How To Get To Diamond Head From Waikiki

By | August 6, 2022

Why y’all must do the Diamond Caput hike (gorgeous views, outdoor adventure & a absurd climb)

When y’all visit Honolulu, i of the must visit sites to start off your vacation in Oahu is to practice the Diamond Head hike and experience the climb upwards the Diamond Head crater to see the magnificent views from the pinnacle.

This iconic crater developed half a 1000000 years ago into an impressive lava formation that sits at the edge of Waikiki. Anybody visiting volition want to climb up and capture their prized images and selfies of of the Waikiki skyline. It truly is a fantastic experience to see Honolulu from above and a large part of the eastern side of the island to the North Shore.

Cheque out why this Diamond Caput hike should be on the top of your list in visiting Honolulu soon.

Experience the Diamond Head hike (Le’ahi) crater in Oahu

Back side views from DIamond Head Crater
Back side views from DIamond Caput Crater

Visiting Diamond Caput State Monument

The state park entrance is open vii days a week and with parking available at $v per car and entry to hike the trails at $1 per person. You pay at the gate entrance and drive directly to park entrance or park if you are driving. There is a visitor heart with souvenir stand, restrooms and even a food truck for cool drinks and fresh pineapples that you can visit and relax before y’all begin your Diamond Head hike.

Covid Update
– Diamond Caput Land Monument is open up daily except for Wednesdays and if driving into the park each person needs to pay incuding parking in the land park grounds.

How to get to Diamond Head Crater

There are a few cardinal ways to become to Diamond Head and the main entrance area which is on the northeast stop of the park entrance. Here’southward the main options on easily getting to the park and doing the Diamond Head hike.

  1. Take an Uber – piece of cake access on your phone app to book a trip to Diamond Caput, it’s hassle gratuitous to book directly with Uber. The difficulty tends to exist the return trip and price increases due to less availability when you lot are waiting for a return trip.

2. Become by bus – taking the bus to and from Diamond Head is definitely the affordable option at $2.75 per direction. Yous just need to check the schedules on when the passenger vehicle goes in either direction to the bus terminate right at the archway to the park grounds.

3. Drive yourself – if you accept admission to a car and so driving to the park is fast and like shooting fish in a barrel and parking per auto is only $v for the whole day. The is also a per person entry fee of $ane per person.

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4. Walk to the entrance – A very long walk from Waikiki, information technology is doable only definitely takes a bit of time and you have a lot of walking to do correct from the outset of the park entrance

v. Take the cable machine buses – these regular trolley buses plying through the Honolulu and Waikiki areas cease directly at the park entrance. You lot can volume a 24-hour interval pass directly with the Waikiki trolley lines for trips to well-nigh attractions in the Honolulu area.

History of Diamond Head State Monument

Created between 400,000 to 500,00 years agone, the Diamond Head crater was created from the Ko’olau volcano which is over two million years old. Diamond head was created during the same time frame as the Punchbowl and Koko eruptions were also happening on Oahu. Ancient Hawaiians used the site as a place of worship and did beast and human being sacrifices on the slopes of the crater. The Hawaiian’s called the site Le’ahi for the shape representing an ahi (fish) forehead.

The proper name Diamond Head was given to the crater after early western explorers and traders visiting the area mistook the the crater’due south calcite crystals for diamonds and the English name Diamond Caput stuck.

In the 1900s Diamond Head was converted into a armed forces base with bunkers and artillary and other buildings in the base of operations inside the crater and bunkers and lookouts built on the tops of the summit area to protect the isle. Eventually the Military deeded the property to the state which turned it into a state monument and park in 1965 for the public to enjoy and climb to the elevation for an only in Oahu feel at the rim of Diamond Head.

Here’due south some more fascinating things to know about Diamond Head below

Starting the Diamond Head hike upward the Crater

At that place is a Diamond Head trail mark past the restrooms that shares the history of Diamond Head and how it was used in the by to present day. The trails are paved and easy to follow from the start so alter into gravel and sand when the trail starts uphill. It gets narrow at this point and traffic does become decorated for both uphill and downhill climbers.

