Can We Connect Multiple Bluetooth Devices To Firestick

By | June 20, 2022

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a fantastic device, enabling yous to not only get your media streaming setup without any hassle just also assuasive y’all to take that organisation with you anywhere there’s a screen to plug into. For a more than robust habitation theater setup, though, y’all may be wondering how to free the audio from your screen’south congenital-in speakers and to a Bluetooth option. To exercise this:

  1. Navigate to the Burn Idiot box’s Settings
  2. Select ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’, and then ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’
  3. Put your Bluetooth speakers in pairing way
  4. Select your device from the ‘Discovered Devices’ list

If that doesn’t automatically work, or if you’re trying to become creative and connect to headphones or multiple Bluetooth speakers at the same time, there’s more on that below, only thankfully the basics are pretty elementary. If you have your Fire TV Stick on and your favorite Bluetooth speaker ready to go, merely follow the steps below.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to a Fire TV Stick:

One quick annotation here, these instructions are for connecting the speakers direct to the Fire TV Stick, just if yous’ve ever wondered if yous can connect your Burn down Boob tube Stick to a projector and so connect the
to your Bluetooth speakers, check out our guides at the links.

1) Navigate to the Fire TV’southward Settings

Over again, this should be simple enough. Once your TV and the Fire Stick are both powered on. You lot may demand to apply your Television’s input selector to navigate to the input that the Burn down Boob tube Stick is routed to. From in that location, you’ll demand the Fire TV Stick’s remote to continue to the ‘settings’ page.

One quick trick here: if you lot’ve misplaced your remote or the canis familiaris has chewed it upwards, y’all tin use Amazons Burn TV Remote app to log in and control your Idiot box from your phone.

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ii) Select ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices’, so ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’

Connecting a Bluetooth Device to a Fire TV - Smaller

This should be pretty straight forward likewise. Once you’re on the settings page, navigate commencement to the choice that reads ‘Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.’ Fifty-fifty though this menu selection doesn’t call out speakers outright, it’s where you manage all of the Bluetooth connections. If you were to add a new remote, for instance, this is where you’d come to practice it.

On the next page, select ‘Other Bluetooth Devices’. This is where you’ll add your Bluetooth speaker, or where y’all’d select your Bluetooth headphones if you’re trying to connect those (more than on that after – besides nosotros accept a total guide here).

three) Put Your Bluetooth Speakers in Pairing Mode

Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a Fire TV Stick Step 1 Pairing Mode - Smaller

No affair what kind of Bluetooth speaker you take, this step should exist pretty easy. Normally, it involves simply holding the power button for an extra-long time when turning the speaker on. Some speakers may require you to hit a separate button to start this procedure. Reference your speaker’s instructions if it’s not credible how to put the device in pairing way.

If y’all don’t already have a Bluetooth speaker and you’re planning your setup, residuum assured that in that location are enough of options that are cheap and like shooting fish in a barrel to utilise, similar the Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker (on Amazon), and if you’re really going to fill the room with sound y’all tin can use something on the college cease similar the Bose SoundLink Circumduct (as well on Amazon)

iv) Select Your Device from the ‘Discovered Devices’ List

Connecting a Bluetooth Device to a Fire TV 2 - Smaller

Finally, nosotros’re at the spot where y’all should actually see your speaker broadcasting its signal, and the Fire Telly Stick picking information technology upwardly. If yous see multiple options on this screen, you’ll take to use their reported names to try and figure out which one the speaker is, merely it should be pretty clear.

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Select your speaker from the list, and wait for some kind of audible pairing observe (a chime or ding) from the speaker itself. At that point, the screen should also reflect that the speaker is connected. You can back out of this menu and start using the Fire TV Stick every bit normal at present, but the sound should now exist coming through your speaker.


If you don’t come across your speaker on the ‘Discovered Devices’ list, in that location are a few things you lot can try. First, you can turn the speaker on and off over again, while continuing to browse for Bluetooth devices on the Fire Television receiver Stick’due south bill of fare. If that doesn’t work, you should power bike both the Bluetooth speaker
the Burn down Tv set Stick, to starting time from scratch.

If you still don’t come across a signal at this point, you should double-cheque your speaker’s instructions and make sure you’re putting it in pairing mode properly, or see if at that place are any instructions on how to clear the pairing history on the Bluetooth speaker. It might non exist connecting because it’due south
continued to something else.

If the speaker seems connected simply you tin’t hear anything, effort using the volume controls on the Fire Goggle box Stick remote to increase the volume, and if that doesn’t work attempt the physical volume buttons on the speaker itself.

If you lot’re
not having success, try plugging the Bluetooth speaker into a power outlet to brand sure it has power. Some portable Bluetooth speakers take just enough power to turn on and become into Bluetooth pairing mode before powering down once more when the battery is low, and this isn’t automatically clear.

Connecting Multiple Speakers at the Same Time

And so yous’ve got the Bluetooth speaker connected, but what about if you’re going for a fuller, more room-filling sound. You might be wondering if it’s possible to connect
speakers to your Fire Tv set Stick, to get multi-channel sound in the room.

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This gets a little more complicated. First off, you won’t be able to go multi-channel/stereo sound, simply you
tin can
simply duplicate the audio signal to go to 2 places. You need some other device though, the TaoTronics Bluetooth five.0 Transmitter/Receiver (on Amazon), which supports the connectedness of two Bluetooth devices.

You’ll demand to connect this to your screen’southward audio port, wherever that is, because now you’re not getting sound from the Fire TV Stick’s source, but from the TV’s audio management. And then, employ the TaoTronics’ aux cablevision to plug into either your Television receiver or Projector’s aux port. Then, follow the TaoTronics’ instructions for pairing your multiple Bluetooth speakers to it.

One exception here might be if you have a device that has Bluetooth 5 installed, in which instance y’all can connect multiple speakers (more on Bluetooth v in our tutorial). Come across our guide on connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers to a Bluetooth five device for more than on how to run that setup.

What Virtually Headphones?

There are some cases where yous’d rather apply Bluetooth headphones than a defended speaker, and luckily all of the to a higher place instructions apply to Bluetooth headphones as well: you tin can follow the instructions above to connect directly to the Fire Television set Stick, or y’all tin even use the TaoTronics device to connect
pairs of headphones.


As you tin can see, information technology’s relatively direct forward to connect either a portable Bluetooth speaker
Bluetooth headphones to your Burn down Idiot box Stick. And it’s non also complicated to connect multiple speakers or headphones. This increases the flexibility of your system significantly, allowing you to no merely run a whole home theater system off a Fire TV Stick, but also to accept that experience with yous on the go.