumper plates compress when dropped, therefore taking some of the blow, and harm was done to any they are striking. If they land on you, they won’t hurt near as much as steel.

If they’re hit your Olympic barbell sleeve considering you’re doing Olympic Weightlifting lifts and dropping the bar from overhead, bumper plates won’t leave permanent scars or potentially deform your bar like bandage iron will.

Most importantly, exterior of your prophylactic, of grade, is the fact that bumper plates won’t injure the foundation of your much more expensive home. If you’re going to lift at home, then y’all should take bumpers.

Bumper plates accept college workout versatility than iron plates.

Thanks to the more quiet and safe nature of condom in comparison to its older brother iron, bumper plates allow a greater conditioning versatility. With metallic plates, you lot can’t driblet the weight from overhead unless you don’t mind breaking things. You also shouldn’t drop them from hip height, although many practice.

On the other hand, bumper plates tin can be dropped from just about any acme without fear. This means all of a sudden you tin overhead printing, clean and wiggle, snatch, deadlift, and other barbell exercises and movements without worrying nigh dropping the bar. This is a
benefit for dwelling gym owners where space is express.

Why We Recommend Bumper Plates for Habitation Gyms

best bumper plates for home gym

Habitation gym owners are, in all honesty, the platonic candidates for bumper plates. All of the benefits previously stated apply straight to those with garage gyms and I’d say they’re even more relevant for owners of commercial gyms or CrossFit Affiliates.

Beginning, the quiet nature of prophylactic makes information technology and then that those lifting at home don’t accept to worry about waking up their family unit along with the entire neighborhood when they make up one’s mind to piece of work out at 5 a.g. The do good of a home gym is that it’southward e’er open. Forcing yourself to but workout when people are awake considering you’ll wake them up with your weight plates defeats the purpose.

Next, a majority of the time you’ll be working out in your garage gym lone. This means safety is of utmost importance, as at that place won’t be anyone to aid you should yous become hurt. Safety is safer than iron; few volition contend with that. Information technology’s the reason all of our kids’ toys are coated in shiny colors of safe, versus hard metal. And, bumpers work equally well for strength training as they do for cardio or conditioning workouts.

Finally, a dwelling house gym has finite space. This means limited space for both equipment and room for movements that use the equipment. To maximize the room, equipment that can do multiple things is platonic, and the best bumper plates that we recommend fit that nib more so than metal weights. Having worked out in my dwelling gym for more than a decade and helping thousands of others commencement their ain gyms, I would highly advise bumper plates for nigh people.

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Standard Bumper Plates vs Contest Bumper Plates

Standard Bumper Plates vs Competition Bumper Plates

There are two types of bumper plates currently on the market. The get-go doesn’t really have a specific proper noun, so we’ll just call them “Standard Bumper Plates” (sounds pretty riveting doesn’t it?) and the other type is “Competition Bumper Plates.“

Standard bumper plates are the ones well-nigh often seen. These are typically blackness, although many companies have started to make colorized versions, even ones with cool graphics like these Fringe Sport Cruel Plates (the colors look fifty-fifty better in person.) Standard bumper plates use a steel insert instead of a hub, are wider than competition plates, and therefore don’t allow you to fit as much weight on the bar, are more likely to warp, and are frequently much cheaper.

Competition bumper plates, on the other hand, utilize a steel hub that is oftentimes in two sections and is then bolted together securing the rubber, allowing more weight to fit on the bar due to their sparse width, are near oft in dissimilar colors and are typically more expensive. Although competition bumper plates ofttimes have a more dead bounciness than black bumper plates, that isn’t always the case. It largely depends on the Shore A Durometer Rating of the plates.

For about people, standard/black bumper plates are what we’d recommend. Near trainees can’t Olympic lift more than what is allowed on the bar with these types of plates and if using them for deadlifts or squats, information technology’s easy to add together some castiron plates on the end to meet whatsoever weight that is needed.

