How Much Does An Anytime Fitness Membership Cost

By | September 15, 2022

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How Much Does An Anytime Fitness Membership Cost

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Anytime Fitness Southport

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Are you hoping to get a beach body while being financially healthy? We feel you. Gym memberships are often expensive, but Anytime Fitness offers many ways to get in shape without breaking your budget.

Anytime Fitness is the largest health and fitness franchise in the world, with more than 4,000 fitness locations spanning six continents. As the name suggests, the company’s facilities operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to accommodate athletes and their hectic schedules. And after 30 days, members have access to thousands of gyms anytime around the world – a huge benefit for frequent travelers.

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Each location is self-contained, meaning there are slight differences depending on where you go. Because every club is unique, so are their membership plans – and that can help you negotiate a better deal overall.

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The cost of Anytime Fitness membership will vary by location and type of membership. Most fitness equipment prices start at $41 per month in the US and around $53 in Canada.

Some charge as little as $30 per month, while others charge as little as $44 for a monthly membership (or $39 per month when you sign up for a year).

Each gym is independently owned, so you may be charged additional fees or monthly fees depending on the gym. Check prices at your local Fitness Center by searching for them here:

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1. Enjoy the free trial. Anytime Fitness is offering a 7-day free trial to anyone who wants to join. You can get yours here by choosing the location you want.

2. Take advantage of special discounts. The company offers a variety of student, senior and military discounts, as well as insurance discounts. That being said, each website can pick and choose the discounts they offer. Check with your local Anytime Fitness to find out if you qualify for a special discount.

3. Ask for a package. Talk to your local Anytime Fitness to see how you can earn more by adding personal training services and/or group training. The cost of these options depends on your location and type of training, but they may provide better value for your monthly payment.

4. Pay in advance for 1 year. Anytime Fitness has different contract lengths depending on which gym you go to, and paying extra upfront is often less expensive than paying month-to-month. Check if you can lock in a lower rate by choosing a six, 12 or 18 month contract.

Anytime Fitness Fees

5. Add people to your plan. Got a friend at the gym? Adding them to your regular exercise plan can keep costs down for both of you. Most clubs offer discounts on family membership plans, joint memberships and group options. Contact your local location to find a membership option near you.

6. Tag as a guest. If there are people you know who already go to Anytime Fitness, ask them if you can make a guest appearance together. Many clubs extend the “Bring a Friend” guest policy that allows members to bring guests during staff hours. You just need to coordinate your visit in advance. Again, this policy varies from club to club, but details can be found in each venue’s membership agreement.

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7. Download the application. The Anytime Fitness® app gives members free access to more than 1,100 workout plans, along with a goal-setting feature for increased accountability. It’s also a great place to find special offers and sports deals near you.

8. Ask about employee health programs. Another smart way to get an Anytime Fitness deal is to enroll your business in an employee wellness program (or alternatively, encourage your workplace to enroll). The company offers business-only gym access plans for its employees, as well as membership rates and enrollment fees at any fitness club nationwide.

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9. Watch for seasonal offers. Anytime Fitness is known to offer three national sales promotions each year, usually in January, May and October. During these promotions, new members can enjoy special incentives like a 30-day fitness plan and fitness consultation for just $1 when they sign up for a year.

10. Present. Members may be eligible for additional savings through the Anytime Fitness referral program. Some sites offer seasonal or ongoing referral discounts, for example, “Refer a friend, get a free month.”

Anytime Fitness generally offers a variety of amenities that may vary by location, including but not limited to:

According to Anytime Fitness, its cancellation policy “is set forth in the membership agreement for each location. The agreement covers the cost of cancellation, how to cancel and more information about any cancellation fees you may incur.” If you wish to temporarily suspend your membership or cancel your membership completely, simply contact your home club directly.

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All memberships are transferable, meaning you won’t have to pay transfer fees if you move to a new state or switch to a nearby club. One caveat? The transfer must be within 10 miles of your last address. Also, keep in mind that your rate can vary depending on the location’s monthly payment.

To find a membership option near you, simply visit Anytime Fitness Find a Gym or download the free mobile app. Search by city and state or zip code to get your seven-day pass.

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Our editors try to ensure that the information in this article is correct as of the date of publication, but please note that recommendations are subject to change. We recommend that you review all terms and conditions of each product before applying. There’s just one problem – you have twelve different fitness chains within 5 miles of your home or work. So how do you choose?

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I haven’t included everyone (like Snap, Blink, and YouFit), but these are the big boys and my favorite options for most people.

I didn’t put in hard numbers like the exact cost of membership because that benefits and costs always change from year to year and from place to place.

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