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By | May 31, 2022

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Fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Watch, and many others take become dramatically more popular over the last v or so years, and for good reason. These devices do a adequately accurate job of tracking things like your heart charge per unit, motility, calories burned, and much more than.

However, as people become increasingly aware of the dangers of EMF radiation from the devices they use every twenty-four hour period, they are beginning to question these technologies.

From cell phones to laptops, tablets to fitness trackers, the cumulative radiations from all these devices can really be pretty dramatic.

I’ve written articles on all of these devices, including my popular articles on the potential dangers of Fitbit radiations and Apple Watch Radiation. In those manufactures, I become into item almost how much radiation Fitbits, Apple Watches, and like wearable devices emit, what kind, and why you should probably be aware of information technology.

The focus of this article will be to become over the Fitness trackers that are available on the marketplace that either don’t have Bluetooth (meaning they emit less radiation) or have a simple mode to disable it.

I’ll too cover what kind of radiation fettle trackers emit, and why you should accept it seriously.

Let’s start by just talking nigh a few of the all-time fettle trackers without Bluetooth on the market in late 2021.

All-time Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth

All of these below (and I’ll become specific with each one) either don’t take Bluetooth or WiFi or have a unproblematic way to disable it that I’ll do my all-time to describe.

These allow you lot to however get accurate fitness tracking features like monitoring your steps, calories burned, heart rate, etc. but don’t constantly emit radiation to stay synced with your smartphone like a Fitbit device.

Here is a helpful tabular array showing the devices we’ll be talking nearly:

All-time Fitness Trackers Without Bluetooth

Rank Production All-time Feature
ane. Garmin Vívosmart Hour Activity Tracker Best Overall
ii. SafeSleeve Anti-Radiation Jail cell Phone Case Virtually Features and Options
3. OZO Fettle SC2 Digital Pedometer Lowest Radiations
4. Willful Non-Bluetooth Fettle Tracker Stylish Design
v. iGANK Fitness Tracker Practiced Value
6. OZO Fitness CS1 Simple Stride Tracker Removable Clip
vii. OZO Fitness CS1 Unproblematic Step Tracker Lightweight

one. Garmin Vívosmart Hour Activity Tracker

Bank check it out on Amazon.

The Garmin Vivosmart Hr is 1 of the most pop fitness trackers on the market place. The best part near
information technology
is that you can disable Bluetooth (I’ll tell y’all how below) and withal have it rails in real-time:

  • Center Charge per unit
  • Calories Burned
  • Slumber
  • Movement
  • Steps
  • BMI
  • ..and more.

It’south important to remember though that although information technology will runway all of this information in real-time even with the Bluetooth disabled, that y’all’ll need to re-enable it about once a 24-hour interval so that all the information can be downloaded to your telephone and become easily visible.

You can however still view this action on your Vivosmart itself while the Bluetooth is disabled, and it can track it for up to 24 hours before you’ll want to dump it to the app.

The ability to disable the Bluetooth on the device dramatically reduces the corporeality of EMF radiation the fitness tracker emits, keeping you safer without sacrificing fantastic health tracking features.

How to disable Bluetooth on the Garmin Vivosmart HR

Make certain that you lot recollect that this device comes by default with the Bluetooth enabled and that you’ll have to manually disable information technology.

Doing this is extremely unproblematic, you just:

  1. Concord your finger on the Vivosmart touchscreen until the menu pops up.
  2. Select the Bluetooth icon, and so select
    Turn Off

This will disable the Bluetooth technology, and you can reenable it by reversing this procedure.

2. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Check it out on Amazon.

The Samsung Gear Fit is a fettle tracker that you may non have heard of, and that is considering it hasn’t always been available in the The states. Still, this largely undiscovered fitness tracker actually has pretty much everything you would look for, and at an affordable price.

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The best part about the Samsung Gear Fit2? It, along with the Garmin Vivosmart, is one of only a few quality fettle trackers on the marketplace that let you disable Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and still runway things in real-fourth dimension.

Let’s talk about a few of the features I recall you’ll care virtually:

  • Water resistant up to 50 feet
  • Continuous middle rate monitoring
  • Calorie Tracking
  • Pace tracking
  • Large display to hands view metrics

Although you lot may not have heard of it, the Samsung Gear Fit2 pro is certainly i of the lower radiation fitness trackers on the market.

At present, we’ll talk most this more than downward below, but it’due south important to mention that these devices will still emit some small amount of radiation in close proximity to your body, even with the Bluetooth connectivity disabled.

So, if yous’re particularly sensitive to EMF radiation, information technology may exist better to non employ a fettle tracker at all.

