Band Saw 12 Inch Cutting Height

By | August 6, 2022

In that location are plenty of saws out there that tin can do bones straight cuts and cross-cuts, but if you lot want to make curved cuts or any intricate cut for that matter, you’re out of luck if all you have on hand is a round saw, miter saw, or anything else with a large blade.

Band saws are where the true craftsmanship factor comes in, and the best ring saws are the ones that make your cutting tasks easier.

Bract Bore (inches)

44.875 x 0.v ten .02 inches

Top Choice



Bract Diameter (inches)

44.875 x 0.v x .02 inches

Although they are fully capable of making straight cuts, band saws let y’all guide the workpiece however yous wish, creating curves and irregular designs when needed.

This makes the band saw an essential part of any basic shop setup, pairing well with other saws that accept a smaller span of cut abilities.

For the longest fourth dimension, band saws were only available in larger flooring-standing sizes and by and large intended for professional person settings or experienced contractors. Thankfully, innovations in applied science have resulted in smaller sizes that are much more accessible — and affordable.

Since then, numerous companies have jumped on the ring saw bandwagon, leaving consumers with a ton of ownership choices, clouding the market so to speak.

Best Band Saws Reviews & Recommendations For 2022

Well, similar elsewhere on this site, we’ve done the research and testing for you, finally narrowing information technology down to 6 of our favorite band saws for 2022, and maybe fifty-fifty across.

The list below mostly focuses on benchtop models, with a few picks for portable band saws every bit well. Keep reading to see our picks, and why we’ve included them.

Winner: SKIL 3386-01 Ring Saw

skil 3386 9-inch band saw

The SKIL 3386-01 is a versatile benchtop band saw that is a perfect addition to anyone’south store, and information technology doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a weekend DIY hobbyist. This saw has an platonic size that offers a huge amount of operation, without taking up a lot of infinite.

The SKIL 3386-01 has a 9-inch pharynx capacity, and can easily mount to a flat benchtop surface for quick use. It makes use of a ii.five amp motor that runs on 120 volts, giving y’all plenty of power for any conventional cutting needles with appropriate materials.

A half dozen-TPI blade is included with the SKIL 3386-01, giving you a versatile bract size and molar configuration that volition let you hit the basis running as presently as you lot get it. A three ½ inch cutting capacity provides plenty of room for a wide range of materials and cutting tasks.

The table of the SKIL 3386-01 is i of its best features. With dimensions of 12 x 11-3/4 inches, you have all the infinite you demand when guiding workpieces in a diverseness of sizes with ease.

The SKIL 3386-01’s table also includes a rip fence and miter estimate, helping you make more than precise cuts each time, especially when ripping longer pieces of lumber, which the SKIL 3386-01 is great at.

The table besides has a rack and pinion table aligning that can quickly make bending and height changes, allowing you to perform cuts at many angles without having to spend a ton of time messing with an unstable table that can barely tilt.

Some helpful additional features include an articulating LED work low-cal that you can curve and aim to shine directly on wherever you lot demand it, fully illuminating the cutting surface or workpiece for better vision.

The SKIL 3386-01 too has a convenient dust port that y’all can connect to any standardly sized vacuum hose to keep your work area make clean and gratuitous of sawdust when cutting.

Overall, the SKIL 3386-01 offers a massive amount of performance and precision, while staying within a more compact size that makes it ideal for smaller spaces and home shops.

The affordable price is but icing on the cake. Nosotros did a thorough review of this saw so delight cheque it out.

Runner-up – Rikon 10-305 Band Saw

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw

Rikon’south 10-305 is a great choice for those who need a heavy-duty bandsaw that has a college corporeality of durability and stability for tougher tasks. It’south a scaled-down version of the highly-popular 10-345, retaining the same design and build, only equally a benchtop model.

The x-305’s frame is crafted from solid steel. This gives it a better sense of durability and longevity when compared to the plastic frames used by many other manufacturers when making benchtop ring saws.

A powerful ⅓ HP, 3.5 amp motor powers the x-305, giving it all the drive it needs to handle bowl and pen blanks easily, and a multifariousness of other harder materials that lesser saws aren’t equally capable of taking on.

