Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine Price

By | August 6, 2022

Salons can ensure their clients walk out of their business happy by investing in their tools and equipment. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying the most expensive products and supplies in the market place, though. With products that get the job washed quicker and more than finer, y’all can give your customers faster and ultimately improve dazzler treatments and services.

So what are some professional light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation pilus removal machines to add to your current salon equipment? Some good brands are SharpLight Omnimax S3, Zyyini Professional Hair Removal Machine, Cynosure Vectus Laser, Alma Soprano Ice Platinum, and Candela elōs Plus. These professional laser hair removal machines can help your business concern a lot, but you have to first weigh their pros and cons to know which ane is correct for you.

Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Machines

1. SharpLight Omnimax S3

Price available upon asking. Co-ordinate to tertiary-party medical websites, the Omnimax S3 starts at $75,000 and can become as loftier equally $125,000, depending on the handpieces and shot count.

SharpLight specializes in cutting-edge artful devices, and their Omnimax S3 is a unit y’all’ll want to consider if y’all’re a salon or med spa with the intention of scaling or expanding your business organisation and want flexible equipment that can provide multiple kinds of light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation services for your clients. And so, instead of investing in multiple laser machines for your salon or med spa, your staff can learn to utilise the Omnimax S3 for various treatments.

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With the Omnimax S3, you tin provide the post-obit services:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin tightening
  • Body contouring
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Vascular lesions
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Acne
  • Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction
Pros Cons
Rubber for all hair and skin types.
Some laser products aren’t suitable for certain skin colors and skin types. SharpLight claims the Omnimax S3 tin provide safe treatment and effective results.Reduce the learning curve.
Rather than having your staff learn multiple types of machines for different services, they can acquire how to employ the Omnimax S3 for all their services. The Omnimax S3 likewise has an intuitive user interface, making it fairly easy to use.Powerful machine for effective results.
Aside from laser pilus removal, the Omnimax S3 likewise includes dynamic pulse control, radio frequency, and VeraDerm technology. This tin can improve your client experience by providing better results with less hurting and minimal downtime.
Most expensive light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation machine on this list.
If hair removal is the only light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation service your salon is offering, it might be more applied to go some other light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation machine.Radio frequency not cleared for sale in the United states.
SharpLight’due south radio frequency technology isn’t cleared for auction in the United States and may be unavailable if you’re opening a business in the The states.Hard to move.
Compared to smaller hair removal machines, the Omnimax S3 can exist hard to move around your salon.

2. Zyyini Professional Pilus Removal Auto


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This multi-functional laser machine on Amazon can aid y’all provide multiple beauty treatments. Aside from whole-body laser hair removal, you lot tin utilise it to remove freckles, promote skin rejuvenation, and even skin tone. Although smaller and cheaper than the other models on this list, information technology’due south notwithstanding powerful plenty to give a strong light pulse free energy to provide an constructive service that tin can leave your customers satisfied. Information technology might exist the all-time option for smaller salons trying out professional person laser hair removal services before investing in more than heavy-duty units.

Pros Cons
Innovative cooling system.
This unit comes with a make new cooling system that uses h2o for air circulation, assuasive your unit to piece of work longer.Powerful merely safe.
The machine produces a potent light pulse energy but tin exist safely used for a 30-minute procedure without whatsoever damage to the pare.Includes a high-ability E light handle.
This helps to reduce the mutual effects of strong light (which is generally the cause of pare discoloration for clients with darker peel tones when using lasers), which can avoid skin discoloration.
Requires water to operate.
Yous demand to make sure in that location is enough distilled water in the machine earlier operation to prevent overheating.May not be suitable for longer services.
The product claims operation can accept up to 30 minutes, which may not exist enough time to provide multiple services or full-body laser hair removal.Depression Amazon rating.
If y’all depend on user reviews, y’all might be put off by the product’due south depression i star rating. Given it’south relatively low cost and low ratings, medium to large businesses may desire to stick with professional person laser hair removal machines made by more well-known aesthetic brands.

iii. Cynosure Vectus Laser

Toll available upon request, used units available at 3rd-political party websites ranging from $28,000 to $39,000.

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Cynosure’s Vectus Laser offers power, reliability, speed, and efficiency. Its unique selling feature is the unit’s ability to cover a loftier volume of laser pilus removal, so areas like your client’s back, breast, and legs accept less fourth dimension to cover. This means your clients spend less time at your salon for results that take much longer to cover, but with the aforementioned level of quality as other high-cease hair laser removal machines.

