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By | August 31, 2022

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Air miles, also known equally airline miles or frequent flyer miles, are rewards you lot tin can earn through certain loyalty programs. But how practise air miles piece of work? Join us for a crash course in air miles rewards to discover out how they piece of work, how to earn them and how to discover the best air miles plan for y’all.

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These days, many credit cards come with rewards programs. Some let you to earn cash-back rewards, while others reward you with travel points or air miles. When yous collect a certain number of miles or points, you can redeem them for things like gratis flights, hotel stays, or other travel-related purchases.

The travel rewards programs of today largely sprang from frequent flyer programs of the by. Originally, frequent flyer programs were a way to reward travelers for flying a certain number of miles through a particular airline. Much similar other loyalty programs, the more miles you flew, the more free air miles you could earn.

These days, however, it’s less about how far yous fly and more than about how much coin you spend. Many air mile rewards programs are now linked to credit cards. Some airlines have their own branded cards, while others partner with major providers such as Visa and Mastercard.

How Do Air Miles Work?

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The key to finding the best air miles plan is realizing that air miles tin can work very differently from 1 program to the next. In general, almost travel rewards programs are associated with a credit card. If you tend to travel often with i particular airline, it may be worth looking into whether they offering a branded menu. Otherwise, you’re probably ameliorate off going with a more flexible travel menu from a major provider.

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Unlike cards offer a diversity of unlike ways to earn air miles, from booking travel through their online portals to simply spending on everyday purchases. Information technology’s also of import to look into how to summate air miles every bit far as how much money each mile you earn is actually worth.

Figuring out how many air miles you’ll need for a costless flight won’t necessarily be equally easy as calculating the number of actual miles to your destination. This is why air miles are sometimes referred to as “travel points,” which is but a less misleading name for the same concept.

The retail value of air miles can vary depending on the loyalty program, but according to research from Value Penguin, air miles are worth an average of effectually i.iii cents apiece.

For a more than detailed comparison of the value of miles from diverse programs, visit The Points Guy’southward continually updated air mile valuation comparison chart. It’due south as well essential to expect into how exactly each menu’s redemption program works.

Do you have to earn a minimum number of miles before cashing in? Can air miles exist redeemed through any airline or only one? Can the points only be redeemed for flights, or can they also be used for things like hotels and car rentals? The answers to these questions can vary widely based on the program.

How to Earn Air Miles

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As mentioned, different airlines will reward you with points for unlike activities. That’south why information technology’s important to get a thorough breakup of each card’s earning opportunities when searching for the best air miles card for you. While you lot’ll plainly be rewarded for traveling, well-nigh cards offer enough of other ways to earn actress miles.

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Sign-Up Bonuses

I of the quickest ways to earn bonus miles is to detect a card that offers a generous signup bonus. Simply beware that actually cashing in on the bonus offer usually entails spending a certain amount of money within a given timeframe. For instance, the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless® Credit Carte offers iii gratuitous nights at participating hotels (equal to 150,000 points) if y’all spend $3,000 within three months of signing up.

Everyday Purchases

If you’re non a frequent traveler, but would like to be, then you might consider signing up for a card like the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Menu, which offers i.25 – 2 miles for every dollar on every purchase you make.

Shopping Portals

Some airline cards, such as the American Airlines Advantage Card offer associated shopping portals that yous can apply to shop online at thousands of popular retailers. But by shopping through the portal, you’ll earn extra air miles, fifty-fifty if you lot don’t pay with your AA Reward card.

Bonus Spending Categories

Cards like the Citi Premier® Bill of fare allow y’all to earn bonus points on everyday purchases at restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations. The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card also offers bonus opportunities for things like dining, streaming services and online grocery purchases.

Are Air Miles Advantage Cards Worth It?

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Now comes the major question: are travel advantage credit cards worth it? The answer highly depends on both how often you travel and which carte du jour you cull.

Many travel rewards credit cards charge an annual fee, which will reduce your overall savings. Additionally, you lot’ll desire to have a proficient wait at the carte du jour’s APR and never spend more you’re sure you can pay off before getting striking with involvement.

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After all, there’south little point in saving hundreds on travel each twelvemonth if y’all’re losing thousands in interest costs. It’southward also worth considering if you would earn more money with a cash-back card instead. A survey from NerdWallet found that “domestic travelers who spend less than $8,600 per year on travel expenses would earn higher overall rewards with a cash-back card than a travel menu.”

If you are a frequent traveler, however, information technology may be worth looking into an air miles plan. Booking flights and hotels through the programme may exist a practiced way to score the best deals while racking upward extra bonus miles. Air miles cards may also be worth because if you’re non the best at tucking away cash and want an effortless manner to relieve for your dream holiday.