With a cutting chapters of 4 ⅝ inches in height, and nine ⅝ inches in width, the 10-305 provides some added room that lets you saw and resaw larger lumber pieces usually reserved for bodily floor-standing models while staying under 36 inches in overall height.

Equally for the x-305’s tabular array, it’south made from cast iron, measuring thirteen ¾ inches by 12 ½ inches. This provides a large and entirely stable surface that makes it a lot easier to get perfect cuts when working with pieces of any size.

A rip fence is also included, helping guide larger pieces for ripping and re-sawing. If you need to do any freehand cutting, it can be removed in a affair of seconds.​

A micro-adjustable guidepost lets y’all raise and lower guidepost and height by only turning a handle. And for those that prefer a clean working expanse during cutting, a two ½ inch dust port lets you vacuum away dust and droppings by connecting a hose.

The Rikon 10-305 offers all of this at an affordable price, making it one of the best band saws for under $300. If your cut tasks require some added toughness and capacity, and y’all want to avoid getting a floor-standing model, this is the ane for you.

Read our detailed review for more data.

WEN 3962 Ring Saw

WEN 3962 band saw

The WEN 3962 combines a high amount of power with an array of smart and convenient features, making it a formidable ring saw that is i of the most versatile y’all’ll encounter, while still maintaining an appealing toll point.

Everything starts with the motor. The 3962 uses a three.5 amp motor that offers substantial cutting power and ability, assuasive it to handle big loads and harder materials. It too offers two different speeds for sawing: 1520 FPM, or 2620 FPM.

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The 3962 has a 9 ¾ inch throat size, which is a petty bigger than the standard 9-inch size many benchtop band saws have. This extra space gives you some more than headway when working with larger pieces.

A ⅜ inch, 6 TPI bract is included with the saw, so you lot can get to work the aforementioned mean solar day you lot get information technology prepare. Should you want to use a different blade, you lot can swap out any 72-inch blade ranging from ⅛ to ½ inches.

As for the table, the 3692 comes with a very spacious 14 ⅛ by 12 ½ sizes that can bevel up to 45 degrees for the times you need angled cuts. A fence is included as well, which can exist quickly removed whenever you need to do freehand cuts.

The 3692 easily handles miter cuts, thank you to an included miter judge. And while this is a table top band saw, information technology comes with its stand up, allowing you lot to prepare it up at flooring-continuing meridian quickly. This just adds to the versatility.

As for extras, the 3692 does come with an incredibly vivid LED work low-cal that lets you see every detail of what’s going on in the cutting area. Another helpful feature is a 3-in-1 grit port that can fit iii different vacuum hose sizes.

WEN saws are popular for a reason. The 3692 is a tabletop ring saw that acts like a floor-standing model, and backs it upwardly with an phenomenal corporeality of ability and adjustability.

The toll is fair as well, making the 3692 an fantabulous choice for any woodworker. Read our in depth review of this saw.

Grizzly G0555 Band Saw

Grizzly Band Saw

If a more industrial-level band saw is more your affair, the Grizzly G0555 is going to be your best choice. Although it is the near expensive on this list, information technology is unrivaled regarding power, durability, and convenient features that equip it to accept on frequent heavy-duty sawing tasks without sacrificing precision or ease of utilize.

The G0555 is a table top band saw, merely information technology doesn’t act like one. Aside from having a powerful motor, this saw has a sizable table, provides easy blade changing, and places attention to modest details that all combine to give it a shine operation that tin can handle practically anything.

As for the G0555’s motor, you get a full horsepower that cranks out xi amps via 110-volt/220v that should plug into any standard shop outlet. This provides two different blade speeds, starting with 1500 FPM, and a much higher 3200 FPM, giving you the best of both ends.

A ⅜ inch blade is included with the G0555, and it’s as well a fiddling higher in quality than what y’all become with lesser models. Should you lot desire to change the blade, it can arrange 92 ½ through 93 ½ inches in length, and 1/eighth 3/4th-inch width, giving you several different size options when cutting.