For those early birds here’southward a look at hiking Diamond Caput in early part of the morn and to see a gorgeous sunrise on the side of the island.

Start of trail head in Diamond Head hike
Start of trail head in Diamond Head

The average time to practise the Diamond Head hike is about ii hours circular trip, more if you take more time for pictures and time frame that y’all are busy. The all-time time to visit is before in the morning time or late in the afternoon to avoid crowds and excessive heat going to the acme.

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Trail head gravel path mid section at Diamond Head
Trail head gravel path mid section at Diamond Caput

Check out this gorgeous aerial drone of Diamond Head and panoramic views

looking down into Diamond Head canyon

Look out points from the Diamond Head hike

Along the way to the top of Diamond Head are many picket points to the crater floor and views to the eastward side and littoral views. At the the mid point, you lot’ll hit your commencement set upwards stairs which then leads to a long dark tunnel and eventually a circular staircase that is a existent work out so take your fourth dimension. Those that are physically challenged should take plenty of rests with benches located throughout the trail areas.

First set of stairs to top of Diamond Head
First gear up of stairs to top of Diamond Head

Tip – if you lot don’t want to enter the tunnel and circular climb, you have an selection to do the route from the left side to nice views and a slower climb to the top without doing the circular stair case.

Entering the long nighttime tunnel at Diamond Head towards the top area

Entering the tunnel to top of Diamond Head
Entering the tunnel to top of Diamond Head

After the tunnel expanse, you enter another climb with a circular stair case to the top of Diamond Head and the bunker areas. (You tin choose to become on the left side option later the starting time stairs if y’all cull not to go up the circular stairs). Take your time going up the stairs considering information technology is used for climbing and also descending.

Circular stairs leading to the top of Diamond Head
Circular stairs leading to the top of Diamond Head

Reaching the top of the Diamond Caput hike and the crater rim

After you pass through the staircase y’all finally get to the opening with dainty views of the areas beneath, but in that location is some other short staircase with a viewing platform created from an sometime bunker that is very decorated and so can your time enjoying the views and doing your selfies of gorgeous Waikiki and Honolulu.

City views on back side of Diamond Head
City views on back side of Diamond Head
Panoramic views from Diamond Head Crater
Panoramic views from Diamond Head Crater

You’ll see a variety of bunkers situated effectually the rim areas of the Diamond Head summit areas. These areas are typically off limits for visitors to hike to.

Do not do this, you are not allowed to go off trails
Do non do this, you are non allowed to go off trails

Ascertainment Point at the summit

The highest bespeak of the height is an one-time radio tower which has some observation areas to encounter more often than not the downtown Honolulu and Waikiki area and it is stunning. There are no covered areas upwardly here for shelter so be prepared for complete lord’s day at the peak and trails

Descending Diamond Caput

You have an option of climbing dorsum down the round staircase just the all-time road dorsum to the Diamond Head crater valley is to accept the slow declining route on the left side with nice views of the east side coatline, beaches and the ritzy areas of Diamond Head, Lanikai, Portlock and Kahala.

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Diamond Head4

Cheque out this beautiful lite house below

Light house below Diamond Head
Lite house beneath Diamond Head
More views on the back side of Diamond Head
More views on the back side of Diamond Head

The trails connects dorsum to the main trail and stairs down to the crater floor and in no fourth dimension you get back to the restrooms and visitor middle.

Tips on doing the Diamond Caput hike to the crater rim

  1. Bring enough of h2o or you can purchase at the vending machines when you enter the park.
  2. Information technology is very hot and busy mid day so if you want to avert both go early or later in the morn
  3. You can take diverse transportation modes and the cheapest is the bus coming from Waikiki and costs $2.75 1 way
  4. Wear skilful shoes, the climb is over 560 feet over mixed terrain
  5. Bring sunscreen, the sun is harsh mid morning to later afternoon
  6. Diamond Head is not ADA compliant and a challenge for not active visitors
  7. There are no bathrooms at the top of the lookout areas.

Cheque out these Diamond Head video highlights below

Hither’s another fun Diamond Caput impression

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Conclusion to doing the Diamond Head hike and Land Monument

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