How To Open A Filing Cabinet Locked

By | August 6, 2022

Paperclips may be used to open a locked file cabinet.

If you need to open a locked file cabinet and you lot have lost or misplaced the central, at that place are several different options you lot may want to consider. Some of the methods for doing this can be destructive, and include drilling the lock out, or prying the drawer open up. If you lot practise not wish to damage the lock or cabinet, then you will need to contact a locksmith or pick the lock yourself. A locksmith may be able to cutting a new key for you by examining the lock for a code number, or pick the lock if no code number is present. Many filing cabinets use simple wafer locks though, which can often be picked by using a paperclip or even rocking a dissimilar fundamental up and down while attempting to plow it.

Padlocks may be used to secure file cabinets.

Padlocks may be used to secure file cabinets.

The different methods of gaining admission to a locked file cabinet each present benefits in sure situations. Your options may be limited based on factors such every bit the construction of the cabinet, type of lock, or the desire to avoid damaging either 1. If you plan on disposing of the cabinet and lock, and simply want to access the contents, prying a drawer open is sometimes an option. Many filing cabinets are fabricated of thin canvass metal that can be easily bent by a little pressure level from a pry bar. This method requires bending the cabinet or drawer so that you gain access to the locking machinery, which must also be bent out of the manner.

Filing cabinets are often made of thin sheet metal that is easy to bend.

Filing cabinets are often made of thin canvass metal that is easy to bend.

Another method of gaining access to a locked file cabinet is drilling out the lock. The lock cylinder will need to be replaced afterwards, just you will typically avert damaging the chiffonier itself. You lot should typically brainstorm the procedure with a drill bit that is slightly wider than the keyhole and attempt to drill through the pins. If you succeed, it will be possible to open up the lock with a screwdriver. Otherwise you volition need to use i or more larger bits to drill through the entire lock cylinder; be sure to habiliment prophylactic goggles while doing this.

A steel nail file may be used to pick a locked file cabinet.

A steel nail file may exist used to pick a locked file cabinet.

Professional locksmiths also accept a few ways of dealing with locked file cabinets, and then if you exercise not listen spending some money that is as well an option. If your lock has a code number printed on the confront of the lock or the bezel, a locksmith may be able to use that to cut you a new key. Locksmiths also accept the necessary tools to pick such locks very quickly. Alternatively, by contacting the manufacturer of the cabinet, you may be able to obtain a new key or instructions for bypassing the lock.

Many file cabinets use wafer locks, and then you may likewise desire to consider picking it yourself. In order to choice these locks, all you demand to do is push each wafer all the style up. One fashion to accomplish this is to insert a key for a different wafer lock and rock it up and down while yous endeavour to turn it. Any other thin slice of metal can as well do the job, including a paperclip, nail file or pocketknife. To gain access to a locked file chiffonier that uses a more than complex lock, y’all will typically need to purchase a professional lock picking kit.

How To Drill a Lock on a File Cabinet

Getting into a locked filing cabinet without a primal can exist challenging. But when yous need to get inside, yous want to exhaust all possibilities. One popular method is drilling the lock, which releases it from the filing cabinet and lets you open the drawers. Yous’ll need a flathead screwdriver and a drill, of course, with some machine oil and a steel drill bit that fits the longest function of the keyhole entry point. Go on carefully as y’all try to drill open the lock.

The Drilling Process

Before yous begin, rub a trivial flake of machine oil onto the drill bit. This reduces whatever resulting friction every bit you’re drilling into the lock. Beginning with your drill at medium speed, using steady and firm pressure. Go along going until the drill penetrates the lock mechanism, and then switch your drill to reverse mode and carefully pull and the bit out of the lock.

In one case you lot’ve extracted the drill, insert your flathead screwdriver into the lock machinery’s slot. Turn the screwdriver clockwise. If your first drilling round was successful, this will trip the lock’s release lever. If not, you’ll need to drill once more using a larger-sized chip. Have intendance not to interruption any drill bits inside the lock. Try the screwdriver again once you’ve finished the 2d round of drilling. Repeated the procedure equally needed until the release lever can be tripped.

How To Open a File Cabinet With a Broken Lock

Accessing a file cabinet with a broken lock can be even more frustrating. All the same, information technology’s not impossible. Fortunately, the same procedure for drilling open a lock works on both functional and broken file cabinet locks.

You may have additional options, depending on the model of filing cabinet you have. Check for a vertical latch on the right side. If 1 is present, you may be able to open the chiffonier by using a shim. You’ll need something potent, such equally a thin tapered piece of metallic. Insert your shim on the right side of the second drawer. There should be a vertical bar that you can lift. With 1 hand on the handle of the drawer, work the release with your thumb while jimmying the shim inserted into the correct side.

How To Open up a Locked File Cabinet With a Paperclip

When y’all don’t have a drill or a shim, you may be able to disengage a file cabinet lock past using a paperclip. Before y’all begin, straighten out one stop of the paperclip while letting the other remain bent. Slide the curved tip of the paperclip into the lock’southward keyhole, positioning the paperclip vertically and then that the curved end is pressed down on the interior of the lock.

After you’ve inserted the paperclip, lowly move it left to right: Proceed gingerly until you can detect how to push the pins down to leap the lock. In one case the lock rotates to the side, you lot’ve successfully unlocked the filing cabinet. Carefully extract the paperclip when you’re finished.

Opening the Lock With Bump Keys

If y’all’ve purchased bump keys in advance, you’re in luck. Bump keys let you unlock a locked filing cabinet if you’re missing the key. It’s ofttimes easier than trying to drill the lock or using a paperclip to pick information technology. You lot can purchase bump keys at near hardware stores. They’re an inexpensive investment that can save yous a lot of time and headaches.

Bump keys are fashioned in shapes that fit (or closely fit) most file chiffonier locks. Select the central that most resembles the lock on your filing cabinet. Slide information technology into the lock, then tilt and bump the cardinal until you can successfully open the lock. If this method fails and you have no other options, your best bet is to call a locksmith.


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