The bract’s operation is noticeably smooth and stable thanks to both upper and lower brawl bearing guides, and figurer-balanced cast aluminum wheels with safe tires. You’ll notice it when running a board through.

The table is a full fourteen x 14 inches all the way around. This extra space gives you more surface coverage, and perfectly compliments the vi-inch cut height, and 13 ½ inch cutting chapters. The table tin can tilt 45 degrees right, and 15 degrees left.

A deluxe aluminum fence is included, which as well contains a scale with a magnifying window. And yep, there is a miter gauge every bit well. Yous’ve got all you need. A 4-inch dust port lets yous connect a vacuum tube to keep the work area clean while cutting, and a heavy-duty stand lets y’all set upward the saw at working top.

The Grizzly G0555 is a preferred band saw for serious contractors, and information technology’s like shooting fish in a barrel to see why. Using this band saw for dwelling projects gives y’all a distinct advantage over cheaper saws — if you lot’re willing to pay the difference.

Read our detailed review for more than information.

Best Portable – DEWALT DWM120K Band Saw

DEWALT Band Saw Review

The DEWALT DWM120K offers big band saw the operation in a convenient handheld portable size. The DWM120K is packed with features and utilizes a smart design that allows yous to bring a tabletop band essentially saw on the job with yous — without the table.

The but inhibiting factor with the DWM120K is the cutting chapters that comes along with having a portable model. Concerning versatility and overall operation, the DWM120K is an asset to any job site, or for those that need a portable saw for their home projection needs.

A powerful motor is the eye of the DWM120K and enables it to slice through a variety of materials with little effort. The saw is powered by a cord rather than a battery pack and uses a ten amp motor.

Two speeds are available with the DWM120K as well. Y’all tin can choose from the slower 100 sfm setting, or crank things up to 300 sfm when you have tougher tasks on deck.

The DWM120K’south cutting capacity is among the best you’ll find, particularly for this price range. The saw can cut 5-inch round stock pieces or slightly lower size of 4 ¾ inches for rectangular stocks. This is big enough to handle most tasks that are advisable for a portable band saw.

Ergonomic handles on each side make it easy to concord the DWM120K, giving you a very firm and secure grip while cutting, without putting unnecessary strain on your hands and arms. The forepart handle can too be adjusted, which comes in very handy when working at awkward angles, or when cutting overhead.

A standard blade is included with the DWM120K, which has several features that add to the blade’s longevity. Accurate blade tracking aligning and helps to improve blade alignment and reduces wear on the blade. A changing level makes bract changes quick and elementary.

An LED sight light is included with the saw for better cut vision in any scenario, along with a hex wrench, and kit box.

The DEWALT DWM120K showcases years of innovation and constantly improving designs, which continually places the saw at the pinnacle of its class. Although it’s portable, its power and versatility make it a capable band saw that tin be depended on for endless uses, whether you lot’re at abode, or on the job.

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Read our in depth review of this saw.

Milwaukee’s 2429-21XC M12 Band Saw

Milwaukee Portable Band Saw

If you’re in need of a portable cordless band saw, and don’t require a maximum cutting capacity, Milwaukee’s 2429-21XC M12 is an economical and capable selection. This saw offers a superior amount of convenience and packs a surprising amount of cutting power.

With a look and feel non too far off from a ability drill, the 2429-21XC M12 is intended to offering i-handed cuts when possible, while also being comfy and stable. At just 12.4 pounds, the 2429-21XC M12 is amid the lightest portable band saws available.

The 2429-21XC M12 only offers one speed, merely it’s all you need, thanks to a 280 sfm. An 18 TPI blade crams in a high amount of teeth, making the blade more than efficient to make upwardly for its size and smaller cutting expanse.

As for the cutting capacity, the 2429-21XC M12 can handle materials up to 1 ⅝ inches, which is enough for most small household tasks, and a few task site applications too. An LED low-cal gives you a clear view of the cut line from any angle.

When using the XC battery, the 2429-21XC M12 can offer up to around 150 separate cuts on one total charge. The battery is 12 volts and includes a rapid charger for times y’all need to become back to your tasks with minimal waiting time.

