Invisible Uv Ink For Inkjet Printers

By | August 6, 2022

HP Invisible Inkjet Cartridges





We accept adult invisible Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) fluorescent inkjet cartridges.  We showtime with the HP60 high capacity cartridge and add especially purified versions of our invisible ink.  In UV, we take invisible blue and invisible red inks.  In IR, we have ii dissimilar invisible inks that can be seen either with an IR camera and special filters where it absorbs low-cal, or in another IR band every bit infrared fluorescence.  To run into IR fluorescence you need an IR sensitive camera, special filter and an excitation source.

We are currently offering only the HP60 cartridges to replace the normal black cartridge in the printer.

Invisible inkjet printing is a great fashion to protect and verify documents.  Anything that can normally be printed with an inkjet printer can also be printed with an invisible UV cartridge such equally checks, labels, tickets, tags, labels and regular paper.  Once printed, the UV ink is invisible until the certificate is held nether a longwave UV fluorescent lite source.  We have a wide multifariousness of UV handheld light sources that are compatible with these inks.

Using the invisible inkjet cartridge is equally unproblematic as replacing the inkjet cartridge and proceeding with the printers alignment routine except that, since the alignment page is invisible, you will desire to proceed a normal black page if your printer is the type that expects to browse the alignment folio.

When cartridge is not in use, nosotros recommend that yous remove the cartridge and snap-on supplied protective print head cap.  While all print cartridge slowly evaporate through vent holes and the print caput nozzles.  Because the UV ink is more volatile than the normal h2o based ink, the cartridges lose ink more quickly unless you go along the cartridge capped when no in use.

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When printing with invisible blue, please be aware that nearly white re-create paper has fluorescent brighteners to make the paper look whiter.  These brighteners also fluoresce blueish, so the invisible blueish ink can exist hard to detect on vivid white paper.  We have special white paper available that does work with the invisible blue.  The special what paper also is non-acidic and tin exist used for archival purposes.

The invisible reddish UV ink is a much more difficult ink to make than the more common UV bluish, and, considering of this, the UV red is a much more secure ink.  If you need higher security, we suggest the UV Invisible Red inkjet cartridge.

Because these cartridges comprise the print head, you don’t take to worry about the ink destroying your printer.   Many of the UV invisible inkjet cartridges use printers integrated impress heads that take large inkjet nozzle sizes such as Lexmark printers.  Typically, they are using inks that have very pocket-sized particles of non-soluble UV material.  The problem with this approach is that some of the particles will eventually cause the print caput to clog.  One time the print caput clogs on such a printer, yous have to throw away the printer because the print head can’t be replaced.

With our HP inkjet cartridge system, the print caput is role of the cartridge  Nosotros have also created special invisible UV inks that are solutions – not particle suspensions.  In normal light, our ink looks water articulate versus the typical pause systems that wait similar milk.

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Compatible Printers:

HP Photosmart C4635 / C4640 / C4650 All-in-One

HP Photosmart C4680 / 4780 All-in-One

HP Photosmart C4740/ C4750 / C4795 All-in-1

HP Photosmart e-All-in-1

HP Green-eyed 100 e-All-in-One

HP Green-eyed 110 e-All-in-One

HP Deskjet F4210 / F4235 Printer

HP Deskjet F4240 All-in-One

HP Deskjet F4280 All-in-I

HP Deskjet D4335 / F4440 Printer

HP Deskjet F4480 All-in-I

HP Deskjet F4580 All-in-One

HP 5560 Printer

HP Deskjet 5850/west Color Inkjet Printer Series

HP Deskjet D1600 Printer

HP Deskjet D1660 Printer

HP Deskjet D2430 Printer

HP Deskjet F2480 Printer

HP Deskjet D2530 / D2545 / D2560 Printer

HP Deskjet D2660 / D2680 Printer