Simple Fitness Tracker For Seniors

By | May 31, 2022

Would you like to encourage your senior loved ane to be more agile? Are you lot looking for a suitable clothing tracker that can help them easily, accurately and reliably track their action levels? If so, y’all have come to the right place. In this article, you will larn more about the fitness trackers for seniors and which is the best tracker for older adults.

Senior adults can benefit a great deal from increased and consistent activity and exercise levels, co-ordinate to enquiry findings. Withal, to ensure that the fitness tracker you end up choosing for your senior loved 1 really gets used, the tracker should be accurate, piece of cake to utilise and comfortable to wear – among other necessary features.

As you can see, finding the right fitness tracker for your elderly loved one can be somewhat of a challenge. To assist you make the best buying determination, later shopping around, nosotros have come up up with a comprehensive guide to finding the best fitness trackers for seniors, complete with several recommended trackers plus a list of the best options that seniors should consider.

Without wasting any time, read on beneath to notice out some of the best fettle trackers available out there for seniors.

Video Guide: Fitness Trackers and Pedometers for Seniors

What Are The Best Fitness Trackers for Seniors?

Here are my peak recommended fitness trackers for older adults no matter if you are looking for a tracker for yourself or a senior you dear!

one. Vive Wellness Mach V Fitness Tracker Watch

The Vive Wellness Mach V Tracker Spotter is a comprehensive action and fitness tracker that monitors and records primal statistics of a senior’s health. It accurately measures steps, slumber patterns, and exercise levels.

This is a great choice for seniors who desire just basic fitness and activeness monitoring. This watch has a simple bear on interface and records steps, distance, and calories burned. It as well records your pulse, claret pressure level, and even your blood oxygen levels too for monitoring cardiovascular health.

All this data too stored in the app for identifying bug and patterns and syncs with accompanying app that is bachelor in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The sleep monitor functions let you know how much slumber you lot got during the dark and even breaks information technology down into low-cal and deep sleep times. Mayhap more than importantly, information technology records how much fourth dimension you spent actually sleep versus tossing and turning at night.

Finally, the watch will last 7 days between charges and chop-chop recharges in only two hours. I similar that it has a magnetic charger then older adults don’t have to deal with a plug to charge it. Just set the watch on the charger and it grabs ahold using magnets and begins charging.

The Mach V is water-resistant and can exist worn in the shower and when washing your easily, etc. Then, no reason to worry well-nigh misplacing information technology because you should just demand to have information technology off for charging. It comes in 2 colors and with a 60-solar day Satisfaction-Guarantee on this product so you can try information technology risk-free.

2. Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch

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As the name suggests, the Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch is a powerful, accurate and multifunctional fitness tracker for seniors. It’s a not bad tracker for seniors that desire to stay active and monitor their fettle while still enjoying an unrivalled level of connectivity.

Designed to expect similar a sleek lookout man, this Fitbit fettle tracker comes with a built-in GPS, automatic sleep tracking, continuous heart charge per unit monitor and text and phone call notification features amidst others. For seniors looking for a tracker that is feature-rich, this is ane of the best choices – as it gives them access to all the data and notifications the seniors might need – right on their wrist.

Ane of the all-time selling points for seniors of the Fitbit Surge Superwatch is that it comes with a clear and easy to read OLED touchscreen display. Seniors can hands read all their fettle information off the screen, on-the-become; while also enjoying convenient and easy to employ touchscreen controls.

Furthermore, if your senior loved 1 engages in a variety of exercises, such every bit walking, hiking, jogging and even riding an indoor exercise wheel, y’all volition be happy to note that this tracker comes with multi-sport support.

Only put, the Fitbit Superwatch comes with everything you need to track your fitness packed into one sleek packet!

Nonetheless, it is worth mentioning the fact that this tracker requires a scrap more than intendance and cleaning than some of the other options described here.

