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By | May 31, 2022

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Like well-nigh technological devices,
modernistic fitness trackers tin can exist a source of unnecessary electromagnetic radiation
thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity almost of them need to function.

Don’t become me incorrect:

I’m all nearly using data to optimize my actions…

But not at the expense of my wellness.

If you feel the same style, check out this list of the
best fettle trackers without bluetooth.

With the help of these options, you lot can effectively track the practise you’re getting and how it impacts your overall health – all without the gamble.

Let’s talk a scrap about that risk…merely feel free to simply curlicue downwardly and bank check out the list.

No hard feelings 🙂

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Fettle Tracker Radiation

Most fettle trackers need Bluetooth technology and wifi connectivity to track data.

Both forms of tech utilise depression-powered radiofrequency (RF) transmitters, which are responsible for emitting not-ionizing radiation.

It’s of import to note that the radiation from Bluetooth is very like to what’s emitted by a microwave.

This type of RF radiation is captivated into our bodies, which over time, tin can lead to side furnishings like headaches, infertility, skin atmospheric condition, and more.

Unfortunately, we’re exposed to depression-level radiation like this everywhere we plough.

gadgets like fettle trackers concern me because of how shut they are to our bodies – as in ‘straight contact’ close.

Users wearable them for hours at a time while others wear them from sun upwards to lord’s day downward…

THAT is what concerns me.

It “breaks” two of the iii laws of EMF protection – distance and duration.

I empathize wanting to optimize your workout and wellness routine, simply doesn’t it defeat the purpose if it’s simultaneously sabotaging your health?

Fortunately, at that place are alternatives out there, and that’s what I desire to focus on for the rest of this article.

The goal is to detect a fitness tracker that allows you lot to disable the Bluetooth feature, or better yet, one that doesn’t use that technology at all.

seven Fettle Trackers That Don’t Use Bluetooth (Or It Tin can At To the lowest degree Exist Disabled)

To assist yous find a better alternative, I’ve compiled a list of the tiptop 7 fitness trackers that are much safer but no less efficient:

1. OZO Fettle SC2 Digital Pedometer

The kickoff product on our listing is the this Digital Pedometer by OZO, which is a perfect companion for achieving your daily steps.

With its 7-24-hour interval memory log, yous can keep rail of your progress with regards to your distance, average speed, activeness time, and the calories y’all burn.

Whether you’re taking a walk or breaking a sweat through a morning jog, this digital pedometer can proceed you motivated with its like shooting fish in a barrel-to-utilise program.

The all-time part is, the

OZO Fitness SC2 doesn’t need Bluetooth to work!

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Using this device comes with the convenience of being able to pause the sensor if y’all don’t want your electric current action to exist counted.

For instance, when you’re riding the railroad train or driving your car.

Plus, yous won’t have trouble viewing the details because of its large display screen and big buttons.

This fettle tracker is also easy to tote around as you can prune it on your ankle or waist.

2. OZO Fitness CS1 Elementary Stride Tracker

Our next product is also from OZO Fitness. The CS1 Simple Step Tracker is an easy pedometer for walking built with a lanyard cord for convenience.

Because this device doesn’t require any setup or programming, it’southward set up to use in less than 5 seconds.

It lets you lot accurately runway your steps and performance on its large screen display.

This device is platonic for people of all ages because apart from the simple engineering science, CS1 is besides a portable tracker.

Amongst its many features, the virtually notable one is that it doesn’t need Bluetooth technology to function.

It doesn’t require whatsoever additional apps or computers.

I also similar that information technology has an extended battery life so y’all won’t have to accuse information technology constantly.

3. Garmin Vívosmart Hour Activeness Tracker

If yous’re looking for a more than stylish fettle tracker, then the Garmin Vivosmart 60 minutes Activity Tracker might exist the choice for you.

Apart from its sleek look, this tracker too displays steps taken, calories burned, altitude covered, bike speed, middle charge per unit, and slumber patterns.

It does take smartphone connectivity so you tin can control your music, camera, and social media notifications – which I don’t like.

it fabricated it on my list because it gives you the choice to  disconnect and turn off the Bluetooth feature.

You won’t exist able to download the activity on your phone while the Bluetooth is off, only at least you don’t accept to worry near the wellness risks of radiation.

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4. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Non to exist forgotten on our list is the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. This device is non like your ordinary tracker considering autonomously from the usual recording of your stats, the Gear Fit2 Pro is ideal for pond activities.

The tracker is actually built to be in pools, on the embankment, or in the shower because it is water-resistant.

The device works great to track your fitness functioning – from your sleep and workouts to heart rate and nutrition.

It comes with the power to mind to music or track your location, but of course that requires Bluetooth and Wifi networks.

Yet, similar others on this list, y’all can disable those features.

5. Mijiaowatch Fettle Tracker

If y’all’re looking for a tracker with multiple features and user-friendly programming, so bank check out this Mijiaowatch Fitness Tracker.

It’due south not but a pedometer, merely it also comes with a calorie-burning monitor, distance monitor, timer, time and date display, and an alarm.

It is highly-sensitive so that each step is accurately recorded for your convenience.

Plus, you don’t have to worry virtually getting it wet considering this tracker is waterproof upwards to 50 meters.

A perfect device for kids, this tracker is shock-resistant made with loftier-quality materials.

About of all, it’s safe for the user because it doesn’t need Bluetooth technology to work.

six. IGank Fitness Tracker

Another potent contender in our elevation list is the IGank Fitness Tracker, which is perfect for men, women, and kids.

This device prides itself on its soft, rubber strap that brings comfort while accurately tracking your activities.

The IGank fitness tracker can monitor your walking distance, your steps, and the calories you burn with its 3D motion sensor.

Since information technology’south equipped with long-life batteries, information technology is piece of cake to use and maintain.

The all-time part is, it doesn’t require Bluetooth engineering science or any other kind of apps to function.

7. Feifuns Fitness Tracker

Last, but definitely non the least, is the fettle tracker from

This multi-functional sports device is customized for the user considering information technology enables setting the height and weight.

Because of this feature, the device can track the step measurements more than accurately.

More than than that, these trackers come with a daily alarm, an LCD display, a stopwatch, an alarm, and stats for calories burned.

To ease your worries, this device isn’t only shockproof and waterproof, it besides doesn’t need Bluetooth to office (aka you can disable it).

In that style, yous can continue fit while saying bye to radiation hazards.

How to Disconnect from Bluetooth on a Fitness Tracker

Due to the potential wellness take a chance for radiation emitted past most fitness trackers (especially the FitBit), some devices accept included an pick to disconnect from Bluetooth.

And information technology’south easy to do. Simply:

  • Open the app of your fettle tracker

  • Look for the “Device Settings” on the carte

  • Click “Remove Device” to end whatsoever activeness from the tracker

  • Go to your phone’s Bluetooth setting

  • Choose “Unpair” or “Forget” for the device of your tracker

Frequently Asked Questions

one. Can you disable Bluetooth on a FitBit?

No, FitBit simply syncs via Bluetooth, and it tin can’t exist turned off on the device.

2. Tin I use a fitness tracker without a smartphone?

Yes. As discussed above, many fitness trackers do not require any other devices to function effectively. We’ve included the best available in this list!

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Willful Fitness Tracker Non Bluetooth

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