How To Turn Off Instagram Calls

By | June 22, 2022

When you lot get a phone call at an inconvenient time, it tin exist rather irritating, and scrambling to observe a fashion to ignore the call tin make things difficult. On Instagram, anyone who has the ability to message you is able to phonation or video phone call. This is usually people that follow you or people that have tried to message you in the past but you’ve ignored their request.

Also, every phone call you get will consume your mobile data if you are on the go. To fix this, equally an Instagram user, y’all can block vocalisation and video calls from specific followers, disable notifications, or use Do Not Disturb to prevent the calls from coming through. The social media platform has fabricated it easy for yous to block incoming video chats if blocking their number on the phone app wasn’t plenty.

Can Yous Turn Off Instagram Calls

Y’all can plough off Instagram calls on Instagram by using the Mute telephone call notifications feature that Instagram provides. This means that when they telephone call yous, you won’t receive any notifications saying that they’re calling. There are besides other means to cake calls from people rather than the mute telephone call notifications feature. Information technology tin go as extreme every bit blocking them but it tin also be every bit light every bit turning off your Instagram notifications so y’all don’t know when they’re calling you.

How to Block Calls on Instagram

i. Open up Instagram.

2. When you lot launch the app, make sure you’re on the home screen that shows all of the posts on your news feed. In the bottom row, click on the house icon to get y’all to the home department where you’ll be able to find all of your DMs.

3. Click on the DM icon. This looks like an airplane and from here, you will see all of your followers whom you have sent messages to. If yous are not in the DM section, you need to click on the firm icon at the bottom row then select the plane icon in the upper right corner. If you’ve never messaged the person you want to end receiving calls from, you need to click on the head icon in the bottom correct corner and click on your following. From here, y’all’ll be able to search for the person’south contour you want to block calls from.

3. Tap the thread of the person that you want to block. If there is no conversation with the person whose calls y’all desire to block, you will need to look for them via search.

iv. After you enter the thread of the contact whose calls you want to cake, you lot volition see all the by messages that y’all take sent to them. Tap the person’southward name at the top of the message thread.

v. A new menu with options will appear. You will need to scroll downwards and select Mute call notifications. This will cake voice and calls from this person. If you desire to stop receiving calls from them entirely, select Block at the top and then again to confirm. This volition cake them besides as block calls from them.

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ane. Disable Instagram Notifications

If yous don’t want to receive whatever calls, you can disable the app’s notifications, and so that if someone does telephone call, you aren’t notified about information technology.


  1. Open Settings.

2. Curlicue down to Instagram.

three. Select Notifications.

four. Toggle Off Allow Notifications.


1. Open up your device’s Settings App.

2. Tap on the choice that says Notification. This volition open up a number of options, only you want to curl until you see the apps on your device. In the upper left of the screen is an option that may say Most Recent. Tap this and choose All and then that you can see all of the apps on your telephone.

turn off whatsapp notifications

3. In one case you tin can meet all of the apps on your device, you will need to curl until y’all run across Instagram. In that location will be a switch located to the correct of it.

4. Tap the switch once and it will turn gray.

Now all the notifications for Instagram are turned off. If you would like to receive notifications again, then you can plow the switch dorsum into the on position.

ii. Do Not Disturb

This will turn off all notifications for your device, so y’all may only want to use this if yous recollect you’ll get calls from more than just Instagram.


1. Go to Settings.

2. Scroll down to Exercise Not Disturb.

3. Toggle it On.


i. Open your device’due south Settings App. Information technology unremarkably resembles a gear in the centre of a greyness background for Android devices and for iPhone devices.

two. Tap on the option that says Notifications.

3. Towards the height of the menu, yous will see an option that says, “Practice Not Disturb.” Click the switch in the “On” position to the right of the screen. The switch volition turn blue when it is in the “On” position.

three. Mute Notifications From Them

Another mode to stop receiving calls from someone is to mute notifications from them specifically rather than Instagram-wide. Muting your notifications from them ways that whenever they message you or call you, you lot won’t be notified about it.

1. Open Instagram.

2. When you launch the app, become to the DM section.

3. Here, you will run into everyone you’ve sent a direct bulletin to. If you lot’ve never messaged the person yous desire to block phone calls from, you need to click on the search tab at the acme. From here, yous’ll be able to search for the person y’all desire to block calls from.

3. Tap on the name of the person you lot desire to cake calls from to open up the conversation. If at that place is no conversation with the person whose calls you want to block, yous will need to look for them via search.

4. Tap on their proper name at the peak.

5. Toggle on Mute next to notifications.

4. Disable Camera and Microphone Permissions

To block calls from people on Instagram, you can disable camera and microphone permissions in Settings. This means you won’t exist able to accept calls from people considering the camera and microphone are disabled and you lot need that for calls to come up through on Instagram. The downside to this is that no one can sound or video call you on Instagram.

