Best Color For Bathroom Cabinets 2021

By | September 10, 2022

Considering the options for kitchen cabinet colors? Whether you’re remodelling your room or refreshing it, colored cabinets are a fabulous option, with the potential to create both a look yous love plus give your room a durable and easy-care finish.

Naturally, you’ll want to select kitchen cabinet pigment colors that y’all’ll be happy to live with for a while to come. But yous might too want to consider the decorative ability of each hue. Different kitchen chiffonier colors have particular benefits you may wish to exploit in your room design. Some can brighten and visually enlarge the room, while others make cleaning a less frequent necessity, for case.

And when it comes to the way of your cabinets, you might want to think about which colors complement their look best and fit in with the residuum of your kitchen ideas.

Ideas for kitchen chiffonier colors

Nosotros’ve selected the most fashionable kitchen cabinet ideas and color palettes, so that you can notice out the advantages of all the possible kitchen chiffonier colors with advice from the experts.

i. Cull white for kitchen cabinets

(Image credit: Neptune)

White is an enduringly popular option among the range of possible kitchen cabinet colors. It will reflect the calorie-free, and because of this quality it’s frequently selected for small kitchens in order to make them feel more spacious. It can also help counter the lack of light in cottage kitchens with minor windows.

‘As expected, lighter colors volition be very beneficial for smaller kitchen spaces, peculiarly combined with lite worktops,’ says Tom Howley, design managing director at Tom Howley
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bespoke kitchens.

White painted kitchen cabinets tin complement a whole range of kitchen styles. ‘Fresh and crisp, white is the perfect color to brighten upwardly a traditional scheme, for instance a Shaker kitchen,’ says Melissa Klink, creative manager at Harvey Jones
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‘Timeless still mod, it will give classic cabinetry an uplifting look that will piece of work equally the perfect base for neutral and colorful accessories and furnishings akin. Equally, white works well in modern settings, as long as it’south balanced by colorful or natural-looking features calculation character and warmth.

‘If you think white will look too stark in your contemporary kitchen, try pairing information technology with a softer shade of beige or a more than colorful dark-green. This will create a more impactful look whilst notwithstanding maintaining a neutral and fresh base.’

Pay attention to the room’s orientation if y’all’re considering using white when remodelling a kitchen. ‘Retrieve about how the low-cal enters the room: is information technology a common cold northern light, and tin can information technology exist warmed past the color of the cabinets or the flooring?’ says Tom Howley. If white is still what yous prefer, look for one with undertones of yellow or pink to avoid a cool feel.

White painted cabinets likewise prove clay more readily than other colors, so they might not be the best pick for homes with young kids and pets, unless the extra maintenance involved is a price you lot’re willing to pay for the undoubted upsides of a white kitchen.

2. Go for gorgeous grayness kitchen cabinet colors

Gray kitchen cabinet colors with a skylight, large windows and dining area.

(Prototype credit: Hereafter / James Balston)

Leaning towards grey every bit your favorite among kitchen cabinet colors? There are a whole host of different takes on gray that are possible, from grey-whites through to night grays that approach the drama of black painted cabinets (see below).

‘Gray is certainly one of the well-nigh popular colors we have seen in recent years,’ says Melissa Klink. ‘Information technology works with virtually whatever fashion of kitchen, from land-mode to ultra-contemporary.

‘However, you lot demand to exist able to balance information technology with the correct accessories and finishing touches. Gray kitchens can sometimes await a picayune dull, so choosing contrasting colors for the bar stools, accessories and even some cabinets tin can really burnish and residue the whole scheme.

‘For both modernistic and traditional styles, recent trends seem to exist moving abroad from cool grays and leaning towards warmer and earthier shades of greige,’ she adds. And that’s certainly a strategy y’all might want to prefer if your kitchen receives northern light, which brings out cool tones.

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The light reflectivity of paler tones of greyness makes them a boon when it comes to pocket-size kitchens. ‘Nosotros accept some cute light gray colors which are very timeless and volition keep a small space fresh and feeling spacious,’ recommends Tom Howley.

As a neutral, gray is easy to team with other colors y’all might want to apply for your kitchen wall decor and design features such as kitchen backsplash ideas, making it piece of cake to put together a successful colour scheme for the room.

Greyness can exist more forgiving than white when it comes to hiding the grime that comes virtually with everyday kitchen utilize, although the paler the version of gray you lot pick, the more cleaning will likely exist involved.

three. Fall for beautiful blue cabinets

Kitchen with blue colored cabinets, dark green subway tiles and statement round pendant lighting.

(Image credit: Studio Duggan)

Blue kitchen chiffonier colors are an established trend, and ane that seems prepare to continue. Notwithstanding, while deep rich navy blues may come to heed first, other shades of blue are growing in popularity.

You lot might want to consider fashion-forward powder blue, a take that’southward fresh and make clean only also relaxing to live with, or slightly grey-toned bounding main bluish, which is heart-catching without existence overpowering.

‘Ocean-inspired blues work particularly well with timeless and traditional kitchen styles, such as Shaker-style cabinetry,’ says Melissa Klink. ‘Assuming enough to liven upward the scheme and introduce personality, yet easy to live with, blueish cabinetry looks vivid paired with quartz worktops and wooden features bringing low-cal and warmth to the scheme.’

