How To Make Something Your Homepage

By | September 10, 2022

How to fix the home page

The New Tab page is the default home page that opens when you outset Firefox, click the Dwelling house button

Home Button 57


in the toolbar or open a new window. This commodity explains how to set your Firefox home folio.

  • If you want Firefox to open up the windows and tabs from your previous session each time you outset Firefox, instead of opening your home page, see Configuring session restore.

Table of Contents

  • 1
    Fix or modify your home page through the Dwelling house button
  • 2
    Ready your home page through Firefox Settings

      Prepare multiple pages as your abode page
  • 3
    Having problems?

Set or change your home folio through the Home button

  1. Open the web folio you want to employ as your abode folio.
  2. Drag and drop that tab onto the Abode button

    Home Button 57


    on your toolbar.

    Dragging Home Page 57

    set homepage 57

    Dragging Home Page 57 - Linux

    Fx89 Set homepage drag-and-drop
  3. Click
    on the prompt to set this folio as your home page.

The Dwelling house push button is not shown by default. You can add or remove the Home button by customizing the toolbar. If you don’t have a Home button, yous can set your home page through Firefox Settings (see below).
The Home button will be added to the toolbar when a custom home page is gear up.

Set your home folio through Firefox Settings

  1. In the Menu bar at the peak of the screen, click and select .
    Click the bill of fare push
    and select .
  2. Click the panel.
  3. Click the menu adjacent to
    Homepage and new windows
    and choose to prove the default Firefox Habitation page, custom URLs or a blank folio.
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Prepare multiple pages as your home folio

You lot can set a grouping of pages as your abode page. Open each page in a split tab, select in the
Homepage and new windows
drop-downwardly bill of fare and click on
Use Current Pages

Having problems?

Nosotros have solutions:

  • If you lot go along getting the “Firefox has just updated” tab every time Firefox starts, run across the article Firefox says it’s only updated every fourth dimension information technology starts – how to set up.
  • If your home page settings are not saved, run across How to ready preferences that won’t save.
  • If you lot don’t see the Home push, have a look at Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars.
  • If your dwelling house page was hijacked or automatically inverse, meet Remove a toolbar that has taken over your Firefox search or home page.
  • Information technology’s possible the shortcut you lot are using to open Firefox has a link in information technology. Right-click on the shortcut and check. Come across Wrong abode page opens when I start Firefox – How to fix for details.
  • An extension may be controlling your habitation page. For more information, come across An extension changed my New Tab page or home folio.

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