Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Complementary Colors

By | September 15, 2022

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Complementary Colors – I get so many questions about Benjamin Moore Gray Owl that I thought I would do a Color Spotlight on the color to talk about the differences between Gray Owl, Sherwin Williams Repose Grey, Benjamin Moore Stonington and Benjamin Moore Classic Gray because there are some significant differences.

Gray Owl has been one of Benjamin Moore’s best selling colors for around 4-5 years now and it’s no surprise as it is a beautiful and very versatile light warm grey.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Complementary Colors

Gray Owl has just the right balance of warm/cool undertones that make it such a reliable color. But with all the light warm grays, the more natural light there is in the room, the cooler the color will be. Personally, I think Gray Owl works best in spaces with little or very little natural light. In spaces flooded with natural light, the color CAN change to a cool gray or even a blue tint like very light warm gray. The exception is spaces with an abundance of natural light that receive direct sun that face west. The gray owl looks AMAZING in this situation!

Benjamin Moore’s Best Selling Grays

It is very important for me to note that when it comes to light warm grays, I do not recommend color matching, instead buy the brand color you want. I saw some significant color differences when it came to light warm grays when this was done. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr have different shades of white base before the paint is mixed. Any slight change in the base color can dramatically affect this bright warm gray.

Gray Owl (in the right lighting) can be one of the most beautiful wall colors and can be the perfect base for other beautiful design elements and colors in the space.

This bathroom below is a perfect example of when I think Gray Owl looks its best! Note that the space has a mix of natural and artificial light. For me, this mix is ​​the best situation for Gray Owl.

Although Gray Owl is one of my favorite colors, it is a very subtle color and needs to be tested in space and lighting to make sure all the stars are aligned.

Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Oc 52

I get questions all the time about the differences between Benjamin Moore Gray Owl, Sherwin Williams Repose Grey, Benjamin Moore Stonington and Benjamin Moore Classic Gray and let’s talk about those little differences.

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When you look at the above colors via computer, the differences are not small, but rather significant. However, on the wall the differences are so subtle, but in certain lighting conditions the differences can be huge!

So Gray Owl is slightly lighter than Repose Gray and Repose has just slightly more warmth than Gray Owl. However, these two colors are almost identical on the wall. Repose Gray is the number one color I recommend to my clients because it’s not as picky as Gray Owl because Repose has a little more warmth. BTW, you can read more about Sherwin Williams Repose Gray here.

Notice above in my client’s dining room that the space has lots of natural light. Notice how Repose stays warm in this situation. A gray owl would more than likely be a bit cooler in this space with so much light.

My Favorite Shades Of Gray

As you look at the color swatches above, Stonington Gray looks like a completely different color, doesn’t it?! On the wall, the differences between Stonington and Gray Owl are very subtle. BUT!! As you can see above, Stonington has a more cool gray color, which can be very cool in spaces with lots of natural light. In spaces with mixed or natural/artificial light (or direct sun in the west), the Stonington can be breathtaking and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish a Stonington from a Gray Owl. Stonington is also a slightly darker shade.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray is lighter than the other three colors and is the color I recommend in spaces with lots of full natural light when the other three colors can be cold/sterile.

This space below designed by Studio McGee is full of natural light and notice how the classic Benjamin Moore gray is still a beautiful blend of warm/cool light warm gray. Classic Gray may not be the best color choice in spaces without natural light, but it is a perfect alternative to Gray Owl, Repose and Stonington when there is full, full natural light.

I very rarely use classic gray, but when I do, it’s exactly the lighting situation above with lots of natural light. Gray Owl, Repose and especially Stonington will come off too cold/sterile and maybe even pale blue in this light.

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New 2015 Paint Color Ideas

So the moral of the story is that lighting can dramatically affect this light, warm gray! It is very important to test the color in the space first to be sure.

Well… I hope I explained the differences that make sense. Let me know if I didn’t or if you have any questions!

By the way, if you are interested in my “Go-To” colors that I recommend to my clients, you can get to that post by clicking on the image below. Benjamin Moore Gray Owl is a great neutral paint color. I’m sharing with you what I love about this very popular gray color and how it looks in his nursery that has now been converted into a big boy room! See how it looks in a REAL home and how it compares to the other gray furniture around it.

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl is a beautiful gray. But I’ll be honest, it looks more LIGHT BLUE than grey. See the picture below. The curtains are speckled gray. The Ikea comforter is a gray check box. Look at the walls in comparison if you don’t believe me. The pictures below are similar to how it looks in real life.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Paint Colour Review

When we originally painted this bedroom, I actually wanted a very neutral gray in the space. After reading some reviews that said it was one of the most perfect grays, I took their word for it. Man, I really wish I had drawn the pattern on my wall first!

Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl is more of a pale blue. So it’s basically gray with cool undertones.

Originally this room was supposed to be a small photography studio so I really needed the color to be gray so I wouldn’t have any color cast over my subjects. After painting the space and seeing it turn out bright blue (in all lights, including morning, afternoon and indoors), I was disappointed.

Everything is good though. The universe has a way of telling me things because the next year we had a boy and the light blue colors were perfect for his nursery and the big nursery!

All About Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (oc 23) Classic Gray

My lesson learned from my own mistake is this: Be sure to paint patterns on the wall, especially if you’re looking for the perfect gray wall color!

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When choosing a gray wall, consider the undertones of those gray colors – determine whether it has a green, brown, blue or neutral shade. Everyone has them!

To give you an idea of ​​what I think a true gray is, check out my post on my FAVORITE gray – Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. It is a warmer gray color, it has a deeper gray but also light like BM Gray Owl.

The Benjamin Moore line makes Gray Owl. If you wanted a specific number it is Gray Owl 2137-60 and you will see it is also called Gray Owl OC52.

Really Amazing Blue Gray Paint Colors In Action

In my experience, the Benjamin Moore line is so hard to find in the Midwest. I will often go color matching at my local Home Depot with the Behr Marquee line. If you do, see for yourself. you get samples because white in the base color can vary in shade from brand to brand. So take a photo of that test sample. Worth the extra $5 for the paint sample!

BM Gray Owl definitely has blue undertones without a doubt. I honestly think it’s a bright, sky blue! If you have gray furniture or something that matches blue, this will be a good color choice for your space.

In our son’s north-facing nursery, I can’t see any shades of green. I would say the Gray Owl has no green tint that I could see.

The gray owl is classified as light gray. If your room has little light and you use a lot of artificial light, it will definitely have a blue tint, but it will brighten the room. On a sunny day, with the windows drawn, the walls are breathtaking.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

I would say YES! We have a white dove in our children’s playroom and I think these two colors will go well together. The white dove is the real egg white in my eyes.

There are so many colors that match the Gray Owl.

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