Ray Ban Wrap Around Prescription Sunglasses

By | August 6, 2022

In the twilight of the Roaring Twenties, when Art Deco style led the style through the purlieus-breaking Progressive Era, the United States Air Force issued a committee for sunglasses that would perform nether the farthermost conditions faced past their pioneering pilots. The revolutionary winning pattern was a aureate Aviator with G15 lenses. The Ray-Ban make proper noun was patented in 1937, in what is at present considered the birth of the make.

Today, the Aviator remains the best-selling sunglasses in the globe. Followed in plough by models including the Wayfarer in 1952 and Clubmaster in 1986, Ray-Ban sunglasses are every bit much a snapshot of style in their time equally they are pieces of timeless fashion, worn by movie stars, musicians and trendsetters from around the world.

At RxSport we offer an eclectic pick of Ray-Ban models, prepare to be fitted with lenses made to your prescription, either unmarried vision or varifocal. Choose from a wide range of lens options to fully customise your sunglasses and give your Ray-Bans a unique twist!


As creators of the most famous sunglass styles, Ray-Ban offer the ultimate in trend-setting mode. From the iconic shapes of Aviator and Wayfarer designs to the fresh way of Justin and Erika, Ray-Ban constantly reinvent to lead eyewear fashion.


Choose from a rich range of frames, either a traditional or more up-to-date design, and select a custom lens tint to make your Ray-Bans your own! With mirrored lenses, polarised and photochromic options at hand, the options are nearly limitless!

At long last we welcome Ray-Ban’south authentic prescription programme to RxSport! Ray-Ban accept pulled out all the stops to create the lightest and thinnest prescription lenses on the marketplace, with strength, performance and clarity rivalling that of sports frames. Continue reading to larn more!

Ray-Ban has led the way in eyewear for near a century. Creating frames for all walks of life and worn by icons and trendsetters of the worlds of music and motion-picture show, these are shades for superstars and everyday heroes.

Those needing corrective vision no longer demand to compromise when information technology comes to Ray-Ban. With the release of the official prescription program, you can get your slice of sunglass mode the way it was truly intended.

Since Ray-Ban has ever represented the peak in eyewear, this has meant setting new standards in way and performance. No stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of manufacture-leading premium optics.

Every lens is made-to-society using groundbreaking technology, and bears the Ray-Ban brand for an unmistakable symbol of authenticity. When information technology comes to prescription, don’t compromise and buy official Ray-Ban!

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Introduction

The Complete Ray-Ban Feel

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Genuine Lenses

The Ray-Ban Logo

Signature style for every prescription lens

There’s a lot that goes into every Ray-Ban frame. If you lot’ve had to settle for not-genuine Ray-Ban lenses in the past you may have had that itching feeling that something was missing from the complete product.

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As a hallmark of authenticity and an unmistakable finishing affect, the Ray-Ban logo is printed into the top-correct of the right lens, with the smaller “RB” etched in to the left lens of every set of prescription lenses.

Going official doesn’t mean you’re express to only the virtually popular colours and frames, similar with other brands. Ray-Ban take pulled out all the stops to deliver one of the about consummate offerings of frames in the market.

And so if you lot’re afterwards the hottest trend of the flavour, or that frame colour which volition gear up you apart, Ray-Ban accept you covered. Pop models are also bachelor in alternating sizes to accommodate for differing face shapes.

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Choose Your Frame

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Introduction

100% Prescription Functioning

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Digital Surfacing Technology

Digital Surfacing Technology

Thinner, lighter, tougher prescription lenses for life

Digital Surfacing Technology is a state-of-theart procedure that goes across the limits of optical technology. The results are enhanced clarity, a wider field of vision and lower eyestrain compared to competitors’ lenses.

Produced with digital technology and using mathematical models, these lenses are fully optimised to guarantee perfect vision, not only at the center of the lens but beyond the whole lens surface.

Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses - No More Distortions

No More Distortions

Ray-Ban DST lenses are digitally optimized bespeak past point on the back surface to guarantee greater clarity, wider field of vision and reduced eye strain.

Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses - Precision Lens Shaping

Maximum Precision

Decades of lens manufacturing expertise ways Ray-Ban accept fine-tuned the plumbing equipment process, so that each lens is cutting to fit its frame perfectly.

Ray-Ban Prescription Sunglasses - Choose Your Lenses

Made The Fashion Yous Want

Customise your frame with a broad choice of lens tints, mirrors and technologies

Colour is a major office of the Ray-Ban look, and their prescription lenses are no exception. Make your Ray-Bans your own by choosing from a wide choice of prescription lens tints and mirrors for personalised way.

Fixed tints, gradients, mirrors and glare-blocking polarised lenses are all available, meaning you lot tin can enjoy a practically limitless array of choice combined with the wide selection of frame styles on offering!

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