How Much Can I Sell A Diamond Ring For

By | August 6, 2022

From the classic diamond solitaire to halo rings to wedding ceremony ring sets, they come in an endless multifariousness of shapes, sizes, and designs. And while diamonds are the virtually mutual stones in engagement rings, the use of other precious and semi-precious gemstones similar white and blackness pearls, tourmaline, rubies, opals, sapphires, and onyx is increasing in popularity. While this diversity makes it fun to shop for the perfect engagement ring, information technology also makes it very challenging to assess the value of a band should you lot determine to sell it.

  • How much can I sell my appointment band for?
  • How are date rings priced?
  • Why is there a difference in retail and resale values?
  • Does where I sell my engagement ring touch on the cost?

How Much Can I Sell My Engagement Band For?

Engagement rings typically sell second-hand for xxx%-fifty% of the original retail cost. To get the best price for your diamond ring, it pays to sell to the experts. At WP Diamonds, our
 team of GIA trained gemologists purchase engagement rings of all shapes and qualities

with at least one rock of 0.50ct+

Our service is free of charge with no hidden fees or commissions deducted. The entire selling process tin accept every bit little as 24 hours from filling out the course to receiving payment. At WP Diamonds, we are committed to providing  honest toll quotes, exceptional customer care and a trustworthy, professional selling service. We are proud of our A+ BBB rating and 1,000 + customer reviews.

How to sell your engagement ring:

  1. Fill up out the online form
  2. Receive a toll quote for your engagement ring
  3. Schedule an appointment OR send your ring in (we provide costless and fully insured Priority Overnight Fedex shipping labels)
  4. Receive a final cost and go paid or your band is returned complimentary of accuse

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How are Engagement Rings Priced?

As you fix to sell an engagement ring, information technology’s helpful to have a full general understanding of how rings are priced. There are a number of factors that touch the value of a piece of jewelry. They include:

  • Type and quality of the center rock
  • Diamond certificates
  • Type of metal in the band
  • Designer
  • Age of the ring
  • Where the ring was purchased and how much for
  • Where the ring is sold
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Center Rock

For rings that have one main stone, much of the value is tied to that stone. The blazon of gem (diamond, ruby, emerald, etc.), its size, how it is cut, and its quality are all pieces of information that will help you start to determine the value of the ring.

There are defined standards that are used when assessing a diamond. They are known as the four Cs:

  • Carat weight
  • Color grade
  • Cut grade
  • Clarity grade

Based on these characteristics, a diamond practiced can determine an accurate value for the stone, which tin can then be used in calculating the overall value of the ring. If the diamond has been certified by the Gemological Establish of America (GIA), these details will be indicated on the certificate.

Diamond Certificate

Date rings with GIA certified diamonds generally command a college price, as the heir-apparent is assured of the quality of the stone(s). There are other diamond grading laboratories, just their findings generally don’t instill the kind of a confidence that a GIA inspection does. If you do not have a certificate, your local jeweler will likely exist willing to accept a quick look at the band and give an stance of the 4 C’s of any diamonds.


I of the reasons information technology can be challenging to determine the precise value of an engagement band is that the toll of the gilt, silver, or platinum that its band is made of fluctuates daily.

However, if you know the composition of the material, that figure tin can exist helpful. For instance, with gold, karat weight is the pct of pure aureate nowadays. The higher the number, the higher the purity.

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Of class, the more pure gilt there is, the more than valuable the slice of jewelry is. Do keep in heed nonetheless that the value of the metal will be minimal in comparison to the value of any gemstones.

sell diamond ring


Diamond jewelry created by a well-known designer similar Tiffany or Cartier are likely to sell faster and for more than money than others. You tin can maximize the touch on on price of a designer proper noun if you have the ring’s original box and paperwork.

Historic period

Rings that are between twenty and 100 years quondam are considered “vintage,” and that designation will have a positive impact on cost. Those older than 100 years are “antiquarian” and, here again, that label will brand the piece more valuable.

Purchase Toll

While the factors above all influence the resale toll of an engagement band, in general you lot can wait to get twenty-45% of the original retail price. If you sell your ring to a jeweler, this number will be affected past their markup. Larger stores will likely have a college markup than your local independent jeweler.

Why Is There A Divergence Betwixt Retail And Resale Value?

In general, the reason your engagement band is worth less in a resale transaction is the idea of “markup” noted above. Jewelers take high markups in order to cover expenses such as overhead, marketing, rent etc. Meaning that when it comes to the resale of your band, you will not receive the original sale cost.

Information technology is also important to understand that diamonds are not investments, contrary to popular belief, therefore they volition not increment in value. Much similar a car, when a diamond is purchased, information technology decreases in value one time you go out the store.

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Some other factor in the divergence betwixt retail and resale prices is the ring’s history. Is in that location any hidden impairment that volition have to be repaired? These kinds of unknowns crusade jewelers to pay less for a ring in order to protect themselves from loss.

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Does Where I Sell My Ring Affect The Cost?

Where you lot sell your diamond engagement ring tin accept a big impact on the price. Some of the options and their advantages/disadvantages include:

  • Websites like Craigslist or eBay: They are easy to utilise, but dealing with potential buyers is time consuming. And, there are the risks of being approached by people looking to have advantage of you. There is as well guarantee that your ring volition sell.
  • Local jeweler: An obvious local option would exist your local jewelry. However, considering they probable sell to a local (and therefore smaller) market place, they may not have a need for your piece. They may offer to accept the ring on consignment, with no guarantee of a sale and months of waiting to see if it does.
  • Pawn broker: Pawn shops are user-friendly, but they may not accept the expertise to empathise the value of your ring and make you lot a good offering.
  • Auction firm:
    An auction format can assistance yous become a higher price for your band, especially if it is vintage or antique. But, auction houses accuse fees that take a bite out of your profit.
  • WP Diamonds: Sell your diamond ring online to the experts in jewelry valuation at WP Diamonds. Every bit leading, international diamond buyers, nosotros also offer in person appointments at our offices in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London, and Birmingham (UK). We can also provide you lot with a toll judge based on your clarification and photos, or a final price through our free and fully insured aircraft service.