What To Do With A Spare Bedroom

By | August 13, 2022

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24 Clever Ideas for What to Practise With a Spare Room

By: Caroline Warnock


Many homes have a spare room, either an empty room used for storage or it’s just a guest room that’s sitting empty nearly of the fourth dimension.

Instead of leaving it like that, start a repurposing projection and transform the room into something that volition exist truly usable and functional.

There are then many options for a spare room, from a place you lot can take upward your hobby to a home office. Let’southward explore a few of these options here.

Convert the Spare Room to a Written report Corner

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If you work from home, or you have children, you can really benefit from converting your extra room into a study corner. It’southward a great fashion to make certain you can focus on the task at hand.

In this example, we can see how all the necessary supplies are organized on the shelves, keeping the desk space clear and distraction-free.

Make Information technology an Organized and Peaceful Home Part

Make It an Organized and Peaceful Home Office
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If you lot tend to work from habitation relatively often, you might want to use your extra room as a home office. You can and so focus on your work without distractions, and everything you need is in one place.

Decorate the room in colors that you similar so yous’ll feel comfortable and inspired there.

Transform Information technology Into a Music Room or Recording Studio

Do you play an instrument or love to play around creating unlike beats? Possibly you lot’ve always wanted to starting time your own podcast. Why not transform your spare room into an at dwelling recording studio or a music room?

You can start pocket-sized, by putting in your instrument or whatever gear y’all need for your projection. With time, y’all can put more coin into the project and get-go audio-proofing the walls and getting higher-quality equipment.

Employ It as an Onetime-Fashioned Dressing Room

alexandra lammerink 2bPy3t1rc7A unsplash 1

If you’re a fashionista, y’all may desire to use the spare room as an old-fashioned dressing room. Call back vanity, shoe and accessories organizers, and tons of mirrors. You lot tin can besides add together in a vintage screen to get changed backside.

Create a Defended Kids Play Room

For those with kids, you might desire to think nigh using the spare room as a kids’ playroom. You can actually keep all their toys organized, and create a big infinite with room for them to play and be active in.

Retrieve nearly getting a large area rug so it’s more comfortable to sit direct on the floor. Exist sure to stock the room with plenty of arts and crafts supplies for a rainy twenty-four hours.

A Sofa Bed Is Perfect for Versatility

A Sofa Bed Is Perfect for Versatility
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If you want to continue the bed in the room for guests just you don’t have a lot of space to work with for a multi-purpose spare room, invest in a sofa bed.

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At that place are surprisingly a lot of comfy beds that tin can be converted to sofas without sacrificing style.

Relax With a Home Theater

Another great idea for a spare room, although a bit higher upkeep, is to create a habitation theater. Large screen TV, surround audio, comfortable couches or loungers, the works. This room looks completely comfortable and a great place to scroll upwards and spotter a skilful movie.

Apply It for an Artist’s Studio

A spare room tin can be just the place to set up up an creative person’due south studio. Turn it into a peaceful and inspiring place where you tin be creative and removed from all of life’southward distractions.

In this case, we tin can encounter a ton of plants all effectually the room and some large windows to permit in low-cal, peachy ideas to lighten upward the studio. Add together storage for all the easels, canvases, and paints that you demand.

Treat Yourself With a Full Room Closet

Do you find that your bedroom closet is too small-scale? Do you constantly have clothes lying all over the identify, or y’all want to get rid of your dresser to make more space in your bedroom?

Use your spare room as a total, walk-in cupboard. In this case, there’s a lot of racks to hang clothes, a full shelf for shoes, and even a cabinet on wheels in the center of the room for accessories.

Set Up a Fun Board Game and Activeness Room

Larger spare rooms tin be converted into an activeness and games room. A large table is not bad for board games so you don’t need to keep using the kitchen table. Add tons of shelves to shop all your games.

If you prefer other activities, yous can put in a ping pong table or a foosball table. Just make sure to measure the space so you take room to move around the table with ease.

Brand a Multi-Purpose Invitee and Study Room

If y’all do still have some guests that come visit your home regularly, you might be more than inclined to keep your spare room equally a guest chamber. Even so, that doesn’t mean the room needs to be unusable for the rest of the fourth dimension.

You lot tin add a report corner with a desk in a corner of the guest bedroom and keep things organized then that the room however useful even when there are no visitors.

Create a Crafts and Project Space to Exist Creative

Depositphotos 159149024 l 2015

An extra room can easily exist converted to a crafts or project space for those who like DIY, scrapbooking, and other craftsy hobbies.

Accept fun with the decor of the place since you want it to be inspiring and fun, especially for such a lighthearted hobby.

Get Yr-Round Produce by Putting In a Garden

Convert your spare room into an indoor garden and information technology will exist just as rewarding as outdoor gardens, specially if you can command the temperature and light coming in.