3. Garmin Precursor 35 Fitness Sentry

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If yous are looking for the best overall fitness trackers for seniors out at that place, you should definitely consider the Garmin Forerunner 35. This stylish looking fitness tracker comes with a variety of useful features, perfectly suited to active seniors, equally well as a large and like shooting fish in a barrel to read screen.

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There are many reasons why you would want your senior loved 1 to have this fitness tracker. For starters, the lookout is considered to be one of the most authentic step counters out there. Your loved i will definitely savor the accurateness of this loftier quality tracker.

Secondly, the Garmin Precursor 35 besides supports a variety of sports modes. Equally such, seniors can apply it to runway their steps and action levels when engaging in other sports including cycling and even swimming. The sentry also has a heart rate monitoring function for those that want one.

Maybe the best reason that the Forerunner 35 is the best fitness tracker for seniors is the big easy to read screen. Reading all your fitness information is simple and effortless with this tracker. More importantly, the tracker comes with a panic button feature that makes it possible for seniors to telephone call for assistance in case they are injured by sending an alert with their location to a specified contact.

This fettle tracker comes with one of the best battery lifes – information technology will get for up to seven days in between charges!

Nonetheless, information technology is of import to mention that this tracker does not support text and call notifications, like some of the alternatives described in this article.

four. Garmin Vivosmart 60 minutes Wireless Tracker

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For seniors and older adults who prefer a compact, lightweight and low profile wrist worn fitness tracker, the Garmin Vivosmart 60 minutes Activity tracker is 1 of the best. In addition to existence an accurate fitness tracker, with two separate move reminders, the tracker too comes with a variety of tracker features that further enhance its usefulness for seniors, peculiarly ones that want a more feature rich tracker.

Bearing a sleek low profile pattern, this tracker comes with a clear and easy to read brandish that supports both horizontal and vertical display modes. The screen can be easily read during the day, in direct sunlight, and too comes with a backlight characteristic for easy reading in dork or poorly lit conditions. While the screen is smaller thanks to the device’s depression profile design, setting it to the horizontal brandish makes the print larger for easier viewing.

To make for easier utilise, the Garmin Vivosmart 60 minutes fitness lookout man can be set to only brandish the features the user is interested in. This means that you tin set it to only show the fitness data that the senior user wants to meet; thus, minimizing any chance of confusion.

Last but not least, the tracker also supports a variety of smartwatch features including displaying text and call notifications too as weather information.

5. Apple tree Lookout man Series vi

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A multi-functional fettle tracking smartwatch, the Apple Watch Serial 6 is definitely ane of the best tracker options available to seniors. This feature rich tracker comes in a sleek design that is spring to make it feel more like a style accessory than a fitness tracker. Simply put, your elderly loved one volition love wearing and using this product!

As 1 of the best fitness trackers available today, this production has a lot going for it. To begin with, this fettle tracking smartwatch comes with a crystal clear touchscreen display that is easy to read, thanks to its big size. The touchscreen characteristic on the e’er-on display is highly responsive, making it easier for the user to swipe through various screens. This effortless control makes information technology a dandy option for seniors with weak or arthritic fingers.

As previously mentioned, the Apple Spotter half-dozen is a multi-functional tracker that will help a senior user track a variety of activities including, walking, jogging, running, cycling and dancing amid other exercises. As such, your loved ane can track their activity levels regardless of their preferred activity. To ensure that the user gets their best level of action, the picket also comes with sedentary alerts that remind seniors when they need to motility around.

Other of import features institute on this smartwatch include a fall detector with an emergency calling feature, calling and messaging as well every bit a variety of health focused apps.

On the flip side, the Apple Spotter Series 6 is quite costly, and buying it for your senior loved one will prepare you back a few hundred dollars. This tracker is besides considered to take a relatively shorter bombardment life.

6. Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

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Some other lightweight, meaty and depression contour fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge 4  Tracker is a great option for seniors that consider the watch-like options described here as too beefy for their liking. This sleek tracker is considered to exist highly accurate when it comes to tracking the wearer’south fettle levels and eye rate.

This Fitbit waterproof tracker model comes with built-in GPS that tracks your movements all twenty-four hours, as well every bit the ability to track the temperature of your pare.