How To Plow Off Bluetooth on Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Just like with Vivosmart, the Gear Fit2 comes with Bluetooth enabled by default. To plough this feature off, but:

  1. From the home screen, apply your finger to swipe to the left until you get to
  2. Tap on the screen with your finger to access the Settings
  3. Tap on “Bluetooth”
  4. Uncheck the box adjacent to Bluetooth to disable it.

To reenable information technology to download the data from the day to your phone, simply check the box again to turn information technology dorsum on.

3. OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer -All-time Fitness Tracker With No Phone Required

Check information technology out on Amazon.

Alright, at present we’re getting a little bit away from the fitness trackers that you usually think of. However, if you’re looking for something that will rail health metrics, but emits substantially zero EMF radiation, and then a pedometer like this 1 could be a great option.

It doesn’t connect with anything via Bluetooth or
and is extremely elementary to apply. This fettle tracker doesn’t even require that you have a phone to accurately track your health goals.

It is still able of tracking:

  • Steps
  • Altitude Traveled
  • Calories Burned
  • MPH/KPH as well as Exercise time

The OZO fitness and activity tracker is extremely easy to program and use, and has a nice large display making it easy to come across. It is a clip-on, so it’due south easy to stick anywhere while y’all go well-nigh your normal day. It’s even small enough that you tin easily muffle it in a pocket, purse, or backpack.

4. Willful Non Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

Bank check the electric current price on Amazon.
I think that this is a fantastic option if you lot’re looking for a unproblematic and stylish fitness sentry that is specifically designed to not use Bluetooth connection. In fact with this device yous don’t need a watch, an app, or anything else, it only works and tracks right out of the box (which means zero radiofrequency radiations or emf exposure)

On top of that, it even so does an accurate job tracking your movement because you lot tin can enter data like your age, pinnacle, weight, and gender directly into the watch.

The watch will rail things such as:

  • Steps taken
  • Distance Traveled
  • Calories Burned
  • Practise Time
  • Sleep Quality

I like that last i specially, because many of the other inexpensive fitness trackers don’t offer sleep tracking on top of everything else.

The Willful non bluetooth fettle tracker is too waterproof and has a really long bombardment life, which I super appreciate.

Overall, if radiation exposure is something that you’re worried most, I think this is a fantastic device, peculiarly considering the low price.

5. iGANK Fitness Tracker

Check availability on Amazon.
This is another neat, total-featured, inexpensive smartwatch device that does non require Bluetooth or a telephone.

The iGANK tracks your steps, monitors your walking distance and does an accurate task determining your calories burned and body fat using its “avant-garde 3D move sensor.” I’m honestly non entirely sure what that means, but it evidently helps to brand tracking more accurate.

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You lot get a pretty good bombardment life, a scratchproof screen, etc. However, more importantly, there is no app or mobile phone required, and the radiation emissions from this device are very well, which is what you’re wanting.

vi. OZO Fitness SC 3D – Digital Pedometer with Removable Prune (no Phone required)

Check it out on Amazon
The SC 3D is a multi-part clock pedometer with a well thought out design. For instance, the clip is removable then you tin can place information technology in a pocket, bag or backpack or clip it on your article of clothing. There is an inverted display for easy viewing and the memory log is based on the date, so there is picayune confusion on what day you are viewing the history for.

This pedometer does non connect to Bluetooth or WiFi so it essentially emits zero EMF radiation. All information is stored on the device merely, keeping your exercise data private.

It tracks:

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Activity time
  • thirty day memory log by engagement
  • Total accumulated steps, distance, calories and activity time since activation

The two-push design makes it piece of cake to program and apply. While the side placement of the buttons virtually eliminates accidental resets. Information technology is powered by a CR2032 long-lasting replaceable battery making information technology unnecessary to re-accuse.

seven. OZO Fettle CS1 Elementary Step Tracker – Best Step Tracker with No Telephone Required

Check it out on Amazon.
This single-part pedometer accurately records your steps. Information technology can be comfortably carried in a pocket all solar day, thank you to its slim profile. An ideal choice for seniors and kids looking for a non-complicated step counter with no programming required. You lot tin nil out your steps, with a single button press whenever you like.

The CS1 is a stand-alone step tracker with no connectivity to Bluetooth or WiFi. Effectively keeping your data private and eliminating the demand to sync with an external device.

It tracks:

  • Steps

The OZO fitness CS1 has an actress-large display screen making information technology easy to see from whatsoever angle. It is powered past a CR2032 long-lasting replaceable battery. It’s equipped with a lanyard loop so you tin wear information technology around your cervix with the included lanyard or easily conceal it in a pocket, purse, or backpack.

Alright, now that nosotros’ve talked about what I think are the best fitness trackers that either have no Bluetooth, or have the ability to only disable it, let’s talk briefly about why this should fifty-fifty be a business organisation.