The 2429-21XC M12 includes a difficult carrying example and a bare tool for maintenance and quick blade changes. Y’all’ve got all you lot need from the moment it arrives.

Although the 2429-21XC M12 doesn’t have the ability or cutting capacity of some more expensive portable band saws, if you lot only plan on smaller cutting tasks, it provides incredible value and a surprising amount of performance. It’s an asset to any abode wood shop.

We did a thorough review of this saw so please bank check information technology out.

Why Should You Choose Your Band Saw Carefully?

working with a band saw

All ring saws follow the same formula, which is a ribbon saw blade run in a loop along ii wheels, keeping the blade continuously moving in i direction. That’due south about where the similarities end amongst other band saws, however.

These saws come in many dissimilar shapes and sizes and besides incorporate various speeds, power, bract sizes, and an array of additional features too. These factors brand each saw more suited for certain tasks, some much more others.

This is a long way of saying that you lot can’t just go out and buy some big band saw unit, and expect information technology to do all the things yous envisioned. A total understanding of different types of ring saws and all of their different aspects will ensure that you purchase 1 yous tin can utilize.

This will relieve you from enough of frustration, and also save you money. Don’t autumn into the trap of thinking that buying the biggest, most powerful band saw volition automatically get in the ideal 1 for your needs.

Types Of Band Saws

band saw outdoor

Band saws accept three main categories, and there are also some specialty versions for more focused tasks outside of woodworking and basic projects.


These band saws are the large models that y’all’re likely to see at lumber yards and a variety of industrial backdrop.

As the name suggests, floor-standing band saws practise not need to exist secured to a surface, as they come up with their legs, usually have wheels, and are positioned to exist a piffling higher than your midsection.

Floor-standing band saws are very powerful and have big tables to handle big pieces of forest, metal, piping, and many other things.

The average home contractor or woodworking enthusiast doesn’t accept a need for a ring saw this big. They are also usually thousands of dollars, so there’southward that also.


Benchtop band saws are the well-nigh common amongst the average user, and most professionals as well. These band saws have the same general blueprint as their floor-standing counterparts simply demand to be either mounted to a flat surface or gear up upwards on a stand up.

Even though they aren’t as big as floor models, benchtop ring saws take all the power and adjustability you demand 99% of the time for near minor, medium, and big cutting tasks.

As far every bit differences from i model to another, the chief variances center around power, table size, and cutting capacity. Actress features aren’t usually a bargain-breaker.


Portable band saws are a fleck unlike. These are technically band saws, but they don’t have the same method of performance that you’ll see with a benchtop model. This is mainly from them not having a table to position workpieces on.

Portable band saws employ the same revolving blade and take the same system of blade guides. They are rarely adjustable and are more geared towards making freehand cuts in things similar pipes.


There are some specialty band saws out there. The most familiar 1 to nigh is a meat band saw. These are mainly for butchers, and hunters that like to gear up their meat after bagging a deer, elk, bison, etc.

What Are Yous Using It For?

working with portable band saw

Your first step in identifying your needs is outlining what you lot need a ring saw for in the kickoff place.

Modest Woodworking Tasks

If you lot’re a domicile DIY hobbyist, in that location are times when you’ll need to make some curved cuts when crafting trim pieces, crown molding, bed posts, or whatever other workpiece that needs annihilation but a bones straight cutting.

In this instance, you tin can become by with a low or mid-range benchtop band saw. These make it adequately easy to brand curved cuts in, and ordinarily, have some added features and adjustability that will brand things a picayune easier.

Depending on the materials and blade choice, benchtop models can be used for cut metals and plastics as well.

If you have a contend with your band saw, you tin utilise it for ripping and resawing wood, and whatsoever other time y’all need to make straight and angled cuts too.

Metallic Cutting

This usage is mostly reserved for portable ring saws. While benchtop models are keen for cutting wood pieces that take conventional shapes and sizes, some metal components are either non movable, or non able to fit onto a bandsaw table.