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To disable call permissions on Android:

  1. Open Settings on your phone.
  2. Scroll till you find Instagram.
  3. Look for Permission. It normally appears under the Apps Settings.
  4. Tap Camera and Deny permission. These options usually enable once you open Instagram.
  5. Go to the Microphone, tap to disable the permission too, set it to Deny, aforementioned with the Camera. When they become to tap the video chat or call push, the phone call won’t become through.

To disable call permissions on iPhone:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone. You lot can find information technology differently on whatever telephone simply it usually appears with the gear app icon.
  2. Gyre till you discover Instagram.
  3. Under Allow Instagram to Admission, toggle off-photographic camera and microphone. Once you’re done, y’all won’t be able to receive calls from anyone.

v. Block Them

If y’all want to plough off calls from someone on Instagram, you tin can just block them. As harsh every bit it sounds, blocking this specific person means that they’ll never be able to call you once again. Since they tin’t phone call you on Instagram, information technology means that you can’t receive calls from them.

1. Open Instagram.

2. Go to the DM section so that you’re on the conversation screen that shows all of the conversations.

3. Here, you lot will encounter all of your friends whom you’ve sent messages to.

3. Tap the name of the person yous want to terminate receiving calls from. If there is no conversation with the person whose calls y’all want to cake, you volition need to expect for them via search.

4. Click on the name at the elevation and select Block in the options that come upwardly.

6. Put Your Phone On Silent

Another option you lot have is to put your telephone on silent. When your phone is on silent, you don’t hear notifications such as a call from Instagram. Instagram calls don’t go through like normal calls so when you receive them they’re similar any other notification from an app. Putting your phone on silent will stop it from ringing or vibrating whenever someone calls you lot. Although this means that you’ll yet see the call coming through, it means that yous won’t exist disturbed past the call if you’re not on your telephone. This is a softer method of stopping someone from calling you even though it doesn’t cease them, it just prevents you lot from knowing if you lot aren’t on your phone.

To put your iPhone on silent:

Move the ring/silent switch on the side of the iPhone to the “On” position to enable silent fashion. When the switch is in the “On” position, an orange bar appears on the switch and a picture of a bell with a line through information technology appears on your iPhone’s screen.

To make your Android silent, you can stop it from vibrating while in silent mode by going to Settings > Sounds. Observe the Vibrate on Silent toggle and change it to white (off). This setting will not forestall your screen from lighting up when notifications or calls come in.

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7. Tell Them Not to Telephone call Y’all

Instead of blocking phone and video calls from someone, you can simply tell them to end calling you. Although it tin can be rude, it’ll assistance them go the message and you won’t have to keep seeing their calls testify up on your screen. To cake telephone calls from them, but say, tin you not video telephone call or sound call me on Instagram because my Instagram bugs out each time anyone calls me, simply message me on Instagram and I’ll become dorsum to y’all. This doesn’t come beyond as rude and it means that you won’t receive their calls without having to exercise things similar blocking them.

8. Put On Your Story That No Ane Should Call

Instead of turning off calls on Instagram, you can tell people to cease calling y’all by posting information technology on your story. This means that it’south less personal and yous won’t have to tell people specifically to stop calling you lot. To stop someone from calling you on Instagram, put on the story saying, can no one call me on Instagram because my Instagram bugs out each time anyone calls me, only message me on Instagram and I’ll get dorsum to yous. This doesn’t come beyond as rude and it means that you won’t receive calls from anyone.

ix. Plough Off Your Internet

If you know someone is about to call you on Instagram, you tin can turn off your data or wifi. Turning off your internet means that you lot won’t be able to receive calls. When they try to call you, it’ll ring like normal but you won’t receive it. This is a good fashion to block calls from Instagram but it does hateful that you won’t be able to use other apps whilst your internet is off. To plow off your internet, merely swipe down from the top of your screen and toggle off wifi or information, whichever one y’all’re using. You won’t exist able to receive calls from anyone now.

x. Uninstall Instagram

Uninstalling Instagram is some other way to cake Instagram phone and video calls as it stops you from receiving calls from people. Although people are even so able to phone call you, you won’t receive them because you no longer have the app. This doesn’t block calls directly, but it helps you lot avoid them. The people who call you volition have no clue that you’ve soft blocked their calls and so they may accept this as y’all ignoring their phone and video calls, or merely not seeing them. If they practise ask, you lot tin tell that you’ve deleted the app and can’t run into their calls.

To uninstall Instagram to block calls:

Touch and hold Instagram on the Home Screen, tap Remove App, so tap Remove from Home Screen to keep it in App Library, or tap Delete App to delete it from iPhone. On your Android, the procedure is very elementary. But hold down the app and wait for the delete option to show up. When yous see information technology, select delete.