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BBC World Service – The Science Hour, Death in the rainforest

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Pin on Cyanotypes … Part Science, Part Alchemy

Hey there! It’s proficient to see you here. My name is Lizzie, and I am the redhead who is ever wondering! Wondering virtually life, about this beautiful world, about words and light and colour and form. And more often than not well-nigh how I can be the best me that I can perhaps be. I am a creator… Read More »

BBC Inside Science – IPCC report, Cairngorms Connect project, grass pea, the Sun exhibition at Science Museum – BBC Sounds

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Science In Action – Climate change: Why are the trees in our rainforests dying so quickly? – BBC Sounds

(This essay was a finalist for a 2013 National Magazine Award in the Essay category.) THE Trouble WITH environmentalists, Lynn Margulis used to say, is that they recall conservation has something to practice with biological reality. A researcher who specialized in cells and microorganisms, Margulis was 1 of the most of import biologists in the concluding half century—she… Read More »

Coming to your plate… the fillet steak grown in a lab

Science & Engineering Real texture for lab-grown meat An prototype of gelatin fibers taken by scanning electron microscopy. Images courtesy of SEAS Researchers grow muscle cells on edible fibers Lab-grown or cultured meat could revolutionize food product, providing a greener, more sustainable, more ethical alternative to big-scale meat product. But getting lab-grown meat from the petri dish to… Read More »

BBC Inside Science – Climate Change, State of the World’s Plants, Antibiotic Resistance, Telephone Metadata, Bat Detective – BBC Sounds

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62 Biology facts ideas | biology facts, biology, teaching science

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