Blues at the paler end of the spectrum can aid make a kitchen feel larger, so consider them if you’re looking for pocket-size kitchen ideas and white is too clinical for your gustatory modality. They’re also a wonderful choice for south-facing rooms that accept the do good of warm light throughout the day where they’ll optimize the experience of low-cal and infinite. Night blues will advance visually, then are more often than not best reserved for larger rooms.

Another possible issue with blue is that certain takes on the color can feel absurd, and so get a tester to ensure your preferred shade isn’t going to make your room feel chilly. In general, blues that tend a piddling towards green are the ones to select for a warmer atmosphere.

A big advantage of blue kitchen cabinets – especially the darker versions? They won’t show the clay easily delivering a low maintenance cease.

4. Embrace nature with green kitchen cabinet colors

A large white kitchen with wooden flooring and bottle green painted kitchen cabinets and island.

(Paradigm credit: John Lewis of Hungerford)

Dark-green kitchen cabinet colors can range from the freshness of mint, through the earthiness of sage, to deep foliage green. Connecting us to nature, light-green tin be a soothing shade, whichever version you cull, and make kitchen cabinets a fabulous feature of the scheme, rather than a subtle properties to colorful backsplashes or kitchen flooring.

They’re practical, too. Green painted cabinets can be forgiving of marks and grime to reduce cleaning time.

‘Green kitchens have overtaken blueish schemes in popularity over the last year,’ says Melissa Klink. ‘Green is a versatile colour that looks at dwelling house in a sleek setting merely equally much as a farmhouse kitchen.’

A small kitchen can feel larger if y’all go for a lighter have on light-green. Nighttime greens, meanwhile, tin make larger kitchens wait super sophisticated. They needn’t exist out of the question for smaller rooms, withal.

Deep tones can make the space cocooning, and as green is positioned where the cool and warm colors meet on the color wheel, it will help create a cozy kitchen color scheme. Bear in heed that the freshest of greens tin feel cool, so avoid them in north-facing rooms.

five. Make it moody with black

Black kitchen cabinets with marble worktops, white walls and pale wooden flooring.

(Prototype credit: Harvey Jones)

Another of the kitchen cabinet colors that’s get a huge tendency is black. It makes for an atmospheric room scheme, but one that’s like shooting fish in a barrel to live with. Black cabinets won’t testify grime, and so they’re champions in the practicality every bit well as the style stakes.

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Black looks both dramatic and sophisticated, but given that it will absorb rather than reverberate light, is information technology only an option for larger rooms?  ‘If you have your heart prepare on this fashion, make sure the room gets lots of natural daylight and that your kitchen lighting ideas are perfectly planned,’ says Tom Howley.

‘Add pale natural flooring or white surfaces and mirrors to help bounce light around and open up out smaller spaces. Avoid also many stake contrasts though, as the dazzler of a dark kitchen lies in creating a sophisticated nonetheless snug ambience.’

When it comes to the orientation of your room, you might think the cool light in a north-facing kitchen rules black out, merely rather than fighting information technology, you could merely welcome the opportunity to make the kitchen feel cozy and cocooning with blackness cabinets.

Black can be a winning pick when considering modern kitchen ideas. ‘Sleek and gimmicky cabinetry can often look a lilliputian clinical, specially if painted in minimal whites or grays,’ says Melissa Klink. ‘Black is a powerful color that volition add and then much personality, depth and definition to the scheme.

‘Blackness handleless cabinetry looks very sophisticated, merely if you prefer adding handles, brass or matt black brassware volition provide an industrial and luxurious finishing touch.’

However, blackness should definitely be on your list of possible kitchen cabinet paint colors if you prefer other styles. ‘Black is also a great option if you desire to bring a picayune bit of edge into a traditional Shaker or country-fashion scheme,’ Melissa continues.

‘Peculiarly with a more classic design, if you lot opt for blackness, brand sure the room has enough natural lite to accept such a bold colour and add lighter touches through the worktop, soft effects, dining tabular array and chairs.’

half dozen. Opt for warming yellow or orangish

A vibrant kitchen with yellow and bottle green kitchen cabinet colors, patterned tile backsplash and pendant lighting above an island.

(Prototype credit: Naked Kitchens)

Bolder, brighter and warmer shades are a growing trend equally kitchen cabinet paint colors. These vivid shades can be used for the entire room or for sections – such as incorporated into kitchen island ideas and set confronting a neutral backdrop of white or charcoal. They’re energetic shades that can be the perfect properties for a kitchen where family unit and friends gather.

These colors are best used on simpler chiffonier styles such as slab or Shaker rather than more traditional cabinets, to keep the look contemporary. They are options for smaller rooms as well, but here paler takes on the colors are preferable rather than the bolder versions that might be as well dominant.

As for the time you might spend on cleaning, they’re somewhere in between the ii poles – easier to go on clean than white cabinets, simply not as grime-concealing equally darks.

