Floor Mat For Office Chair On Hardwood

By | August 13, 2022

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Carpets and hard floor both show vesture in work spaces with rolling office chairs. Rather than spending money fixing or replacing flooring in these high-use areas, investing in the best chair mat is a cost-constructive style to protect your floors and heighten your abode office. The best chair mat inhibits damage from chair wheels and creates a bulwark for clay and moisture—they’re easy to clean, too.

Keep reading to learn why the post-obit picks are among the best chair mat options available and some shopping considerations to consider.

  1. Best OVERALL:
    MuArts Crystal Clear 1/5” Thick 47” x forty” Chair Mat
  2. Best Upkeep:
    Mind Reader OFFCMAT-CLR 36” x 48” Clear Carpeting Mat
    Lorell Tempered Drinking glass Chair Mat
  4. All-time FOR CARPETS:
    Gorilla Grip Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat
    Evolve 36″ x 48″ Articulate Part Chair Mat
    Amazon Basics Polycarbonate Chair Mat – Difficult Floors

The Best Chair Mat

Photo: amazon.com

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Chair Mat

Office chair mats are built with studs on the bottom suitable for dissimilar piles, or apartment bottoms to remain affluent with hardwood floors. In that location are other features to consider like type, size, thickness, and other special features. Make sure to continue these points in mind when choosing the best chair mat for carpet in your dwelling or office.


Chair mats come up in a variety of dissimilar materials and styles, each suited to different floor types. Here’s how the options stack upwards for carpeted or hardwood flooring and different chair types.

  • Tempered drinking glass
    mats are extremely durable. Near are capable of withstanding over 1,000 pounds of pressure. This type of mat is also smooth enough for sliding office chairs to glide smoothly and tin can be used on either carpeted or hard flooring.
  • Plexiglass
    is another heavy-duty material for chair mats as they can withstand hundreds to thousands of pounds of force per unit area and tin exist used on both hard and carpeted floors. Notwithstanding, these options are heavy so they can be tricky to bring into an role building or home office and may go out a dented expanse in the fibers of your carpet or area carpet when removed.
  • Polypropylene
    is a sturdy scissure- and chafe-resistant plastic material that is suitable for depression-pile carpets or hard flooring. While select options come with cleats or studs to keep information technology in place, the majority of these mats volition stay in identify on hard floors.
  • Polycarbonate
    is a flexible, durable material that is suitable for low-pile carpeted surfaces and usually comes in a variety of articulate colorways. Many are built with small studs on the bottom to continue the mat in identify as you curlicue around on your desk-bound chair. Since the majority of these chair mats are transparent, they blend in well with any patterns on the carpet.
  • Polyethylene
    chair mats are usually clear and are suitable for use on difficult floors. Many are scratch- and scrap-resistant and the smooth, gripped surface allows for easy rolling on your part chair. Plus, many options take a lip built-in to protect your flooring.
  • PVC/plastic
    chair mats are usually used on hard floors as well as depression-pile carpeting. Well-nigh options last for a long fourth dimension, have congenital-in lips to protect your flooring, and resists scratching and dents.

Floor Type

Earlier you buy a chair mat, consider the flooring type in your office space. Equally a rule of thumb, select a mat that has a low-friction textured surface to offer controlled rolling. If a top layer is too smooth, information technology doesn’t grip the wheels and may cause users to roll off the mat.

Typically, there are different types of mats for carpet and hard flooring. A key departure is the underside and whether or not the mat has cleats. These cleats grip and secure the chair mat to carpeted floors. Mats for hard surfaces mostly have a flat bankroll or very pocket-sized grips.

Carpet chair mats have more than thickness options to business relationship for the carpet pile summit. Choosing a mat tailored to a item carpet’s pile height ensures a stable and rigid platform for an part chair. Below are some of the floor types that chair mats tin accommodate and how they tin can work in your part.

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Dimensions and Shape

Chair mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The larger the desk-bound or table, the larger the mat must be to adequately protect the carpet underneath. For a standard desk and chair setup, a 36-inch-deep by 48-inch-wide mat is usually sufficient. Smaller desks can go with downsized versions, while a tabular array might crave something a fleck wider.

Many of the best chair mats for carpet surfaces too feature an extended lip that sits underneath the desk-bound. This lip volition typically protect the carpet underneath an office desk-bound from the front-most wheel of an role chair.


How well your chair mat keeps its shape and holds up to frequent use will have a lot to practice with mat thickness. Generally speaking, the best mats are between three and 5 millimeters thick, as this thickness provides enough forcefulness and rigidity to resist force per unit area caused by iv desk chair legs or 5 wheels.

There are thinner mats, but they are all-time suited for hardwood surfaces equally they may sink or bunch underneath a wheel on rug, making information technology challenging to roll. They’ll protect the carpeting, but might exist frustrating to use.

Bottom Surface

Mats for hard surfaces like hardwood floors, tile, and vinyl floors are shine underneath so they can lay completely flat. That’s not the case for carpet mats.

As touched upon earlier, the best chair mat for rug will have studs underneath. These studs act like petty cleats, holding the mat deeply in place. The studs go on the mat from scooting effectually as you adjust your chair. They’re absolutely necessary for getting the all-time results out of your chair mat on a textured surface.

