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By | June 21, 2022

You can easily brand an cheap, homemade bathroom cleaner spray, without toxic chemicals, that is super powerful. No more ownership multiple products to make clean the bathroom.

Instead, you lot can whisk together baking soda, castile soap, and water for a simple, effective, multi-utilise DIY cleaning spray that can be used on the bathroom vanity, fixtures, tubs, sinks, tile, and effectually toilets.

Fix to be wowed? Allow’s brand this natural recipe.

16-ounce spray bottle with homemade castile soap and baking soda cleaning solution.

The Story Behind This Recipe

In 2014, I took the kids to a birthday party for one of Piper’s friends. The kids ran around, bounced, and played. The true highlight of the political party was more than than just a slice of cake or presents, it was the
mom therapy.

Each mom shamelessly chatted most the pile of dishes sitting on the kitchen countertop at home and the never-ending laundry pile. There were moments of laughter about potty training and dwelling messes. Therapy at its finest.

Ane of the topics nosotros talked about was how difficult it is to keep a bathroom clean with trivial kids at dwelling. Boy did this resonate with me!

Someone should have told me how hard it is to keep a bathroom clean with petty people around!
Okay, perchance people told me, but I just ignored the,
“having children volition forever alter your life”

Since having children, we’ve made drastic changes to our lifestyle. Gone are the days of freezer pop tarts and Tide laundry soap (trust me, that was a hard habit to quit.)

Every bit a family, we’ve embraced real food and natural laundry lather, but nether one condition:
homemade alternatives must be more effective (or in the case of food, improve tasting and satisfying) than the toxic alternatives.

This quest has led me to homemade Swiffer wipes, cleaning wipes, all-purpose cleaner, and then much more than. It’due south been freeing to break away from the need to buy expensive products at the shop.

And so what’south a mom to do with a forever changed bath and the need for an effective homemade bathroom cleaner? Experiment, of course!

After much experimenting and way likewise many Pumpkin Spice Lattes (brain food), I created an all-in-one homemade bath cleaner that’southward elementary and constructive. A cleaner that works and so effectively, I must share for the sake of all the parents out there!

Think of this cleaner as bathroom therapy and mess relief in a little homemade bottle. Over the years, many people take made and loved this cleaner as well:
“Kristin, I tried information technology last month. Information technology smells prissy and I similar it. Actually, this is much better than vinegar!”

DIY All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner. This cleaner is incredible!! Takes away odors and stains!
Natural bath products can be safe, constructive, and toxin-free.

How to Make a Powerful All-in-One Bootleg Bathroom Cleaner

DIY All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner. This cleaner is incredible!! Takes away odors and stains!
You’ll need a few natural ingredients to make this recipe: baking soda, castile soap, h2o, and essential oils.

Liquid Castile Soap

Castile soap is a plant-based lather made from vegetable oils (olive, kokosnoot, palm) and institute oils.

Castile soap has been around since the 11th century and was first made in the Aleppo of the Levant region (mod day Syria). The Crusaders learned about this soap which was, eventually, duplicated in Europe without success.

That is, until a region in Spain (called Castile) was able to go the recipe correct and successfully fabricated what we know today every bit “castile soap.”

The soap became popular with Spanish royalty and somewhen by the 1500’south made its style to England. Castile soap is versatile (you can utilize it to make multiple DIY cleaners and body products), inexpensive, and completely natural.
Check out this mail to acquire more about castile lather and make 7 castile soap cleaning recipes.

The beauty of castile soap and why it works so well for bathroom cleaning is considering it hands picks up dirt, bacteria, and cleans grime from surfaces.

This natural soap removes leaner from surfaces as well. Information technology doesn’t kill bacteria, just it does hands lift and remove bacteria from surfaces. Antibacterial products, on the other hand, are designed to kill bacteria (non lift and remove the leaner from the surface, as lather does).

Some folks discover that castile soap leaves behind a cloudy film on surfaces, similar a white residue. This can be acquired by the castile soap interacting with difficult water and the surface may simply need to be wiped downwards a few times with a clammy launder fabric. Or, you may want to switch over to an
All-Purpose Spray with Vinegar.

Want to learn more than?
In this guide, learn everything you need to know about castile lather, how to use it, 7 amazing benefits, the best brands, and warnings.

Warm H2o

Baking soda needs warm water to dissolve and brand a spray cleaner. I recommend using distilled water for a couple of reasons:
prophylactic and mineral deposits.

Tap water may contain pathogens that quickly abound in a water-based solution. For this reason, information technology’s always best to use distilled water, which has been heated to such a degree that the process kills bacteria and limits the ability for bacteria to grow in your homemade cleaning product.

difficult water can negatively collaborate with castile soap, leaving behind a white cloudy film on surfaces (it tin be wiped away, simply it’s notwithstanding annoying).