If you desire plates that should final the rest of your life, desire the ability to put every bit much weight on the bar as virtually tin possibly lift, and the aesthetics of things matter to you, and so nosotros suggest competition plates. It’s what I use in my garage gym, merely then once again I also take a 10 Pes tall squat rack and thirty barbells, and then I wouldn’t say I’yard a “typical” domicile gym owner.

How We Picked and Tested the Bumper Plates

best bumper plates

In order to gather enough bumper plates to make a truly comprehensive comparison, we first began as we do with all of these types of guides past searching both the net and the Garage Gym Reviews Product Dashboard for weight plates. We currently have over 100 different bumper plates that have been rated and reviewed by users on Garage Gym Reviews with more being added daily as they’re released.

In addition to what was listed in our database, we researched Amazon, Walmart, and manufacturer sites like Rogue Fitness, Rep Fettle, Titan Fitness, EliteFTS, and others to see if we missed anything. In add-on, we discussed the topic with our Garage Gym Community Facebook Grouping as well every bit the r/homegym subreddit of which I am a Mod.

In addition to all of this, I talked to some CrossFit Games Athletes also as high-level Olympic Weightlifters to see what they’ve used and which they prefer. I’grand ever wary to put too much emphasis on what athletes think as they typically could care less other than looks, only I think it’south worth doing.

bumper plates

Lastly, we compiled what we had on hand, which is currently over 20 unlike types of bumper plates, and read the private reviews we’ve washed on them.

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Nosotros took all of this and accept ranked the bumper plates based on various categories and upkeep levels.

I think it’s important to annotation something commencement though. Olympic plates (Olympic plates have a 2″ collar opening, standard plates, the one-time-way have a 1″ hole) don’t have nearly the amount of review characteristics as something like Olympic barbells.

Yet, later on some discussion among those on the Garage Gym Reviews team, nosotros were able to narrow downwardly our specs for how we estimate bumper plates for our guide. Here is the list, in no item order:

Overall Construction:
The overall construction of a bumper plate deals with the materials used and how they were put together from a macro standpoint. Overall, how was the bumper plate constructed, and is it in line with the price betoken?

Weight Accuracy:
How authentic to the listed weight are the plates. Using highly authentic scales we tested the plates. In improver, does the company offer a weight accurateness guarantee? The closer to the stated weight the guarantee is, the better.

Is there a warranty on the plates? If then, how long is information technology? Expert bumper plates have a minimum of a ane-yr warranty.

Width, Collar Opening, &
The diameter of bumper plates should be equally close to 450MM as possible as this is the IWF standard. The thinner the plates, the better as it volition mean more weight can fit on the bar. The collar opening should exist as close to 50.4MM equally possible. This, again, is the International Weightlifting Federation Standard.

We’re not so much looking at the price, but the value of the plates. If they’re expensive, they should have durability and quality that reflect the price.

Color Coding Accuracy:
The colors of the bumper plates should be the following: Red for 55LB/25KG. Blue for 45LB/20KG. Xanthous for 35LB/15KG. Green for 25 LB/10KG. 10 and 15 LB bumper plates vary.

Shore A Durometer Rating:
This rating determines, in essence, how hard or soft the rubber is which in turn dictates how much bounce the plate has.

Steel Insert Quality:
A stainless steel insert is all-time, merely other metals can be used if priced accordingly. Whether it’due south molded with the safety or added after matters as well.

Printed or Raised Lettering:
Printed lettering will fade with time and brand it hard to know how much the plates weigh. Adept quality plates most often have raised lettering that shows the amount of weight being used.

Steel Hub End:
Competition bumper plates utilize a steel hub that is oftentimes plated with chrome or uses zinc.

Bumper plates, when used in a abode gym setting should last decades. We expect to reviews from users to get an average.

Bumper Fabric:
Virgin Safety, Crumb Safe, and Urethane are the about oftentimes used materials for bumper plates.

