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By | September 10, 2022

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Although Google Gmail for business organization is more expensive than virtually e-mail services, users get a lot more just email capabilities, which in turn tin can cut costs elsewhere.


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    Get lots for your money

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    Great collaboration tools for teams

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    Sleek and easy to use


  • More expensive than most

In a relatively short infinite of time, Gmail
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has become i of the most widely-used email platforms in the world, and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes.

There’s no doubt that Gmail is one of the best e-mail services
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on the market place, but does that mean it’south right for you? In our Google Gmail review, we’ll assess the platform’s features to help y’all decide whether it’s worth your money.

Google Gmail: Plans and pricing

Although the free version of Gmail is a powerful tool for personal use, businesses may prefer a premium Google Workspace plan. Yep, Google Workspace—because in that location aren’t any buy options for only Gmail. Whilst this makes information technology more expensive than its competitors, y’all do become a lot for your money.

The well-nigh basic plan (Business Starter) costs $six per user, per month and comes with 30GB cloud storage for each user (double the chapters of the free version). You also get a custom business email address and the power to host video meetings for upward to 100 people.

On the other hand, the most advanced packet (Business organisation Plus) comes with 5TB deject storage and the video meetings can host upwards to 250 people. Moreover, video meetings tin be recorded and saved to Google Drive (a characteristic that’south likewise included with the Business Standard plan). However, at $18 per user, per month, Business Plus isn’t cheap, so prospective buyers will be glad that there’southward a 14-twenty-four hour period free trial.

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Despite all the Google Workspace features that are either enhanced or made bachelor with pricier plans, it’s worth noting that for Gmail alone, you lot get the same functionality regardless of how much you pay (excluding cloud storage capacity).

Business plans are limited to 300 users, except for the Enterprise plan which has no limit

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Google Gmail: Features

Whilst it might have some getting used to, Smart Compose is a nifty feature that makes it quicker to write emails. Moreover, there’s a Smart Compose Personalization setting, which makes suggestions personalized to your writing style. Information technology’due south a fleck gimmicky rather than a super time-saver but every trivial helps.

Nudges are handy reminders that place emails at the pinnacle of your inbox with a highlighted reminder, such as: “Sent 3 days ago. Follow up?” or “Received 5 days ago. Reply?” If you’re dealing with a lot of correspondence, these can actually assist you stay on top of things.

Whether you’re working on a railroad train or your Wi-Fi is having a bad solar day, being able to read, respond to, and search emails when you lose your connection is really useful. Although you’ll need Google Chrome for this to work, this feature is besides available on the gratuitous version of Gmail.

With Gmail, you lot can talk to people within your organization via Google Chat or Google Meet, send out calendar invitations, and add together to your to-do list, without leaving the platform.

Gmail blocks 99.9% of dangerous emails before they attain your inbox and will warn you of whatsoever suspicious emails.

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Google Gmail review

Gmail boasts plenty of features to optimize the user experience

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Google Gmail: Interface and in utilise

The Gmail interface is easy to use and set upwardly on both desktop and mobile. The simple layout means that fifty-fifty amateur users will apace get to grips with the platform. Typically, emails are automatically sorted into one of three categories, including Primary, Social, and Promotions.

Although Gmail doesn’t always sort emails correctly, it does a pretty good job and learns from its mistakes when you manually move emails into the right categories.

Google Gmail review

Gmail’s convenient interface makes it easy for fifty-fifty amateur users

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Google Gmail: Support

Also as an all-encompassing knowledge base, in that location are three levels of support available to premium users, including Standard Support, Enhanced Support, and Premium support.

Standard Back up is the default option for all plans except Enterprise (the nigh expensive). Even so, Business Standard and Business Plus customers can upgrade to Enhanced Support for a fee. Enterprise customers, on the other manus, get Enhanced Support as standard and can upgrade to Premium Support.

The key difference between them is the response time, which varies from 4 hours for Standard Back up to xv minutes for Premium Back up. Premium Support customers also become a designated Technical Account Manager. For more information on Google’southward back up offerings,
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Google Gmail review

The Gmail Help Centre is packed with useful information and FAQs

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The competition

If having a private and secure email server
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is your top concern, there are better options than Gmail, such as ProtonMail
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. Whilst Gmail is pretty secure, it can scan your emails to carry out certain functions, such as Smart Compose. However, ProtonMail enables end-to-end encryption
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, which ways nobody (including ProtonMail) can read your emails.

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Microsoft Outlook
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, on the other hand, is still a favorite for many, and the Microsoft 365 business organisation plans have a similar price tag to Google Workspace, ranging from $five per user, per month for the virtually basic to $20 per user, per calendar month for the most expensive. However, Microsoft does offer more affordable plans for personal utilise, which yet include apps like Word
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, Excel
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, and Powerpoint
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. Additionally, the familiar function apps available in Microsoft 365 are far superior to Google’s ain.

Final verdict

For teams, there’s plenty of functionality that enables seamless collaboration
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, with a lot of actions made available from within Gmail, such as the ability to reply to comments on a Google Doc.

Although Gmail is i of the more expensive options out there, considering yous’re paying for all of Google Workspace, it’s of import to remember you’re getting a lot more than just an email service.

Gmail is a solid pick for whatsoever business looking for a new electronic mail provider. With enough of easy-to-use tools beyond desktop and mobile versions, users won’t be disappointed.

The big question is whether information technology’southward actually worth paying for it every bit part of a Google Workspace package, especially when rivals such as Microsoft 365 offer a ameliorate platform overall.

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