4 Prong Vs 6 Prong Diamond Ring

By | August 6, 2022

This is an aged old question that gets many people confused over the choices to make. Are there any differences between a 4 prong vs. 6 prong ring setting? And if one is seemingly improve, why are both choices offered past jewelers? Why non have just one kind of blueprint to brainstorm with?

Well, it turns out that both 4 and 6 prongs settings bring nigh various
too every bit
drawbacks. We’re going to discuss the differences between these two settings and I’ll permit you be the judge to make up one’s mind which is best.

Why Should You Choose a 4 Prong Design?

With iv prongs spaced evenly autonomously, it will create a
indigestible looking appearance
every bit the prongs function as “separate corners” of a squarish outline.

A box-like appearance created by even prongs placement.

One of the benefits that the iv-prong setting is that at that place is a lesser amount of metallic coverage on the diamond. This
allows more than lite to enter the diamond and enables a well-cutting diamond to perform at its best.

If expressing power and showcasing the capacity of your diamond is essential for you, 4 prong settings are great choices for consideration.

For the same reasons, the 4 prong setting is
recommended when the size of your diamond is small
(less than one carat). Y’all don’t want the additional metal prongs to look overbearing and make the diamond announced even smaller than it already seems.

The primary drawback of four prong settings is that they are
less secured
compared to 6 prong designs. In the event that y’all break or aptitude a prong accidentally, at that place is a heightened adventure of losing your diamond.

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ring settings. James Allen’s latest 360° video technology is revolutionary and allows you to
Run across
how ring designs look like in real life.

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The Orientation of the Prongs Matters!

The traditional setup for a 4 prong setting involves placing prongs at the 2, 4, 8, 10 o’clock position and this creates a somewhat squarish look to the band.

However, did yous know that the prongs could too be mounted in a north-east-southward-due west (NESW) orientation? This is sometimes referred to as a
kite mounting
and are frequently found in settings with foursquare cutting diamonds.

When used with a circular diamond, this particular orientation creates an illusion which
makes the diamond appear larger
than it is. For people who want to “crook” with a bigger looking solitaire diamond ring, consider setting the center rock in this manner. On this annotation, do go along in mind that a kite mounting will arrive harder for a nuptials band to sit flushed adjacent to information technology.

north-east-south-west kite setting for ring

The kite mounting on the left offers the do good of a larger looking rock.

Why Should Y’all Choose a Pattern With Half-dozen Prongs?

In vi prong settings, the individual prongs are generally lighter and thinner in order to minimize the surface area where prongs cover the diamond. When six evenly-spaced prongs are placed on a round diamond, they form a hexagonal shape. This
makes the diamond look rounder
when viewed from a distance.

My general recommendation is to opt for a half-dozen prong setting when your diamond is large enough
(i.due east. > one carat). Likewise, if you know beforehand that the recipient is going to be rough with their jewelry, sacrificing a little scrap of luminescence in favor of
meliorate security
would be a wiser motility.

6 prongs ring design with a hexagonal look

A hexagonal look created by 6 prongs on a round brilliant cut.

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ring settings. James Allen’s latest 360° video technology is revolutionary and allows yous to
how ring designs look like in existent life.

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Video Comparing of 4 Prong vs Six Prong Circular Diamond Rings

If you lot are interested to see total specifications and details of the individual rings, click hither for the 4 prong pattern and click here for the half-dozen prong design.

Hither, I want to point out that the setting but compromises role of an appointment ring while the majority of the cost commonly lies with the choice of eye rock. This in-depth guide to selecting diamonds will enable yous to store like a
professional person
and find the
near beautiful
diamonds within any given budget.

Ok, What About For Fancy Shape Diamonds?

If yous were buying a fancy shape diamond similar a princess cut or an oval cut, how many prongs should the diamond ring accept? Well, the answer is it depends on the shape and outline of the diamond y’all are looking at.

For example, the princess cut has a squarish outline and pointed corners. Almost every setting pattern for princess cut diamonds would utilise 4 prongs that are placed symmetrically at the corners to protect them.

4 prong princess cut diamond ring good or bad enough or not

4 nicely placed prongs create a well-counterbalanced appearance.

It would be extremely hard for a princess cut diamond appointment ring to utilize a six prong setting without looking “off” or lopsided. This is the reason why four prong settings are obvious choices if your called middle stone is foursquare (east.g. princess) or rectangular (e.g. emerald) in shape.

With elongated shapes similar the pear or oval cut, the prong placement and orientation would have a big touch on on its appearance.

In my opinion, a vi prong placement for an oval diamond would change its visual outline and make information technology appear like a marquise shape instead. The improver of the 2 prongs on the northward and s position would brand it announced like pointed tips.

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four prong oval diamond ring vs six prong oval diamond ring


four prong vs 6 prong oval diamond engagement band comparison.

On the other mitt, the 4 prong placement would help it retain its ovalish and curved outline. If I’m shopping for an oval diamond engagement ring, I’k definitely sticking with a iv prong layout.

That’s because if I wanted a football shaped outline, I would have purchased a marquise diamond instead.

Is In that location A Clear Winner When Y’all Compare four Prongs Against 6 Prongs?

As yous can see, there isn’t an obvious selection between which is ameliorate and it boils down to
what you value more. Do yous prioritize safe or aesthetics more?

For people who want to get the all-time of both worlds, consider choosing a 4 prong design made with a platinum caput. Platinum is much more durable and resistant to wear-and-tear compared to other common metals similar white gold or argent.

Whatever your decision and choice of mounting, I recommend that you inspect your jewelry regularly and try to place any potential problems early on. If you aren’t sure most doing your own checks, then it is all-time to bring your jewelry to a professional person jeweler every 6 – 12 months for routine checks.

I hope this commodity has been useful in helping you visualize the differences betwixt four prongs vs 6 prongs diamond ring settings. If you were shopping for an engagement ring, which would you pick and why? Leave a annotate below to allow united states of america know!

If y’all are looking for beautifully designed engagement rings with high quality adroitness, brand sure you check out James Allen and White Flash for their stunning selections!

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