Pay attending to the orientation of your room when choosing 1 of these warm chiffonier colors. They might come to life beautifully as the lord’s day hits them in east or due west-facing spaces, simply the boldest of these hues has the potential to be overpowering when the dominicus hits them. Utilise testers to check before committing.

7. Warm up with blood-red kitchen cabinets

Rust red kitchen cabinetry, with red-painted window frame, rustic wooden floorboards and dining table and open shelving.

(Image credit: Evidently English language)

If yous are looking for kitchen colour ideas that will never engagement, here is one to consider. Red kitchen ideas are having something of a moment, and it is like shooting fish in a barrel to see why. A beautiful shade adds instant warmth to this rustic kitchen by Plain English language
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. This muted orange-red is a shade that works so well with the authentic features and blank floorboards.

Rich, sophisticated and eye-catching, this kitchen cabinet color may simply tempt you lot to ditch conventional colored cabinetry.

8. Embrace the dark side

A black kitchen idea with matte black cabinets, stone worktop on the island, brass backsplash and pendant lights

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

If you’re looking for kitchen ideas that are both dramatic and calm, the undeniable chic of a black kitchen is the perfect fit.

‘A dark or black kitchen can work very well in monochromatic schemes,’ says Gary Singer, Manager of Eggersmann Blueprint. ‘By bringing in night cabinetry and layering the space with night textures yous can create a feeling of warmth and luxury.’

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‘Like the enduring ‘little black wearing apparel’, a black kitchen is a archetype which volition stand up the test of fourth dimension,’ says Richard Atkins, Director at DesignSpace London.

9. Take a two-tone approach to colour

Interior design trends 2022 two tone color palette

(Image credit: Nicola Harding & Co / Paul Massey)

‘A two-tone scheme allows extra definition and involvement without overcomplicating,’ says Nicola Harding, director, Nicola Harding & Co.

‘Nigh paint charts are arranged in families of colours, making it easy to find two shades that work together or contrast. Remember that dark colors take upward more than space visually. Use the darker shade below eyeline, and a lighter shade that’south closer to the wall colour above; it will help suspension up expanses of cabinetry and experience calmer and less blocky than a high-contrast scheme.’

Try not to exist besides clever when choosing kitchen paint colors. Instead, take inspiration from decorative items you intend to include, such as fine art or upholstery, and see the pigment as a backdrop, rather than the primary event.’

10. Be brave and decorate with a favorite color

Kitchen cabinet color

(Image credit: Fiona Duke Interiors)

‘Playing it safety with kitchen cabinet color on a long-term investment like a kitchen is entirely understandable. Simply outset, ask yourself: will information technology ever actually make an impact, and will you end upward wishing you’d been braver? Committing to a bright color requires time, try, and a whole lot of tester pots. Bear in mind that you lot’re looking for a shade that volition make your heart sing every time you’re in the kitchen. Once you’ve narrowed it down, put your called colour on a trial door or very large sample and live with information technology for a few days to brand certain it’south the i.’

Here, a salmon-pink color sets the scene for the rest of the scheme. This controversial hue can actually course a reliable groundwork color that channels anything from a gimmicky to a classical country-firm spirit, as long as you find the right tone for the kitchens space and the calorie-free.

How do I pick the correct color for my kitchen cabinets?

The starting point when you’re selecting kitchen cabinet colors is to consider how y’all desire your room to await and feel.

‘Think most how it might relate not just to the living and dining areas, especially if it is part of an open-plan space, but as well how it fits with your overall plan for the house,’ says interior designer Tiffany Duggan, founder of Studio Duggan
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Get together images of kitchens that inspire you and get-go to hone your ideas, thinking well-nigh how they might suit your space, the joinery elsewhere in the house and the period of your belongings.

Once you’ve selected your kitchen chiffonier colors, our guide to how to paint kitchen cabinets has all the expert advice you will demand for the adjacent steps.

White is a popular color for kitchen cabinets. In the Pattern Trends 2021 study from the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), whites and off whites were cited as the well-nigh popular kitchen color scheme for the near future past 47 per cent of respondents.

Meanwhile, grays and blues, along with beiges and bones, were mentioned by at least 25 per cent of respondents to the survey.

Owner of the eponymous kitchen company Tom Howley reports like trends. ‘Last year we saw a sharp increase in orders of dark kitchens, with searches for gray shades up by 93 per cent in half dozen months,’ he says. ‘As popular are nighttime shades of green, with searches and orders reflecting that the dark kitchen tendency is here to stay.

A kitchen with pale gray and gray-blue kitchen cabinet colors in a Shaker style, with stone flooring and exposed brick walls.

(Image credit: Tom Howley)

‘Dramatic deep shades, such as our color Avocado, luxurious charcoal hues, taupe and sophisticated black designs create cozy and comforting spaces. For a room that simply oozes high-terminate homeliness, combine night shades with beautifully grained wood for added texture and warmth.’

Searches echo these observations, with Pinterest reporting a 50 per cent increase in those for the term ‘blackness kitchen cabinet’. Meanwhile green has taken the ‘kitchen’ hashtag on Instagram by storm; and of the possible shades of bluish, it’south powder blueish kitchen cabinets that have seen a huge increase in searches.