Why We Don’t Recommend Hi-Temp and other Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates

Rogue bumper plates


Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates have been fabricated in Tuscumbia, Alabama, for over a decade. This makes them one of the few American-made weightlifting plates still around. Different iron plates or the poor structure of many imported bumpers, Hi-Temp Bumpers are hard to cleft. They are made of recycled vulcanized prophylactic and have a 2-inch stainless steel insert. As one could expect, the manufacturing process tin can sometimes cause aesthetic blemishes. Regardless, you will find that these quality plates nonetheless perform to your expectations.These bumper plates also stand out because the neckband is inset from the plate. This means better protection when you load multiple plates. This design too reduces the risk of inserts getting impacted or coming out.Hullo-Temp Bumpers are 445 millimeters in diameter and within .5 pounds of the claimed weight, give or take. You can order these plates in pairs (10-pound, xv-pound, 25-pound, 35-pound, or 45-pound), or in a full set option where combined weight ranges from 160 pounds to 1,000 pounds.

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates are some of the nigh popular (or used to be at least) bumper plates on the market. They’re especially popular among CrossFit Boxes and high-traffic functional focused commercial gyms. The reason nosotros don’t recommend them is non that they’re non that great, simply because their steel insert ring often falls out due to the molding process, they’re the widest plates bachelor which ways you lot tin can’t fit a lot of weight on the bar, and they’re more expensive than many of the other options.

If you’re running a high-traffic CrossFit Affiliate, I could see utilise cases for Hullo-Temps, however, at that place are simply too many other options at present bachelor that accept a lower bounce, standard diameter, and a better value.

The Top five Bumper Plates For Virtually People

But want our straightforward respond for which are the top five bumper plates that nosotros recommend for most people?

Here they are:

  1. Fringe Sport Bumper Plates
  2. Vulcan Blastoff Bumper Plates V2.0
  3. Rogue Echo Bumper Plates
  4. Titan Elite Olympic Blackness Bumper Plates
  5. Rep Black Bumper Plates

What to Look Forward To

We’ve seen some interesting new bumper plate designs leaked recently. One in particular that we posted on our Instagram are these new plates from Rogue that feature holes throughout:

rogue bumper plates

We’re guessing they’re designed to make less noise and have a more than dead bounce. Nosotros’ll see how that works out in real life.

Often Asked Questions Almost Bumper Plates

Are competition bumper plates worth it?

Competition bumper plates are very durable and this is the chief reason using the best bumper plates is worth every penny.

Exercise bumper plates brand a deviation?

Bumper plates brand a huge difference when compared to fe plates, because bumpers are more durable and can be tossed around a home gym. On the other hand, with iron plates, they tin’t just be thrown anywhere.

What are bumper plates?

Bumper plates are strong safety-weight plates. They usually accept a uniform bore within all weights and are used during Olympic and CrossFit exercises. The weights, barbell, and the floor are all protected by the prophylactic construction of the bumper plates.

The Contest

It would be impossible to include every bumper plate on the market in our recommendations and all the same brand them hands accessible. For this reason, nosotros include reasons why other plates didn’t brand our top rankings below:

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates – see here for more info.

Hi-Temp Contest Preparation Plates – Decent plates, but no 55’s, they chip easily and don’t accept keen reviews.

Rogue Fleck Plates – Very similar to our Runner-Up the Vulcan Alpha Bumpers V2.0. I haven’t been able to use them or meet reviews yet, then I will withhold a complete comparison. That said, these are pretty similarly priced, it depends on the package, simply they are thinner than Vulcans, although Vulcan offers a longer warranty.

Rogue Preparation ii.0 Plates – We have multiple sets of these in both black and color. They were the same plates that Pendlay/MDUSA used to sell. Afterwards using them for a few years, I can confirm that they’re an okay plate, just at that place are many more we’d advise above them today.

Rogue Dumbbell Bumpers – They’re absurd, but certainly non a full replacement for real bumper plates.

Onnit Captain America Shield Bumper Plates – Cool-looking novelty plates, simply they are now sold out everywhere.

Rep Fitness Competition Bumper Plates – We actually really like these plates. They’re a good value competition plate and take been very durable in our gym. Nonetheless, they fit a weird price gap. If you want colored plates they’re a not bad option, however.