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The all-time role of an indoor garden is that you never have to worry about the cold and you can go fruits, veggies, and herbs year-round. If you’re not certain to start and this is your showtime gardening projection, bank check out this guide for everything yous need to know.

Lounge Around With a Cozy Snug

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A smaller spare room can be used as a more intimate, cozy location for a snug. If your budget allows, you can put in a fireplace like this one, a large bookshelf, and a comfortable burrow with throw pillows and blankets.

The blackness and white expect of the room is sleek and modern but the fireplace adds a lot of warmth and the big establish adds some vibrancy to the room.

Build a Floor to Ceiling Bookcase

house method 5machozdRIE unsplash

Fans of reading will absolutely dear this idea for a spare room, which involves floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Finish off the room with a few comfy chairs and couches and then you lot can curl up with a book in a more than private and quiet setting.

These shelves are like shooting fish in a barrel to build yourself, or yous can go some custom-made wooden ones for a more upscale look. Exist sure that the lighting is good in the room.

Play Around With Unique Concepts

This is a multi-purpose spare room only it’south been designed in a way that’due south unique and visually appealing. The invitee bed is gear up up on a raised platform, and underneath it is a large lounge chair, a desk, and some bookshelves.

The large boho area carpeting and plants make the room more welcoming and stylish, and there’s a ton of natural light coming in. Information technology’southward a great choice for a multi-purpose room in a smaller space.

Make a Glamorous Home Bar Area

Make a Glamorous Home Bar Area
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For those who love entertaining, you tin switch up your spare room from blah to wow by putting in a glamorous speakeasy-manner bar and entertaining area.

In this example, we can see a small bar space with a couple of stools, a table. The consequence is bright and appealing for hosting friends or family.

Turn Information technology Into a Sewing and Knitting Space

Turn It Into a Sewing and Knitting Space
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We’ve seen a lot of examples of hobby spaces and arts and crafts rooms in the extra room, but this example is dedicated to merely sewing and knitting.

At that place’s a large table for the workspace and a sewing machine and a lot of sewing accessories on the desk around it.

In that location’s likewise a lot of drawers and shelves to store all the necessary supplies.

Create a Relaxing at Home Yoga Studio

A yoga studio is a good thought for the extra room in the house, particularly if you similar to spend fourth dimension with your ain practice and yous tin can’t often make it to a yoga studio. What you lot’ll demand hither is to clear out the room of everything to reduce clutter.

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Put in a couple of mats and blocks, and hang a few inspiring quotes up. You can also wait for a diffuser for the room.

Utilise the Actress Space to Aggrandize Your Bathroom

The large master bath you’ve always wanted is now achievable. If your spare room is next to your sleeping accommodation, y’all tin can use the space to expand your bath, like in the example pictured here.

There is a luxuriously large bath, a walk-in shower, huge cupboard infinite, and tons of room for a his and hers vanity.

Go Your Ain Home Gym by Putting in Equipment

This is an amazing home gym with everything you would demand. If you don’t have a lot of infinite, you’ll have to recollect about the equipment that yous want in there, whether it’south a cardio automobile, rowing machine, weights, or a punching handbag.

You lot should become a big mirror for the wall, and make certain to have some mats you can put down on the hard floor.

Brand Information technology Into a Pet Room for a Cat or Dog

Pet lovers, this may be the manner to go! A pet-dedicated spare room could be what you lot never realized you wanted. You lot can put in all their toys there, sleeping pillows, nutrient and water bowls, and more than. For those with cats, you tin put in a big scratch mail or climbing infinite.

Go Functional by Using a Spare Room for Laundry

Go Functional by Using a Spare Room for Laundry
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This laundry and cleaning room is pretty impressive, and a dandy use of a spare room. This could be the opportunity to move things around in your house, specially if your laundry room has always been on the wrong floor.

A large shelf from wall to wall is too a good idea to organize all your cleaning supplies for the whole home.

Turn the Room Into a Retreat and Meditation Space

So you like meditating but yous don’t want a yoga studio? You can accept a dedicated retreat and meditation room that is an haven from the rest of the house.

This room is pretty empty, with one hammock hanging across it, and a small bookshelf. The lack of clutter makes this room very peaceful, and the large plants are relaxing and comforting. A diffuser would be bully in this space as well.


As yous can see, a spare room doesn’t take to exist a wasted space, either filled with boxes and junk in storage or never used at all. In that location are so many ways to repurpose the space and turn information technology into something beautiful and more importantly, useful. The options are endless!

Call back of your hobby and whether you tin turn that space into a creative room for your hobby, whether it’south yoga, the gym, or crafts. Or maybe you can transform the spare room into an function space, for days yous work from home or for your kids to do their homework without distractions.

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