While it is true that the Fitbit Charge 4 is one of the options with the to the lowest degree amount of features, it has a few important selling points that brand information technology one of the best options for seniors. For starters, this tracker comes with an easy to read screen. While it seems narrower than some of the options on this list, the screen is wider than other similar options. The screen characters are also larger and clearer thanks to the loftier contrast.

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This tracker, which has the most of import fitness tracking features, also comes with a long lasting battery that volition serve you for just over seven days in between charges – depending on usage.

seven. UMIDIGI Smart Picket Uwatch3 Fitness Tracker

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An affordable option to some of the plush multi-functional fitness trackers out there, the Uwatch3 Tracker comes packed with all the features you would desire in a fettle tracking smartwatch. With the tracker on your wrist, you can track your operation in a variety of activities including walking and running. Your senior loved i will besides enjoy the watch’southward connectivity to their smartphone which enables them to conveniently check call and text notifications. This tracker likewise comes with a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker.

To accurately rails your activity levels, on all 9 of this tracker’south activity modes, the tracker connects to your smartphone’s GPS.

A large and easily readable touchscreen display is one of the best selling points of this tracker. With the large display, seniors can clearly come across the screen characters. The scout also comes with an piece of cake to use brightness adjustment setting that helps seniors set the brightness of the display to their preferred level. Furthermore, touchscreen controls make it fairly easy to use.

Depending on the level of usage, the Uwatch3 tracker battery can serve y’all for upward to x days on a single charge. This means that your loved ane does not have to keep worrying about the battery dying all the time.

To further sweeten the deal, this tracker offers a i yr money back or replacement guarantee on this product.

8. WYZE Smart Watch With Fitness Tracker

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Another budget option, the WYZE Smart Watch Tracker has all the features you would want in an accurate tracker at a fraction of the price of near of the alternatives mentioned in this article. This waterproof tracker can count steps, monitor middle rate and slumber, in addition to having a number of useful smartwatch features.

Right off the bat, you can see that this tracker comes with a massive ane.75 inch TFT touchscreen. This means that your senior loved one will e’er have an easy fourth dimension making out the brandish characters, from the fitness information to call, text and even email notifications sent to the watch.

On acme of the highly accurate step counter, this tracker also comes with an activity reminder, slumber monitor, heart rate monitor, and conditions notification feature among others. The watch as well comes with a massive battery that will last most 60 days in standby mode.

To match the user’south preferences and fashion, the WYZE smartwatch, which is iOS and Android compatible, comes with a customizable lookout man face characteristic that can exist controlled via the Wyze app. As such, yous can set the lookout man to display the information that your elderly loved ane actually prefers to have readily available.

Notwithstanding, information technology is worth noting that this product is quite mesomorphic, especially given the large screen. And fifty-fifty though information technology is built from a highly durable and lightweight aluminum alloy case and band cloth, seniors who are not accustomed to wearing watches may need some fourth dimension to get used to wearing it.

If you aren’t looking for a full-fledged fitness tracker, click hither to encounter my list of the best pedometers for seniors.

A Annotation To Seniors With A Shuffling Gait

It is of import to note that seniors who walk with a shuffling gait might run into some bug when information technology comes to using fitness trackers. Simply put, information technology is hard for fettle trackers to pick up on the movements of seniors that barely lift their feet off the ground when walking. To register a step, most of the accelerometers used on these devices must pick up on a given level of up and down foot move.

To overcome this result, it is recommended that you lot opt for step counters that are GPS enabled. This feature enables the devices to annals altitude covered by the user, even though the step count may exist a petty off. With this added characteristic, seniors volition exist able to monitor their action levels in more than than one fashion.

Read nearly the best shoes for shuffling gait in this guide.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker for a Senior

While it is difficult to choice out a fitness tracker that is great for everyone, it is important that you find one that matches the exact needs of seniors. Y’all should talk to your loved one and find out if they have any preferences. Involving them in the choice process also helps get their buy in; ensuring that they are willing to use the tracker you lot end up getting.