Additional Features

There are a few other features you might find highly-seasoned, making one product more than suitable for your needs over another.

  • Some chair mats are
    which could be helpful for reducing the odds of shocking a laptop or keyboard from free energy congenital up while rolling.
  • Nonslip textures
    on the top of the chair mat can exist a big aid as well, offering a more ergonomic grip for pushing an function chair out from under a desk.
  • Yous might fifty-fifty find chair mats for rug that are

    meaning they’ll reduce the take chances of mold or mildew growing underneath. If your role or habitation has a humidity problem, this might be an highly-seasoned feature.

Our Top Picks

The best chair mat provides a prophylactic rolling surface, properly grips the floor, and protects floors for years without crimper or cracking. Selecting the right chair mat depends on the type of floor you have and your preference for colour and size.

The Best Chair Mat Options: MuArts Crystal Clear 1_5” Thick 47” x 40” Chair Mat

Photo: amazon.com

The MuArts chair mat lends peace of mind when it comes to floor protection due to its heavy, sturdy pattern. A thickness of 0.2 inches makes it sturdier than other chair mats, and a weight of 16 pounds resists curling or folding so it stays completely flat and in place. Users can easily wheel across the mat to get around their piece of work infinite without sinking into the material. Constructed of nonbreakable, nontoxic plexiglass, this chair mat holds upward to ane,400 pounds.

Measuring 47 inches by 40 inches, this chair mat fits a standard work infinite quite well. As for appearance, it’s clear enough that y’all tin can encounter your floor or carpet design through the mat, making information technology blend into your home or role infinite.

Product Specs

  • Type:
  • Compatible Floors:
    Carpet and hard floors
  • Size:
    47 inches by 40 inches


  • Sturdy, thick construction
  • Holds up to i,400 pounds
  • Articulate blueprint
  • Suitable for standard office spaces and chairs


  • Pricey
  • Heavyweight blueprint
  • Edges may chip

The Best Chair Mat Option: Mind Reader OFFCMAT-CLR Clear Carpet Mat

Photo: amazon.com

Chair mats don’t have to toll a fortune. Heed Reader’s crack-resistant chair mat allows users to roll smoothly between tasks without fearfulness of damaging expensive flooring. Made for hard floors or low-pile carpets, this chair mat has molded cleats and studs to hold the mat in place without causing damage. These grips ensure the mat stays secure on firm flooring and clings to any carpet, preventing slips.

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The mat’s material is thick and wear-resistant, long-life polypropylene that comes in iii color options, then users can choose the colour that all-time matches their style. The pinnacle surface of the mat keeps users safe with a textured surface for smooth and controlled rolling. At 48 inches by 36 inches by 0.one inches, this chair mat compares to others in the market place for size at a lesser price.

Product Specs

  • Type:
  • Compatible Floors:
    Low-pile rug and difficult floors
  • Size:
    48 past 36 by 0.1 inches


  • Molded cleats and studs congenital-in; stays in place
  • Thick and article of clothing-resistant
  • Comes in 3 colorways


  • May accept some time to unroll flatly; may crave blow drying or weights

The Best Chair Mat Options: Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat

Photo: amazon.com

Lorell’southward tempered-glass chair mat gives users the support they need with a sophisticated and sleek advent. Unlike other materials (such as plastic), drinking glass doesn’t clothing out over fourth dimension—this is a mat that keeps its luster long term.

This mat is 36 inches by 46 inches by 0.25 inches but besides comes in two larger sizes to fit near desk-bound spaces. Able to back up upwards to one,000 pounds, this frail-actualization chair mat is tougher than it seems. The one downside of this mat is that metal can damage it; swap out any metal chair casters for plastic ones, and this mat performs remarkably well.

The scratch-resistant surface of the mat keeps it extra smoothen for easy rolling, and it’due south easy to clean with a uncomplicated and quick wipe. Unlike other mats that are meant for carpet or difficult floors, this clear drinking glass chair mat works on any flooring, including loftier-pile carpet, low-pile carpeting, hardwood, vinyl, marble, and more.

Product Specs

  • Blazon:
    Tempered glass
  • Compatible Floors:
    High-, medium-, and low-pile carpet and difficult floors
  • Size:
    36 by 46 past 0.25 inches


  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Easy to make clean
  • Suitable for utilise on many floor types


  • Pricey
  • Metal may damage the surface

The Best Chair Mat Option: Gorilla Grip Polycarbonate Studded Chair Mat

Photo: amazon.com

Those looking to protect the carpets underneath their desk chair or other piece of furniture should requite this Gorilla Grip studded chair mat a await. This sturdy slice of polycarbonate plastic comes in ii sizes, including 36 inches by 48 inches and 29 inches by 47 inches, offering coverage for a variety of chairs. Both sizes come with or without a lip for a flake of extra protection if desired.

The Gorilla Grip chair mat contains 3 millimeters of material. It will resist sinking from wheels or chair legs, with no crimper or angle. It has durable studs underneath to grip onto nigh surfaces without slipping.

