How To Create A Google Page For Your Business

By | September 10, 2022

Move along folks. Nothing to meet here.

The Web seems to be in some sort of an uproar over Google’s recent changes to search results. The so-called “war on content farms” is actually just business as usual, though. It is not the start time that Google has tweaked its algorithm, and information technology won’t be the last.

Trust me. I accept been a slave to the whims of Google searches for about 8 years at present. E’er since I began writing every bit the guide for Cyberspace and Network Security, I have been compensated at least in part based on the amount of traffic generated by my writing. And, at to the lowest degree once a year during those eight years there has been some sort of change or update to the Google algorithm which has led to plummeting traffic…at least for a while.

At that place didn’t seem to be nearly the backfire or outcry a couple months ago when Google tweaked the algorithm to weed out bad businesses. Evidently, it is OK to filter out businesses that try to game the system with negative feedback, but it is not OK to filter out Websites that try to game the system with repetitive content that doesn’t provide any unique value for Google users.

In the last quarter of last year, my traffic plunged to a fraction of what it had been. My PCWorld posts–which generally become indexed by Google News and garner at least some attention on the Google News Sci/Tech page–were virtually nonexistent to Google. Various parties worked diligently to try and identify the root cause and make corrections, simply nothing seemed to work.

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It got to the betoken where I began to craft conspiracy theories that Google had somehow blackballed me considering I wrote unkindly about the search giant. Thankfully, an issue was finally identified and resolved earlier I graduated to full-on tinfoil hat status. Now my posts are no longer invisible to Google.

And that brings me to the moral of the story. Google doesn’t exist to generate traffic for me–or for the content subcontract sites on the Web. Google exists first and foremost to generate ad acquirement and create profit for its shareholders. Its secondary purpose–which drives the principal ane–is to provide value for users. The more yous focus on delivering value for users every bit well, the better your sites will perform on Google search results and everyone volition be happy.

Rest assured, though–Google will continue to update, tweak, and better the search algorithm to adjust to changing business organisation needs, technologies, and the evolution of the Web. Your site that is ranked so highly today may not fifty-fifty show upward in search results side by side calendar month, but if it provides reasonable value it will bounce back eventually.