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By | August 6, 2022

Els is a Host in Rome who hosted a refugee through

Help house 100,000 refugees fleeing Ukraine

Offer stays for free or at a discount through, or donate to aid our funding stretch further.

Your support makes a divergence is funding brusk term housing for upward to 100,000 people fleeing Ukraine. Nosotros support our refugee guests regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, or how they identify.

You can help by offer temporary stays for gratuitous or at a discount through, or donating to fund stays.

Linda, a Host in Dallas, has welcomed refugees through

Offer a place to stay

Start hosting guests for free or at a disbelieve.

How hosting works

  • partners with nonprofits that check refugee guests for eligibility and aid them before, during, and afterwards their stays.

  • Airbnb provides Hosts with AirCover, which includes $i million in liability insurance, $1 million in damage protection, and more.

Fode is a refugee guest who stayed with a Host in Italia through

Make a donation

Every donation helps make full a critical need for emergency stays for those fleeing Ukraine and others in crisis.

How altruistic works

  • 100% of your donation volition become toward connecting people with brusque term housing.

  • Stays are completely free for guests of our program.

  • Donations are revenue enhancement deductible to the extent allowed under your local tax laws.

Josue hosts through to welcome people fleeing many kinds of disasters.

Demand assistance?

We don’t offer housing straight to individuals at this time. works with other nonprofit partners who book and coordinate stays for refugee guests.

What our nonprofit partners practise

Our partners are nonprofits that assistance welcome refugees. These organizations back up their clients in finding housing and more. Nonprofit proposals are accepted past invitation only.

What does provides grants and engineering science to our nonprofit partners, who coordinate temporary housing for their clients.

Our partners

  • The International Organization for Migration (IOM)

How Airbnb contributes

Supporting Hosts

Airbnb provides Hosts with AirCover, which includes $one one thousand thousand in liability insurance, $1 one thousand thousand in damage protection, and more.

Waiving fees

Airbnb is waiving Host and guest fees on all stays for refugees.


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