Product Specs

  • Type:
  • Compatible Floors:
    Depression to medium-pile carpets
  • Size:
    36 inches by 48 inches and 29 inches by 47 inches


  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • No lip included; adds actress protection
  • Resists sinking, curling, and bending
  • Congenital-in studs; stays in place


  • Pricey
  • May exist too big for some office spaces
  • Sticker may exist hard to remove

The Best Chair Mat Option: Evolve Modern Shape Clear Office Chair Mat

Photo: amazon.com

Some work spaces are smaller than others only still benefit from the protection of a chair mat. This chair mat from Evolve gives compact work spaces on a depression-pile carpet the protection of PVC. Using a cleated backing for grip and sourced from recycled materials, this GREENGUARD-certified chair mat is practical and sustainable. With a rounded lip that tucks under the desk, it offers a applied and space-friendly design for standard wheeled chairs.

Whether for a dorm room, living room, or cubicle, this chair mat comes in 33-inch by 44-inch, 36-inch by 48-inch, and 45-inch by threescore-inch sizes and blends in with near decor. A transparent floor guard that doesn’t draw attending makes it a practical addition to a piece of work infinite without compromising mode.

Production Specs

  • Blazon:
    PVC plastic
  • Compatible Floors:
    Low-pile carpets
  • Size:
    33 inches past 44 inches, 36 inches past 48 inches, and 45 inches past sixty inches


  • Cleated backing; stays in identify
  • Sourced from recycled materials; GREENGUARD-certified
  • Rounded lip congenital-in
  • Articulate construction blends in with any carpeted floor
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  • Not suitable for hard floors or medium- and high-pile carpets
  • May take some time to flatten to the ground

The Best Chair Mat Options: Amazon Basics Polycarbonate Chair Mat

Photo: amazon.com

When a standard-size chair mat just won’t do, upgrade to a larger size, such every bit this mat from Amazon Basics. With a polish backing meant for all types of hard floors (including floors with under-floor heating), this chair mat provides an easy-glide rolling surface in an expanded size.

Measuring 47 inches by 79 inches, this mat is a great addition to the piece of work or home office. Fabricated of phthalate-costless, nontoxic, 100 percent polycarbonate, this mat stays rigid and does not sink, curl, or indent—even under difficult weights.

A lightly embossed top surface offers controlled chair move but easy gliding from 1 end of the mat to the other. The material also makes it easy to wipe clean, keeping a new-looking chair mat for a long time. Since it’s clear, it incorporates hands into about office spaces, and it’s big enough to give accommodating protection around a workstation and not but on i side of it.

Product Specs

  • Type:
  • Compatible Floors:
    Hard floors
  • Size:
    47 inches past 79 inches


  • Suitable for multiple types of hard floor
  • Phthalate-free, nontoxic construction
  • Chafe-, dent-, and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for carpeted floors

Our Verdict

Those looking for a durable pick to protect their carpeted and hard flooring tin depend on the MuArts chair mat’southward sturdy plexiglass construction which tin can hold upward to ane,400 pounds and suit near standard office spaces. Alternatively, for a upkeep-friendly option, the Heed Reader office chair is also a versatile selection equally it’s polypropylene construction can be used on low-pile carpet and hard floors. Plus, this thick, wear-resistant option has molded cleats and comes in 3 colorways.

How We Chose the All-time Chair Mats

We researched the virtually sought-later chair mats in their respective categories and discovered that the best options are adamant by their type, compatibility with multiple surfaces, size, and other special features included by select brands.

While searching for the best chair mats available, we found that the most popular types are plexiglass, polypropylene, tempered glass, polycarbonate, polyethylene, and PVC plastic. Each of these constructions provides aplenty immovability to protect low-, medium-, and high-pile carpeting too as vinyl, marble, and hardwood floors.

For those offices that have carpeted floors, some of these options take cleats or studs built-in on the undersurface to keep them in identify and smoothen surfaces for easy rolling. Most of our picks also come up in multiple sizes for small and large offices.


Now that you lot’ve learned some of the important factors to consider when choosing the best chair mats, questions may notwithstanding remain. Additional information most choosing and caring for your new mat appears below.

Q: What is the divergence between a beveled-edge mat and directly-edge mat?

A beveled edge acts as a miniature ramp, allowing users to roll on and off of the mat hands. It’s a handy feature for thicker mats.

Q: Practice chair mats ruin carpet and hardwood?

Chair mats have the potential to break down and damage the fibers in your carpeting if there is too much pressure level put on it or the mat itself is heavy. As for hard flooring, some chair mats may trap dust and debris that can cause damage if the mat is slid beyond the floor.

Q: How exercise I cull a chair mat for carpet?

The outset consideration is finding a mat designed for the pile of your carpet. The studs on the mat should fit with the pile height. Then, you lot’ll want to notice a size that works for your infinite. There are other features to consider as well, such as antistatic and antimicrobial properties.

Q: How exercise I get a new chair mat to lay flat?

The best style to flatten a chair mat is to get out it outside in direct sunlight on a sunny day. Allow information technology to warm up and lay flat. Then, bring the mat within and lay it flat until information technology cools and hardens completely.

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