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Hither are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing fitness trackers for seniors.

Should Seniors Buy a Separate Tracker Or a Smartwatch With Fitness Functions?

Some smart watches also double every bit fitness trackers. If your loved 1 would like a fitness tracker that also gives them the convenience and connectivity of a smart watch, and then consider a smart watch as the all-time option. However, if seniors only desire a device that only tracks their fitness levels, and so a simpler tracker may be the all-time option for them.

Look for Fitness Trackers That Are Like shooting fish in a barrel to Utilize

If you want to make sure that seniors use the tracker you terminate up buying, go something that is easy to utilize. Fitness trackers are highly avant-garde devices and seniors may not be used to such technologies. To minimize any confusion during utilize, the best option is piece of cake to operate with simple controls. Seniors should be able to access the features they want to use with minimal hassle.

Seniors and Older Adults Volition Appreciate a Tracker That Has A Big Display

Advanced age and weakened eyesight become hand in manus. An like shooting fish in a barrel to read display is one of the best features in whatever tracker designed for employ by seniors. Every bit such, be certain to look for a tracker that comes with a large display and crystal articulate characters. The screen should also be easy to read outdoors in direct sunlight as well as indoors or in low light weather condition. Simple and straightforward screen settings also help make devices more than readable.

Look For A Tracker That Will Prompt a Senior to Move

Even the slightest do levels can be monitored using an activity tracker. To increment the likelihood of seniors coming together their daily fitness and exercise goals, look for a tracker that comes with an activity reminder. These reminders bespeak whenever the user needs to engage in an activity, even a simple walk effectually the living room, afterwards being sedentary for too long.

Fitness Trackers With Extended Battery Life Make Charging Easier

If you want your loved one to article of clothing their new action tracker most of the time, then it needs to come up with a long lasting bombardment. Otherwise, some seniors may keep forgetting to put information technology back on if information technology needs to exist removed regularly for charging purposes. A tracker that requires regular charging is also quite inconvenient.

Other Fitness Tracker Features That Are Important for Seniors

In improver to tracking a user’south action levels, a proficient tracker should likewise track other metrics including slumber and center rate. Both of these metrics give the best information on the overall wellness of seniors. For elderly people who suffer from residue issues, you should expect for a device that also comes with autumn detection capabilities. Such devices not only observe falls merely besides ship an alert to an emergency contact for immediate help. This can profoundly meliorate a senior’s safety at dwelling and in the community.

Seniors Tin Wear H2o Resistant Trackers Longer

For immovability purposes, look for a h2o resistant device. The best tracking devices volition be able to go along working perfectly, even if the wearer is caught in the rain, spills a beverage on it or even takes a shower while still wearing it. Both the device and attached bands should be waterproof for the best level of protection. And, they won’t forget to put it back on if they don’t take to take it off in the offset place.

Find a Tracker That Fits in Your Upkeep

It is always of import to consider the cost of the devices that you are looking at, particularly if you are working on a budget. When shopping around, yous will discover both expensive and affordable fitness trackers for seniors. While the more expensive options are more than feature rich and considered to be more reliable, you lot tin still find a tracker that comes with the specific features you are looking for, at the best price you can afford

Utilize an Activity Tracker to Encourage Overall Fitness

Seniors employ a diverseness of activities to practice and improve their fitness and overall wellness. With the correct fitness tracker, seniors can track their performance. The best devices also prompt seniors to start moving later on being in a sedentary position for too long. Furthermore, devices with smart sentry features make the piece of work of checking call, text and even e-mail notifications simple and effortless by sending them direct to their wrist.

With the in a higher place information in heed, you should be able to notice the right fettle tracker for seniors that they will really want to employ!

Do you have a fitness tracker that you have used with a senior or elderly person? Feel free to share your recommendations and opinions in the comments beneath. If you think someone you know would benefit from this article, email or share it on your social media folio with your comments!

Simple Fitness Tracker For Seniors