Water Filters For Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

By | September 10, 2022

Replacing Kenmore Aristocracy Refrigerator Water Filter

By Todd Fratzel on Kitchens, Maintanence


In that location have been numerous comments left in the comment department from folks experiencing trouble with their h2o dispensers later on installation of the new water filter. The post-obit are several suggestions to trouble shoot the problem:

  • Earlier installing the new h2o filter be sure to REMOVE the filter end caps. In this example they are red pieces of plastic the comprehend the two ports on the end of the water filter.
  • The directions are fairly specific about how to purge air from the arrangement after the filter replacement. One time the new filter is installed yous demand to use a large container to purge water from the dispenser. Follow these instructions from the manufacturer:
  • Employ a sturdy container to depress and concord the water dispenser lever for v seconds, then release it for five seconds. Echo until water begins to flow. Once h2o begins to flow, continue depressing and releasing the dispenser lever (five seconds on, v seconds off) for an additional ii minutes. This volition flush air from the filter and water dispensing system. Boosted flushing may be required in some households.
  • If these methods withal exercise not work information technology’due south besides possible that you have one of the following situations: bad water valve, water line frozen (the water line actually travels from the lesser of the refrigerator up through the freezer door!), or bad electronics. These are situations that require a professional repairman.

Kenmore Elite H2o Filter Replacement

refrigerator-water-filter2The other day I posted nigh buying replacement fridge water filters for our Kenmore Elite Refrigerator. In this post I desire to prove you how easy it is to replace your refrigerator water filter (quite a few refrigerators now utilise these water filters that are located on the lesser front end panel of the unit).

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You can purchase these water filters at Amazon and Sears. Replacing this water filter takes less than five minutes and the all-time part is y’all don’t demand any tools to do information technology.

How To Supercede Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter

  1. Accept the new water filter out of the box and remove the two red aircraft caps on the terminate of the filter.
  2. The h2o filter is located on the front console down near the floor every bit shown in the photos.
  3. Push the release button located only to the left of the water filter grille cap, this will release the filter.
  4. Remove the grille cap from the filter by twisting it counterclockwise.
  5. Reinstall the grille cap on the new water filter.
  6. Insert the new water filter in the fridge making sure the words on the filter are the correct side upwardly.
  7. Push the water filter in until it clicks in place.

Affluent Water After Installing New Filter

Be sure y’all flush out the h2o from the new filter after you supplant it! Many readers are having trouble with airlocks because they are skipping this of import footstep. Kenmore recommends you run the h2o out of the water and ice maker for a few minutes to flush out the
new filter. This also helps remove air bubbles from the system. If y’all don’t do this it’s possible that the water dispenser may not work properly due to an air lock.

This particular water filter claims to reduce:

  • Cysts and turbidity – linked to gastrointestinal bug
  • Lead
  • Chlorine – gustation and scent for better tasting water
  • Sediment – for clearer water
  • o-Dichlorobenzene – linked to risk of liver, kidney, or circulatory organization bug
  • Benzene – linked to increase hazard of cancer and anemia
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I highly doubt any of our town h2o actually has a problem with these bug. However, the h2o certainly tastes better after it’s filtered so we’ll continue changing the filter on a regular basis.

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