Dangers of Bluetooth – Why You May Desire a Phoneless and WiFi Costless Fitness Tracker

I’m non going to get into too much detail on this bailiwick in this article, because I’ve already written a huge guide to the dangers of Bluetooth radiation that yous can check out.

Notwithstanding, I recall it’s important to briefly talk near why y’all might want a fitness tracker or Fitbit that doesn’t accept Bluetooth connectivity.

Commencement of all, Bluetooth is just another form of RF radiations, which is a type of EMF radiation. Bluetooth is a technology and a frequency that allows devices to maintain information connection and transfer information in existent-time.
It does this by sending packets of data back and forth between the device, and a Bluetooth receiver usually in a phone or computer.

Some may argue that most Bluetooth devices emit less radiation than the government regulatory agencies safe standards for SAR (specific assimilation rate) ratings, however, at that place are a few problems with this.

First of all, many experts feel these standards are FAR from what is actually set. They were decided on in 1996 (and haven’t been changed since!) long before most of the technologies we use today were fifty-fifty around.

If you read this post I wrote nearly EMF radiation and fertility, I accept a section that goes into details about but how off these SAR standards probably are.

Ane of the master issues is that the researchers that provided information to the FCC when these standards were being set, only focused on the fact that Bluetooth is non-thermal and non-ionizing.

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However nosotros at present know that even non-ionizing radiation tin can have negative impacts, specially in close proximity over long periods of fourth dimension (similar in the example of a fitness tracker or smartwatch).

I know I’m going off a fleck more than I planned to in this article, simply it’s important to know the potential dangers.

If you’ve read many of the articles on my websites, then yous probably have a meliorate understanding of the health risks of constant exposure to electromagnetic radiation. These health effects go far beyond pare irritation and rashes but tin can really cause significant impairment to the human body given enough fourth dimension.

The bottom line is that even adequately low amounts of EMF radiation like we are exposed to from Bluetooth devices can have negative furnishings, especially from prolonged exposure.

Related Questions

Now that we’ve talked about the effects of EMF radiation and why yous might want to use a fitness tracker without Bluetooth, permit’s cover a few related questions.

If you lot didn’t discover an answer to the question you had in this article, experience free to achieve out to me and I’ll practice my best to help.

Can I Use A Fitness Tracker Without A Phone?

Yes, this is completely possible. First of all, y’all tin use a uncomplicated fitness tracker like the OZO I mentioned above that doesn’t require any connectivity whatsoever.

If you’re going to use a more sophisticated fitness tracker similar the Vivosmart or the Gear Fit2 Pro, then accomplishing any kind of tracking without a phone volition be a bit more than difficult. It’s all-time to keep Bluetooth off during the day (follow the steps I listed to a higher place) and then sync with your telephone at night.

You can just turn the Bluetooth dorsum on for your fitness tracker, and simply fix your phone and fitness tracker together, abroad from your torso, while they sync.

If you don’t accept a smartphone and want to achieve this, many fitness trackers like the Fitbit have software that you can install on your computer and accomplish the same syncing of data without an Android or iPhone app.

Exercise All Fettle Trackers Demand Bluetooth?

No, non all fitness trackers require Bluetooth to operate and track health-related data. All the same, many fitness trackers exercise employ Bluetooth in club to sync with your smartphone so that the data is more accessible.

Most fitness trackers don’t actually utilize the Bluetooth connection to rails data, but instead just to transmit the tracked data to your phone or computer. Some fitness trackers besides use Bluetooth and then that you lot can listen to music with wireless headphones while exercising.

Tin You Turn Bluetooth Off On A Fitbit?

This is a pretty common question if you’re at all concerned about FitBit EMF radiation, which is why I wrote an entire guide on Fitbit trackers.
Unfortunately, as you lot’ll read on the official FitBit community forum, there isn’t currently a way to turn Bluetooth off on a FitBit, as this is the primary fashion the device syncs with your phone.

The side effects of exposure to low levels of electromagnetic fields tin can actually be fairly severe, which is why I don’t personally recommend using devices like these. Withal, if you read the article I linked above, there are some EMF protection steps you tin take to reduce your exposure.

If you’re curious just how much radiation devices like the Fitbit Force and Aria can produce, take a expect at this short video:

Final Thoughts

Fitness and activity trackers similar the Fitbit, Vivosmart, Gearfit, and pedometers are fantastic technologies for helping us rails, see, and exceed our health and fitness goals.

All the same, if you lot take EMF radiations seriously like I do, it may exist worth looking into how you can accomplish these goals while besides limiting your exposure to radiation. I hope I’ve helped you with that today.

If you enjoyed this article, I’d beloved information technology if y’all were willing to share it!

Yours in health,

Willful Non Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

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