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This includes pipes, air ducts, framing, and a variety of metal types that aren’t neatly arranged into long planks and two 10 4’s like wood usually is.

Portable band saws act every bit a sort of mobile hacksaw that can provide quick and precise cuts from an infinite number of angles — as long every bit information technology can fit into the cutting area.

That’s not to say you tin’t use portable band saws for forest, however. Resourceful craftsmen tin can find numerous ways to employ these versatile saws for wooden materials when needed and appropriate.

Intricate Cutting And Larger Wood Pieces

Every bit I mentioned earlier, band saws are fully capable of ripping and resawing wood, along with all of the curved, intricate, and detailed cuts they are more known for.

If you anticipate having to rip and resaw woods just as oftentimes as yous’ll demand to make curved cuts, a larger, more than powerful benchtop band saw is ideal.

These benchtop saws are going to cost a little more, but they extra motor power, expanded cut capacity, and bigger table sizes are well worth.

It will turn your band saw into a do-it-all auto that may very well take the place of some of your other saws.

On What To Pay Attending When Buying Band Saw

benchtop band saw in the garage

Listed below are the main aspects and specs you need to exist the most mindful of when shopping for a ring saw.


The power of a band saw is going to be 1 of its most distinguishing factors. Equally you’ve probably guessed, saws that take more powerful motors will be able to cut materials easier.

The higher the power, the more effortless the cutting will be, which comes in handy when dealing with harder and denser wood pieces.

Less powerful motors volition struggle to maintain blade speeds and torque when cut into these pieces, which can touch on precision as well.

Cut Capacity

The cutting chapters refers to how big of a workpiece the band saw can accommodate. Nearly every single benchtop band saw is adjustable, letting you raise and lower the blade guards to match the textile sizes you are working with.

The 2 types of cutting capacity are throat and depth.

Pharynx refers to the distance from the saw’s blade to the vertical frame portion. This corporeality determines the width of cut the saw can accommodate.

The cutting depth refers to the distance from the table to the upper bract guides. This is used to effigy the maximum thickness of material the saw can have on.


A band saw’s speed is how fast it can revolve the bract effectually the saw’s wheels. The faster the speed, the faster the bract spins, which makes the saw cutting in a more than controlled and precise manner — commonly.

Some saws will offer two different speeds, and then users can opt for a lower speed when working with sure materials, which is usually for metals. Some more fragile materials do better with lower speeds too.

It’southward best to look for a saw that has variable speeds, not just one loftier speed.


Ring saw tables are where you rest your workpieces while guiding them from the blade. These tables are relied upon for stability, and can also be used to guide the material in through various angles and directions.

The bigger the table, the bigger the material you can saw. Size isn’t the main cistron here, notwithstanding.

Look for saws that have adjustable angles that let yous brand angled cuts in betwixt 45 and xv degrees. Miter gauges are plainly helpful also, and having a fence included with the table should be a given.

When you accept all three of these, you have a wide range of options for your cutting, making your saw a lot more versatile, which gets your money’southward worth.

Extra Features

There are a few select extra features that can make a ring saw perform better.

LED cutting guide lights are neat for illuminating the cutting area, and so you can see exactly where the blade is going, and every other small detail too, including any lines you’ve drawn on the woods.

Vacuum ports let you lot to connect a hose that sucks away sawdust and debris as you cutting, and so you don’t have stuff flying all over the place and clouding your vision. Information technology helps with cleanup as well.

If you are looking at benchtop band saws, a stand is a corking bonus item that will allow you set the saw up at proper acme without the demand to clamp it to a flat work surface.


Ring saws are a favorite amid most woodworkers for a reason. In some cases, they can be all you need, depending on the chore at manus. Y’all should now be well-versed in all the information needed to brand an informed ownership decision.

Of class, any of the saws listed above should be at the top of your considerations. In one case you’ve determined what you lot’ll need your ring saw for, yous’ll exist only a few steps away from choosing the i that’s correct for yous.

Nosotros exercise have our favorites, only we can say with confidence that all six of the saws in this guide can brand splendid additions to your shop setup. It but depends on your preferences and upkeep.

Good luck!



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