Fringe Sport Competition Bumper Plates – These are the exact same as Reps at a like price point. On sales, Fringe Sport can be had for less.

Fringe Sport Roughshod Bumper Plates – Awesome-looking plates. Probably one of our favorite designs, all the same, nosotros know not everyone would honey them so nosotros recommended the same plate in a more simple style equally our elevation pick.

Fringe Sport Blackness & Colour Bumper Plates – Same equally the Contrast plates that we’ve recommended in dissimilar styles and toll points. Choose your favorites.

XMark Hi-Touch on Bumper Plates – Practiced bumper plates for the price with a good 3-year warranty. However, they are a scrap more expensive than some of the other offerings, although we’d recommend them to Prime Aircraft lovers.

XMark Go Green Nibble Rubber Bumper Plates – Decent crumb prophylactic bumpers that are imported and take a nasty olfactory property. If yous’re going to become recycled motorcar tire crumb condom bumpers, just go with Hi-Temp.

X Preparation Equipment Premium Colour Bumper Plates – These are highly reviewed on Amazon, all the same, the colors are completely off. For example, 45 LB plates are ruby-red instead of bluish. If this were fixed, for the toll, these are actually a decent value.

HulkFit Colour Coded Rubber Bumper Plates – These are loftier-density safety-colored plates with a unique hub. They’re priced pretty well, but their colors are completely off and we question their long-term immovability due to the unique hub design. They also have been known to crack:

Vulcan Absolute Competition Bumper Plates – Haven’t seen plenty reviews or held them ourselves so can’t currently rank. They do accept a nifty, 5-year warranty though.

DHS Competition Bumpers – Great bumpers at a loftier toll. Would like to see more reviews or spend more time with them than we accept.

Synergee Bumper Plates– Pretty pricey compared to the contest for a similar plate. They also come with no known warranty.

Uesaka Contest Bumpers – These are some of the most well-liked bumpers among Olympic Level Weightlifters that we’ve talked to. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to practise annihilation other than seeing pictures online with them. Somewhen, we’ll use them and update our rankings. Until and so, nosotros’ll adore from distant.

Uesaka Pro Series Training Bumpers – Haven’t had enough use or heard enough reviews from others to requite a recommendation.

Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Discs – A more calibrated version of the Grooming Discs. Not worth the price for anyone simply a meet director in comparison.

Eleiko Sport Grooming Discs – Great choice for those that want Eleiko on a very big, only notwithstanding a budget type of upkeep. If you lot’re going to spend this much though, you might besides buy their IWF plates.

Eleiko XF Bumpers – Great bumper plates for those in Europe. A fleck likewise expensive for most in the Usa, notwithstanding, they do have swell sound suppression although they are a chip thick. They at present offer these in pounds equally well as kilos.

American Barbell Color Urethane Pro Series Plates – I’thousand a big fan of these plates, in fact, they’re some of the favorites that I ain. All the same, despite how much I like them when comparing them to others such as the Titan Urethane Plates, they’re only as well much more costly to recommend above the others. I do remember they’re a improve plate than Titan’s and they have a ameliorate warranty, so if yous want Urethane, and don’t mind dropping some alter, these are a great choice.

American Barbell Sport Bumper Plates – These are high-quality standard bumper plates available in black, colour, KG, and LB variations. These nigh took the pinnacle spot, however, there is no listed Shore A Durometer Rating or warranty information so we’re unsure of the quality of the plates. The pricing is actually actually great especially when you consider Free Aircraft. If you want but plain black bumper plates, these are pretty groovy.

Titan Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates – We have non personally tested these, withal, nosotros’ve heard enough bad press from our readers that they have an atrocious odor, are prone to warping likewise as oftentimes accept their steel insert fall out. They’re inexpensive in price, but likely for a reason.

Werksan LionFit Bumper Plates – Great, high-end competition bumpers, however, I believe they have airtight their Usa operations.

PRx Color Elite Bumper Plates – This appears to be similar to the older Pendlay type plates, however at the price bespeak, they’re a flake much for the quality.

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