2020 Toyota Tundra Led Tail Lights

By | August 6, 2022

These 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra LUXX-serial LED tail lights volition fit the following models:

14-21 Toyota Tundra


These 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra LUXX-series LED tail lights are with four LED tubes with cherry-red LED as parking low-cal, restriction light and sequential turn signal lights. In between the light tubes, we add together diffusers lens with LED for brake calorie-free and sequential turn point light in order to output more than obvious indication during daytime. Our LUXX-serial LED tail lights come up with our signature activation light feature, which is a sequence when you turn on your parking light, and gives your Tundra an unique fashion.


Our third Gen Toyota Tundra LUXX-serial LED tail lights come with activation light feature when you lot turn on the parking light. The lite tube comes with switchback feature with parking, brake in red LED, and sequential turn sign in amber LED. The top heart part is applying LED with diffusers for more obvious parking (red LED), brake (red LED) and indicate indication (red LED) in the daytime. The bottom center part is applying white LED for reverse light indication.


These tertiary Gen Toyota Tundra LUXX-serial LED tail lights come up in alpha-blackness, in which we apply sleeky black housing for the interior, smoke light tube and fume LED diffusers at the heart to allow switchback ruddy LED for parking, brake light and amber LED plough bespeak lights; we apply clear lens for the alpha-black housing tail lights to permit a articulate look at the black-out glossy detail for the interior for your Tundra.


Our 3rd Gen Toyota Tundra LED tail lights are made of polycarbonate plastic lens. We also apply a layer of coating to protect the lens against yellowing and oxidation.

SAE/DOT Compliance

Our tertiary Gen Toyota Tundra LED tail lights are with OE quality and are compliant with SAE and DOT regulations. Nosotros inspect every detail of the lights to make sure we are satisfied and and so are our customers.

Source: https://www.alpharexusa.com/product/14-21-toyota-tundra-luxx-series-led-tail-lights-alpha-black/

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