Distilled h2o doesn’t comprise whatever minerals, so information technology won’t exit behind mineral deposit spots on surfaces. You lot can buy a gallon of distilled water at any grocery store. But warm the h2o in the microwave or on the stove-top before making this recipe. Using a funnel will help you pour the water into the spray bottle.

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Essential Oils

Tea tree and orangish essential oils are added to this recipe for their antibacterial properties. If you don’t have essential oils on manus, or don’t want to purchase essential oils, you tin can skip them.

Continue in listen, the cleaner won’t have a wonderful scent if you skip the oils, as the oils (peculiarly the orangish oil, not the tea tree oil) add together a fragrance that’south uplifting and “make clean.”

Y’all could also apply other essential oils, like lavander essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, peppermint essential oil, or eucalyptus essential oil. To learn more than about cleaning with essential oils, check out this commodity:
Natural Cleaning with Essential Oils 101.

16-Ounce Spray Bottle

You tin use whatsoever leftover 16-ounce spray bottle to make and store this recipe. If the spray canteen was previously used for a different cleaner, make sure it’s been thoroughly rinsed to avoid any chemical combinations with the previous cleaner.

I’ve been using glass spray bottles from Amazon (this brand) for years. You tin also
make your own spray canteen
with a leftover vinegar bottle and spray nozzle.

DIY All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner. This cleaner is incredible!! Takes away odors and stains!
Making bathroom cleaner only takes 5 minutes and two simple steps!

Step Past Stride Instructions

Once you accept your ingredients and spray bottle, making this recipe is super easy. It but takes 5 minutes, from start to finish. As presently as y’all make the spray, information technology’southward set to exist used for cleaning.

Stride 1: Add together Warm Water and Blistering Soda

Pour the warm water into the spray bottle, followed by the baking soda. Milk shake the canteen to combine the ingredients.

Step 2: Add Castile Soap and Essential Oils

Add 2 tablespoons of castile soap and essential oils, gently shaking the canteen to combine the ingredients.

That’due south information technology! But two steps and you’re set to bring a new definition to the words
“clean bathroom.”
The simple ingredients work difficult on any dirt, smell, or mystery liquid that may be lurking inside your bath right now.

DIY All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner. This cleaner is incredible!! Takes away odors and stains!
Use the spray on multiple bath surfaces, from tubs and sinks to countertops.

How to Use

Use this spray to clean the tub, shower, tile, toilet, sink, bath fixtures, and even floor (particularly effectually the toilet.) This cleaner besides works wonderfully as a stain remover for carpets and rugs!

Shake the bottle earlier using. Spray the surface, allow the solution to rest for a minute, and so wipe with a clammy cloth. Rinse the cloth as needed, and wipe the surface with the damp cloth until clean.

DIY All-In-One Bathroom Cleaner. This cleaner is incredible!! Takes away odors and stains!
Store at room temperature for up to 3 weeks.

DIY homemade Bathroom cleaner

All-In-Ane Bootleg Bath Cleaner Recipe

Yous can hands make an inexpensive, bootleg bathroom cleaner spray, without toxic chemicals, that is super powerful. No more than buying multiple products to make clean the bathroom; instead, you tin whisk together baking soda, castile lather, and h2o for a simple, effective, multi-use DIY cleaning spray that can be used on the bathroom vanity, fixtures, tubs, sinks, tile, and effectually toilets.

Prep Time


Total Time







16 ounce spray canteen



  • 2
    warm water
    distilled h2o is best for long-term employ (a few weeks) or tap water for curt-term use (inside a few days)
  • ane
    baking soda
  • 2
    castile soap
  • 30
    tea tree essential oil
  • xx
    sweetness orange essential oil
  • Pour the warm water into the bottle, followed past the baking soda. Milkshake the bottle to combine the ingredients. Add the castile soap and essential oils, gently shaking the bottle to combine.

  • Use this spray to clean the tub, tile, toilet, sink, and even floor (especially effectually the toilet.) Spray the surface, permit the cleaner to sit for a infinitesimal, then wipe with a damp fabric. Rinse the fabric as needed.

Blistering Soda:
If you lot’re concerned about the baking soda clogging the spray nozzle, reduce the amount to 1/4-1/two tablespoon.

Since this product contains h2o, natural ingredients, and no preservatives, information technology’due south best to store this cleaner for only a few weeks (about 3 weeks if using distilled h2o). If the cleaner ever smells off, has black spots or fuzzy growth, toss the cleaner and brand a new batch. I’ve never had this happen, but it’south worth mentioning just for safety reasons. There’s no need to fear bootleg cleaners! Learn about how to safely make natural cleaning products in
Natural Cleaning Made Easy.

Permit me know how it was!

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