Pros Cons
Includes Cynosure’s proprietary Skintel Melanin Reader.
To prevent pare discoloration from light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation treatment, the Vectus Laser comes with a melanin reader that can accurately appraise your client’south peel type and treatment parameters. Information technology tin then adjust the unit of measurement’s settings to forestall discoloration based on the amount of melanin in the client’s skin.Advanced Contact Cooling Technology.
Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation pilus removal tin crusade minimal pain and discomfort to patients. The Vectus Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation provides Advanced Contact Cooling engineering throughout the treatment to protect your client’due south peel, reduce discomfort, and provide a better experience.Covers more than surface area uniformly.
Its high-speed laser and wider coverage area can treat larger areas in less time. Laser hair removal tin can take around an hour, but the larger coverage tin care for clients’ pare in a fraction of that time.
Requires Cynosure light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation prophylactic eyewear.
Dissimilar other laser hair removal machines that can use eyewear from any provider, Cynosure recommends that everyone in the room during treatment wears the eyewear they provide along with the unit. This is considering their eyewear is specific to the wavelength of light the Vectus Laser produces. You lot can apply other eyewear, merely they have to meet the exact same specifications listed on Cynosure’southward lenses and frames.Doesn’t care for other salon or med spa services.
For other laser-related treatments, you’ll demand to purchase additional equipment.Still requires boosted treatment.
Although its Photon Recycling technology maximizes the laser’due south effects on your client’due south results, clients volition still demand multiple sessions for their hair to thin and eventually disappear.

4. Alma Soprano Ice Platinum

Price bachelor upon request, prices from vendors tin can range from $60,350 to $72,000.

The Alma Soprano Water ice Platinum uses “trio clustered diode applied science” – three wavelengths that each target a specific part around the hair follicle without damaging the skin and other tissues around the skin:

  • The Alex 755-nm wavelength allows for a broad range of skin and pilus colour, making information technology possible to treat pilus for all skin tones and hair colors uniformly.
  • The Speed 810-nm wavelength penetrates the peel (with a moderate melanin absorption level, making it safe for darker skin types) deeply to target the bulge and bulb and quickly treats the target surface area, reducing the handling time in half.
  • The YAG 1064-nm wavelength is designed for darker skin types while treating securely embedded hair like in your scalp, armpits, and bikini area.

With the iii wavelengths combined, you tin give your clients a about painless and safety experience.

Pros Cons
Features SHR by Alma Soprano.
Alma Soprano’south proprietary hair removal method, SHR, works by heating the dermis to harm hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. This can reduce the pain and discomfort clients experience during and after their treatment.Unit of measurement designed for all skin types and skin tones.
Its three laser wavelengths and effective heating method tin can ensure that hair removal is condom for all pare types.Targets the burl, bulb, and papilla.
Each of its three wavelengths targets the unlike parts of a hair follicle, making it weaker and thinner more effectively rather than but targeting a general expanse.
Doesn’t treat other salon or med-spa services.
This will give your staff a bigger learning curve when training to provide services with multiple equipment.Notwithstanding requires additional treatment.
Although a powerful unit, the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum volition all the same need to give clients multiple sessions for their hair to thin and eventually disappear.Express accessories.
Unlike other units that provide multiple accessories to improve your service and operation, the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum but comes with a Facial TIP to reach hard-to-achieve areas.

5. Candela elōs Plus

Toll bachelor upon request. Candela offers a Certified Pre-Owned program where you tin can buy used units while still receiving Candela’due south later on-sales service. For third-party vendors, used units can range from $sixteen,500 to $39,000.

The Candela elōs Plus is designed to be your salon’southward very own aesthetic workstation. The unit of measurement can provide your clients the post-obit services and treatments:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Birthmark and freckles removal
  • Spider vein removal
  • Rosacea (help manage severe cases of rosacea)
  • Treatment for pigmented lesions (like age spots, sunday spots, liver spots, and skin discoloration)
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation pare resurfacing
  • Acne vulgaris

Combining optical and radio frequency energies, the elōs Plus provides comfy treatments that still provides a deeper penetration of heat that requires only moderate skin heating to show results.

Pros Cons
Maximum comfort for clients.
Many of the unit’s features focus on providing clients with a comfortable process that yields impressive results. The unit maximizes thermal profiles efficiently, providing better penetration and results without higher temperatures. In that location is also a sapphire contact for cooling.Multiple treatments in one session.
The elōs Plus trinity Plus protocol, combined with the multiple handpieces provided with the unit, allows users to get light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation treatments for multiple trouble areas in one session.Built for ease of use.
This includes Plug & Play software upgrades, multiple handpieces, and an intuitive user interface that can exist customized to fit your salon’south services.
No mention of safe measures for all skin types.
The elōs Plus caters to a broad range of peel types and can treat those with lower optical absorption (those with light pilus types), only it lists no features that reduce the risk of discoloration for clients with darker skin tones and dark hair color.Non practical for all salons.
If your salon doesn’t offer other services that require lasers, it might exist more applied to become professional laser machines that focus on hair removal.Requires multiple treatments.
Candela estimates permanent pilus reduction after at to the lowest degree iii treatments.

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    Laser Safety Goggles (200-540nm)

These are our top five picks for professional person laser hair removal machines for your salon. If you’re because investing in light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation pilus removal equipment for your business, weigh out the costs and benefits of each of the units and see which can give you lot the best value in the long run. There’south a large market place for people looking to remove unwanted pilus, and beingness equipped to provide a long-term solution tin be a lucrative opportunity.

For all your other medical and wellness supplies and devices, visit Face Med Store’s online shop. We provide quality products at competitive prices, helping businesses like yours improve performance costs while maintaining customer satisfaction. Check out our products today.