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By | August 6, 2022

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Stair lifts are among the near useful pieces of assistive technology equipment that help seniors and people with mobility impairments maintain their independence at home. In addition to helping users ascend and descend a flight of stairs, these assistive applied science devices benefit caregivers, too.

Because stairlifts eliminate caregivers’ need to assist people while navigating a flight of stairs, information technology frees them upwards for other tasks. If y’all’re in the market for a new stair elevator, consider the following best-reviewed stair elevator brands for 2022.


Experts consider AmeriGlide one of the pioneers when information technology comes to assistive engineering equipment for seniors and people with limited mobility. Since 2004, this brand has produced a number of innovative and practical mobility solutions, including stair lifts, vehicle lifts, motorized chair lifts and mobility scooters.


AmeriGlide offers several stair lift systems, including the Horizon model, which boasts many helpful features. These include a foldable seat, armrests and a footrest; manual swivel seat; digital diagnostic display; rubber belt; remote control and wireless call station. The unit plugs into a standard power outlet and comes with installation instructions for those who prefer to set up the stair elevator themselves.

Harmar stair lifts also have foldable seats, armrests and footrests. They plug directly into a wall ability outlet and install on the stairs themselves, non on the wall. What makes Harmar stair lifts stand out is that the models come with rocker control engineering, which makes for safer operation for users. This rocker control means that, while in operation, a Harmar stair lift stops immediately if the user lets go of the controls or tries to stand up. Most Harmar stair lifts take a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. Each unit of measurement comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and drivetrain.

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If you have an active gym membership (or had one back in the 1980s or 1990s) you’ll probable be familiar with the Nautilus brand. Popular for its cable-and-cam workout equipment, Nautilus as well manufactures stair lifts that bear the aforementioned high-quality engineering as the company’south exercise machines.

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Nautilus stair lifts have wider seats for extra comfort simply fold neatly downwardly to slightly more than 10 inches from the wall. Their worm bulldoze mechanisms permit for grease-free operation and easier maintenance. A big plus for Nautilus stair lifts is that some models operate on a battery that charges whenever the lift is at residual at the top or lesser of the stairs. This means that users can notwithstanding operate the lift several times during a power outage.

Chariot Vantage

This particular stair elevator made this list primarily considering of its low toll and sleek design that hides its gear rack. It besides boasts a speed regulator that gives users better command of its operation with less try. While the Chariot Vantage stair lift has a rack-and-pinion organization mechanism that does require periodic greasing, this lift is still low maintenance. Its foldable seat incorporates upholstering that adds to its condolement. The Chariot Vantage is an ideal option for those who are working on a budget merely don’t want to compromise safety and condolement.

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Jameson’s Elegant Stair Elevator

As its proper noun suggests, Jameson’due south Elegant Stair Lift combines pleasing aesthetics with other standard features typical of stair lifts. This particular model, similar the Chariot Vantage, has a rack-and-pinion drivetrain that requires greasing to maintain its efficiency. Jameson’s Elegant Stair Lift also has foldable seats, and armrests and footrests that fold upwards so the unit sticks out about 11 inches from the wall. It consumes minimal power while running and boasts a durable motor and circuit board.

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There are important considerations to think nearly when choosing a stair lift. Always review the safe features, weight rating, dimensions, installation requirements and toll. Ultimately, the stair lift should provide a helpful solution for the intended user’s mobility limitations.